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Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets

AdvantagesCleans most things well

DisadvantagesNot as good on tough stains

"...they had small boxes of Finish Dishwasher tablets obviously being sold for £1.00, although there were only 10 tablets in the box I decided it would be a good way of trying some I hadnít used before without forking out a lot of cash.† The Packaging Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets are sold in a small blue box which displays the Finish logo across the front along with the image of a gleaming glass. The front of the pack also states these are Powerball ..." Read review

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Squeaky Clean Plates - that come with a Cost!

AdvantagesCheap when bought on offer or from places like B&M or Poundland, clean, get rid of grease

DisadvantagesThese are only the Classic variety which means you NEED other products such as Rinse-Aid & Salt

"...the time is Finish. The Finish Classic Powerball (Mainly Original, sometimes Citrus) in a box of 90 which my dad gets from his workplace to be precise. They cost him £6 that's all! A box of 90 lasts us a good couple of months but whilst in Poundland last week I spotted a box of 15 Finish Classic Powerball Original for guess what? Only £1! I immediately picked up a box & plonked them in my basket along with other several bits & bobs I picked up. I ..." Read review

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Finish your washing up days, Use the dishwasher!

AdvantagesExcellent product cleans everything with ease

DisadvantagesPrice tag

"...dishwasher. We tend to buy Finish powerball classic dishwasher tablets, they cost around £3.30 in most supermarkets for 15 tablets. They come in a blue cardboard box, the background colour is mainily blue and it has a picture of a sparkling wine glass on the front. The box is fairly easy to open which is always handy! Each tablet is individually wrapped in a foil wrapper which means they can easily be stored under the sink without getting ..." Read review

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Advantagesgood product for the price


"...feeling so it is normally Finish Tablets that I use but a different one than these ones. The reason I have ended up changing to these ones is that my local Poundland has been salling a box of 15 of these for - you guessed it £1. I stocked up on a few boxes of these as they were good value and although I don't know how much these cost in a Supermarket but they will be more expensive than £1. In the chain of Dishwasher Tablets these are more "basic" ..." Read review

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Good product for a reasonable price

AdvantagesNo water marks on glassware, dissolves food, no pre-rinsing required

DisadvantagesNo scent

"I am the type of person where I do not pre-rinse before I put things in the dishwasher, I just do not see why I should if the dishwasher is suppose to clean it. Seems like double the work, With this product, I see great results on my dishes. It dissolves and washes away all food residue that was on the dish and it does not leave any water marks on my glassware, another great feature! The only thing I would change or alter about this product is adding ..." Read review

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Finish Classic Dishwasher Tablets Regular are excellent value

Advantagescleans 1st time, no xtra dishwasher salt needed

DisadvantagesSlightly more expensive

"I have tried all sorts of tablets for our dishwasher and keep coming back to these. They do a superb job and are, therefore, exellent value for money. I find that the majority of other tablets, liquids or sealed gel type dishwasher products are often over rated. In fact some of them are so aggressive that our dishwasher becomes covered in a ine layer of linescale and these badly affects the shine quality of the glasses washed in it. This classic powerball ..." Read review

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