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Community Level 1nodale


Ideal first car, small and easy to drive

Advantagesfun&esay to drive, economical, small but spacious, great city car

Disadvantagessmall boot, engine not so powerful

"I purchased a Fiat Panda special edition Mamy (Dynamic 1.2 in orange) in May 2009. This is my first car, and I was looking to buy a car that would be economical to run, comfortable enough for small journeys, easy to drive and park, practical and affordable. Essentially a car that would suit a young city dweller with no family and a moderate need for a motoring vehicle. The Panda fulfilled all these criteria at a very reasonable price (£6300 new). *Spacious* Chiefly ..." Read review

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Community Level 1skye_hoppus


Great first car, FIAT shoots and scores!

AdvantagesCheap, sturdy, good value, cute, good interior

DisadvantagesAppearance not to everyone's taste

"...a Smart ForFour or a Fiat Panda for my first car! After passing my test and testdriving the Panda, I fell instantly in love with it! I bought a Dynamic 1.2 litre eng with Steel Grey paint and bright blue bubbly interior. Although some readers may feel a 17 year old first time car buyer is not the best informed person to be reviewing a car, I feel that I am very well informed, as I saved every penny for this car myself and thus carried out endless ..." Read review

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Eats Shoots and Leaves

AdvantagesGreat fun to drive, economical to run, well designed cockpit.

DisadvantagesBland looks, upholstery.

"...unfortunately. The interior suggests that Fiat are targeting the youth market with Fisher Price style buttons and knobs and a bright upholstery. We chose the blue upholstery as the yellow was a tad garish for our taste. I was most impressed with the build quality of the car. Historically, Fiat 's have appeared plasticky, tinny and basic. This is not the case with this car. I have read that this is probably the best built Fiat ever made. I have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bigwibble6


6'6" driver in a granny car

Advantageseconomical, green, easy-to-drive, power sterring


"...we obviously checked out the fiat range, and ended up getting the Panda. It is great, easy to drive, even I can fit in and can drive for 2 hours without a break. The 5 doors help putting out 2 year old daughter in the back seat, and it is fun to drive. We went for a yellow/cream paint job, with blue seats, bright and cheerful. The dash layout is straightforward, and the extras (rev counter, clock, trip speedo (and lots of other fun things ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ten-david


fiat panda eleganza

Advantagespersonality,reliabilty,quality,space,interior,fun factor

Disadvantages1.2 engine not in £35.00 tax bracket,poor seat material

"...car tax in the uk.the fiat pandas 1.2 engine is in a tax band above the new 500's seemingly identical motor which means paying £120 tax instead of £35.why?? all in all a great little car with its own personality and very few downsides.recommended. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1porkypaul


the best car I've owned

Advantagesprice, drive, build quality

Disadvantagesyet to find one

"...then i came across this fiat Panda. as soon as i saw the name i thought heres another disposable car from fiat. but then i thought carefully, and decided it would be at least worth a test drive. when i got into the fiat i was suprised to say the least that after not driving a car for a year it felt like it had a perfect driving position but i was still skeptical. so I gave the car a test drive and was addicted to a car. i kept thinking about the ..." Read review

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Fun, cheap to run and surprisingly spacious

AdvantagesCheap to run, easy to park, surprising amount of room inside

DisadvantagesNeeds to be driven hard to get the best out of it

"I've just recently sold my 2nd Panda and I'm sad to see it go as it has always done whatever I asked of it, from daily commuter car to carrying loads in the back with the seat folded down. The Active model comes with power steering (including the City button, which to be honest is a bit overkill!), front electric windows and quite a funky interior colour scheme. The 1200cc engine is quite "revvy" and needs to be driven quite hard to get a decent ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Petrolhead99


Panda Problems

AdvantagesA quiet car with good steering and good all round visibility

DisadvantagesUnreliable electrics poor road holding and poor comfort factor and suspect mechanicals

"...a non mainstream dealer a fiat panda automatic in the winter of 2004. Advertised as a new vehicle but actually an ex demonstrator. I was relatively happy with the vehicle at first, my opion began to change however when it6 was bought to my attention that the reverse light didn't work. This was traced to an electrical connection inside the control unit for the semi automatic transmission having not been wired up to the relevant lighting circuit,This ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pricej1


It won car of the year 2004

Advantagescheap insurance, economical and fun to drive

Disadvantagesno as of yet

"...trading it in for another Fiat Panda later in the year. ..." Read review

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