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Community Level 3liana3030


Maintaining and Managing-- Fidelity!!

AdvantagesISA, Ease of use, multiple funds under one umbrella.

DisadvantagesTime delay in receiving redemption payouts.

"INTRODUCTION: Fidelity Investments is one of the worlds largest privately owned asset management organisations. It opened its research office in London in 1973 and six years later offered funds to UK investors. It is now a leading provider of ISA's and also one of the leading fund managing houses. It also hosts a fund supermarket under the name of Fidelity FundsNetwork. My experience: I have found investing through fidelity useful in many ..." Read review

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Community Level 3simcox1


Fidelity is hot on research

AdvantagesLow online prices

DisadvantagesAll eggs in one basket

"If you've decided to buy a unit trust to invest some of your money in the stock market, then Fidelity is a good company to use. You want to invest in shares, a unit trust is a group of shares which have been picked by a professional fund manager. I first invested in unit trusts through Fidelity many years ago. Some of their funds performance is outstanding over long periods of time. Their 3 headline funds are: Fidelity European Fidelity American ..." Read review

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Fidelity - One of the Best Fund Managers

AdvantagesA solid and well respected Manager

DisadvantagesNone from my experience

"I have been with Fidelity now since 1991 and have a modest, diverse range of investments to include Fidelity - Special Situations; Global Special Situations; European; South East Asia; Emerging Markets and Invesco Global Smaller Companies and this mixed bag has served me well. I’ve never taken advice from Financial Advisors. I learnt the basics simply by reading the finance articles in the Mail on Sunday and the finance pages of Wednesday’s edition ..." Read review

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Community Level 1andy_s


Fidelity Funds

AdvantagesGood fund management

DisadvantagesCustomer Service

"The funds managers that deal with the cash seem to do a good job as I got a reasonable return but after that its a bit of a nightmare. Getting your money back is nigh on impossible task. There is no electronic means of doing this, its all paper based. They require a considerable amount of information to be written to them and there no instructions on their website to be able to do this. Don't bother going on the website as you can spend hours on ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jonawheeler


Different Experience

AdvantagesVery easy to manage


"I have never been very good with money and need simple investments that don't require too much time or effort to manage. Fidelity ticked all the right boxes for me. I have had no problems whatsoever with Fidelity. My funds have increased by about 50% over the last 2 years and the mailings and notifications from them have been sufficient without being excessive. I signed up via smile bank and the initial set-up was straightforward. I panicked ..." Read review

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Easy to manage, secure website

AdvantagesEasy to manage, secure

DisadvantagesMight need to call for security reasons occasionally (not really a disadvantage!)

"I can recommend Fidelity Investments, as a small investor. I have invested through Stocks & Shares Mini-ISA products of a variety of different types.I have been with Fidelity Investments a number of years and summarise the following points. '''Positives''' * Easy to manage / transfer / sell funds online * Funds appears to have grown at least equal to comparibles. * Online system seems very secure. * Staff answering telephone have been competent, ..." Read review

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5 mins to move a pension!!!! WOW

AdvantagesQuick simple transfer - easy fund selection - wide range of non-fidelity funds - cash back

DisadvantagesNow need to drink my coffee!!

"I decided to move my pension to Fidelity as they have a cash back offer on at the moment I'll be honest - I expected this to be a real chore - so I got a large coffee, a pack of choc digestives and sat down in front of the computer I have had a fund I've been pleased with for years (not a Fidelity fund), and I wanted to keep this, and I knew I would need to move the other [say] 75% of my assets to a new fund Couldn't have been easier - the whole ..." Read review

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Good all-rounder

AdvantagesAbility to buy funds from Fidelity and elsewhere in the same place, low charges

DisadvantagesWebsite too cluttered

"I have invested on and off with Fidelity since 1997 and have seen my funds go up and down since then. However Fidelity have always been good at keeping me up to date with what's going on and I have learnt alot from them around the importance of investing in different regions and taking a long term view with the stockmarket. Their website is comprehensive, albeit a bit cluttered. I like the updates from Tom Stevenson and the way I can hold funds ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JBSurveys46


Fidelity Investments

AdvantagesExcellent track record. Wide variety of funds. Researchers based in most countries and areas.

