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Community Level 6liz1102


At last short light painless regular periods!

AdvantagesShorter, lighter, painless, regular periods

Disadvantagescan increase your risks of cancer

"While Femodene is a contraceptive, that's not actually what my use of it is. I was put on Femodene to regulate my periods and so this review mostly comes from that perspective. I started my periods at 11 (it was actually the same day I started secondary school - oh that was fun!). They were never ever regular, and nothing like 28 days apart. It could be anything from a two-week break, or six months with no period. I was always just told my body ..." Read review

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Community Level 1monkeymoo1



AdvantagesPain free period, No abnormal bleeding


"...a godsend!! I started taking Femodene after a normal period (which was unheard of since using microgynon.) It comes in a box of 3x 21 days supply, The days are printed on a purple foil so it is easy to follow. I started taking the 'pill' on a tuesday and took the pill every day. In the box there is also a small pack which you can hide your pills in and carry round discreetly. During the 21 days i suffered no side affects what so ever and was plesently ..." Read review

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Community Level 3vk-dream


Everyone is different.

AdvantagesEasy contraception.

DisadvantagesDoesn't suit everyone.

"...an emotional monster and finally Femodene which I am currently settled on. Femodene is a combined contraceptive pill and states in the booklet that it protects you in 3 ways. “*No egg is released *The fluid in the neck of your womb thickens so it is more difficult for sperm to enter *The lining of your womb doesn’t thicken enough for an egg to grow in.” Femodene comes in a box containing 3 strips of pills; each strip represents a single ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Summerpixie


Disappointed in Femodene

AdvantagesNot pregnant, stil just able to function

DisadvantagesMigraine headaches, angry, irritated, painful muscles, strange pains.

"...pain. When I went off Femodene this disappeared. I've gained a massive amount of weight, 14 kilograms!! I went from a slender figure to a block like appearance and I look awful. The doctor of course said that it's not normal that the pill cause this kind of reaction, but to me it's obvious, when I go onto the pill I get fat, when I go off the pill I lose the weight and have control over my eating. At this point I am off Femodene and I have regained ..." Read review

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Community Level 1HelsBels79

Quick review of Femodene Contraceptive Pill

"I'm in my very late 20's and have been taking one pill or another since I was 14, initially to treat my acne and now as a contraceptive. I've been on Dianette, Cilest, Microgynon 30 to name but a few and Femodene is by far the absolute very best I've ever had. I managed to lose weight (I was dieting admittedly but it didn't interfere), I haven't been sick (like on Cilest), I dont get headaches, or any other side effects, and my period is on time, every month without fail. The only small problem I have is that all my friends are still on MicroG 30 and if I stay over theirs and forget mine, I can't pinch a packet!

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Community Level 2jasy


a little safety

Advantagesregulates menstration,less pain


"...contraceptive pills and so far Femodene has worked the best for me. I firstly tried Marvelon which I found made me feel quite ill, then I was on Microgynon for ages but then I found I kept on bleeding when I wasn't supposed to. This was inconveniant and could have been horrendously embarrassing for me. Fortunately I always felt this happening and dealt with it accordingly. So, back down the doctors I went and told him my problems with it. He prescribed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Oldbird


Femodene and headaches

AdvantagesShorter more regular and less painful periods

Disadvantagesheadaches and the increased risk of blood clots

"I have recently changed to Femodene from Microgynon 30 and have found that I have experienced prolonged and nauseous headaches during the 7 day 'withdrawal' period. These headaches are, according to the contra-indications outlined by the manufacturers, a common side effect to this contraceptive pill. My doctor has advised me to take a full 3 months supply before making a decision to stop or change to another pill, as it always takes a while for the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Dorisismad


the best out of a bad bunch

Advantagesno pregnancy

Disadvantagesmood swings, weght gain

"...Well what to say about Femodene generally its quite good I havent become pregnant haha! But I am also on it for pain purposes well in the early days it was fine but 2 years on and im starting to get more pain! I have found that this pill makes me moodier and i suffer with mood swings that change more than the british weather and can get into a temper pretty quick but I have kind of run out of pill options! I have also put on loads of weight since ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bl0ndey


femodene's side effects.

Advantagesstops you getting pregnant.

Disadvantagesnasty side effects.

"I was perscribed Femodene by my family planning clinic.Ive tried lots of different pills in the past ,the mini pill and the combined pill.On the first day of taking Femodene I had hot flushes,night sweats,neasea and headache.On the second day I had a continuous headache and spaced out feeling.Third day was ok just a slight headache.The forth day was the worst I woke up with a very nasty migraine,blurred vision and vomiting,it was frightning and Ive ..." Read review

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