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Community Level 7dave27


Hot stuff

AdvantagesVery powerful software

DisadvantagesI prefer CorelDraw

"Fireworks is an excellent graphics package that is designed to integrate well with Dreamweaver for web work. Iím a committed Dreamweaver man, so you might imagine that Iíd be likewise sold on Fireworks, but itís not quite as simple as that. It is a very good package, no question, but Iíve found that I prefer to work with CorelDraw for most things and the only facility I really use Fireworks for is to produce GIFs with transparent backgrounds. Itís ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Infinity


Another top notch product from Macromedia

AdvantagesCreate logos, banners, and other web graphics with ease

DisadvantagesNone that I can think of

"...well look no further than Fireworks 3. A word of caution though: if you're a novice you may find this product a bit daunting at first. As with all Macromedia products there's something for everyone, however you may need to trawl the help files in order to be able get you started. However, saying this doesn't mean that the program is unfriendly, in fact far from it. I just recommend that you don't just jump straight in unless you've used other versions ..." Read review

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Community Level 4richardjmeek


Web Graphics made very easy

Advantagesvery simple to use

Disadvantagesuses lots of memory

"Fireworks 3 is the most useful web graphics tool I have used to date you can use it to make buttons banners text and headings for your web sites. You can create advanced javascript rollovers with the simplest of ease and export the html to go with the graphics in various formats depending on wheteher your html editor is frontpage, dreamweaver, ect. It is simple to make animated gifs using fireworks using vector based animation. also once animated ..." Read review

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Excellent for Web Images and Animations

AdvantagesImage and Animation creation, Good Compression tools

DisadvantagesNot very easy to use initially

"Fireworks is an excellent product for creating Logos, Banners and GIF Animations. It is not a very simple program to use initially, but after a few days of learning you soon get the hang of it. I have now created all of the Logo's, Banners and Animated Images for my web-sites using this product. I used to use Paintshop Pro, but I now use Fireworks all the time, the main reason for this is the export wizard which allows you to export your images in ..." Read review

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Community Level 4booknet


Flexible, fun and easy.

AdvantagesLets anyone create graphics.


"...able to make graphics. Fireworks enables even someone like me to do it. It took a bit of learning, but once you know what you are doing the features are amazing. With fireworks, you can create roll - over graphics for web pages very easily, and the integration with Dreamweaver is seamless. You can also compress graphics very easily - you have a range of choices which enable you to pick the best compression for the image, rather than saying 'knock ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iainhendry


A good program

AdvantagesLots of tools

Disadvantagesa bit expensive

"...determine the file size and Fireworks will attempt to get to it using different settings. This program has also got the ability to do general image editing but does not contain as many features as other programs. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2zig3d


Better than Photoshop

Advantagesvery easy to use, html slice up, many features

Disadvantagesfairly expensive

"This program has so many more features than Adobe Photoshop, it is a lot easier to use and can produce as good results, and in a lot of occasions it can produce better results. It has flawless intergration with other Macromedia products. Produces very sharp, clean graphics. Allows you to import/export in many ways. Lets you slice up images and make HTML hotspots and more.... make your nav bar in your Graphics editor and save as HTML. Excellent ..." Read review

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