DisadvantagesNot as good record for retaining good managers as in past years.

"My opinion is based on over 20 year's experience in Financial Services as an Independent Financial Adviser and though now retired from Financial Services I continue to take a keen interest.Fidelity as a group have a good reputation among most Advisers and over the years rovided my clients with some outstanding results on their investments.Their Europen fund up to 10 years ago was a classic example of how Long-Term investing can be ..." Read review

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Potential to lose large sums of money due to website issues (ISA)

AdvantagesA potentially decent platform if it wasn't for a couple of major flaws

DisadvantagesDuring times of high market flux, the website would be unable to cope, preventing trades

"I recently signed up for an ISA via Cavendish Online, which uses Fidelity/Funds Network as their platform. Unfortunately the website slows to a crawl sometimes, to the point where I can't even view my holdings, let alone arrange any transactions. This does not bode well - in any period of high market flux the site would get even busier, meaning customers would be unable to buy/sell. They could stand to lose large sums of money because of this. For ..." Read review

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Community Level 1antimony


Withdrawing money was a farce

AdvantagesInitial fees to buy mutual funds are decent, often zero to 0.5%.

DisadvantagesWithdrawal took months!

"I could put money into my Fidelity account easily and online using my debit card, although they often take 2 days to purchase an investment. Withdrawing, on the other hand, was a nightmare involving writing numerous letters and waiting 2 months in total, during which time my money was in limbo, not viewable via my online account. I applied to withdraw a holding online. This generates a paper form that I mailed in. Two weeks later, having not received ..." Read review

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Community Level 1atf22


Hard to withdraw my ISA funds

AdvantagesIt is supposed to have low fees _ I havent' check this though

DisadvantagesSlow and complicated to get the funds out

"I found the process of withdrawing money unnecessarily time-consuming, complicated and misleading. To withdraw money, you need to send them a fax listing all your funds. It takes then 7 working days to "settle" your account, after which they will send you a cheque in the post. I needed to be paid as soon as possible, and sent their form via fax as soon as I could. Next day called to ask if they could do a bank deposit instead of the cheque. ..." Read review

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What i want - all in one place!

AdvantagesGreat website and extremely competitive pricing

Disadvantagesnot yet experienced any

"I was shopping around for a new ISA, having decided it was probably prudent to see what other companies were offering rather than taking the lazy route of just sticking with the provider i currently had. Fidelity is obviously a well known name, so i had a look through their website to see what they could offer me. They are offering all their funds at 0% initial charge, which to my mind was a great start. The website was easy to navigate and i found ..." Read review

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Community Level 1imstrachan


Fidelity delivers the service required - informed, efficient.

AdvantagesTrustworthy, efficient, informed, easy and inexpensive to invest/switch investments

Disadvantagesnone meantime

"I have always found the service I've had from Fidelity to be highly informed and trustworthy. I am kept updated on trends and movements in the financial markets and the range of quality products available is extensive. Investments have performed well and switching is easy and at minimal cost. Queries are answered promptly and I have never felt under pressure to invest in any particular product. Information on new and impending products is provided ..." Read review

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Great website and simple transfer ;-)

AdvantagesSimple website, helpful call centre

DisadvantagesNone yet!

"I'd been putting off transferring two old company pensions to one provider for quite a while. I'd lost focus on my investment strategy, re-set passwords and couldn't seem to keep track of my balance. Which has been a bit of a worry reading some of the news over the past few years. Fidelity came recommended to me - their transfer cash back was the helping hand that I needed to get me moving (Cash always helps me!) ;-). I've transferred my 'old faithful' ..." Read review

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