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Give it a swift kicking! Review with images

AdvantagesLong lasting and durable, fun for babies

DisadvantagesGoing off in the middle of the night, hard to get nowadays

"In 2003 I discovered I was pregnant with my first child, he was the first baby of my generation to be born into my family and as you can imagine he was thoroughly spoiled, he received all manner of gifts when he was born, something that hasn't changed even though he's now 4. One of his favourite toys that he received as a baby was the Fisher Price Kick & Learn (or Kick & Play, it goes by either name) Piano, a toy that is able to be in or out of babies ..." Read review

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Community Level 6bazzaolear...


The World's Youngest Composer !!!!

AdvantagesGreat for Motor Skills etc

DisadvantagesIf left on can disturb baby

"As far as cot toys go I have always stuck with fun mobiles or ceiling light mobiles but as my youngest got older I noticed on EBay the Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano and after researching it on the internet decided to bid on it as it was local to me and I could collect it. After the auction ended I was very pleased to have won it for only £5.50 so I rushed off and collected it, even better news was the person I bought it from had just changed the ..." Read review

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Keeps baby occupied...... for a little bit anyway!

Advantagesfantastic entertainment for babies that like music

Disadvantagesirritating tie to cot mechanism

"I bought my son Samuel this Kick and Play piano initially because he seems to love music and loves wildly kicking and bashing his feet around. The good thing about the piano is that it combines both his loves - by kicking away he gets music played to him. The 'piano' is about a cot wide 5 keynote flat toy that baby can bash at and get tunes out of. There are 3 different setting, the first setting plays about 10 mins of music or so then stops ..." Read review

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Community Level 5kimp123


Live and Kicking.

AdvantagesEntertainment for your child. Fun. Batteries last and last.

DisadvantagesDoesn't fit onto cots without rails.

"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I recently purchased this interactive toy for my six month old baby. I could have bought it earlier though as it is aged from birth to 36 months. I paid £16 for the toy from my local Mothercare store, but believe that they are widely available from most 'good' toy stockists. Although at the time I got mine, ELC didn't have one. Although my baby is ..." Read review

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Community Level 4latitia


Beethovan's apprentices Review with images

AdvantagesSuitable from newborn

Disadvantagescan be annoying, battery operated.

"I bought one of these for my little girl when she was a few weeks old as I know that music is soothing to children and wanted to try to entice my daughter to spend at least 5 minutes in the cot without crying for me. I bought mine from a local TK MAX and paid £15 for it just over 2 years ago, the price may have risen or fallen slightly since then. The kick and learn piano has a material cover and is softer where the keys are to be kicked or ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Charis_of_...


A kicking good time

AdvantagesExcellent cot toy

DisadvantagesCan be used to climb out the cot

"I was bought this as a going on maternity leave/leaving present when I was pregnant with Eloise, now 2½ and this is one toy that has been saved and will be back in action in July. This is a great toy suitable to use from birth, the idea is to tie the piano to the foot of the cot and then the baby kicks the panels to get sounds and lights on the piano. Whilst the piano itself is a hard electrical component but it is covered in soft padding and material ..." Read review

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Community Level 1geevis26



AdvantagesAttractive, Suitable from birth,Good excercise,Worth the money

DisadvantagesCloth wiped,Battery operated,Needs some care

"This was the second musical toy my kid had when she was around 2 months. I got this from my cousin, as her kids were too old enough to play with. So I did not pay for it. My daughter got used to the toy and played well when she was around 2 and half months old. Before that she used to just see the toy, may be the colors or pictures might have caught her attention. It kept my child occupied for some time. And also gave a lot of exercise to her ..." Read review

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Community Level 2mumsie79


Good toy for babies

AdvantagesLasts until baby is toddler, different play modes, entertaining for baby

Disadvantagescan get dirty easy, fiddly to clean

"I got this for my baby girl and she loved it and still plays with it and she's 1 now, so good range for value for money. Keeps baby entertained in the cot for a while and lets mum get a quiet cup! Different modes allow for stages of play and found this good for when they get a bit older and start to sit up, they can play it like thier first wee piano and the colours and animals etc keep them entertained. Only down side i would say is that its ..." Read review

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Community Level 1loopyloulou1


Kick and Play Piano


Disadvantageschild can use to climb out of cot

"I bought this for my first son. Every morning we awoke to the sounds of him kicking it and he got loads of enjoyment out of it. When my second son started playing with it I was able to keep him amused for awhile by having it on the continuous music mode (an absolute godsend for a child who cries all the time and has to be amused). Now that he is older he crawls to the bottom of the cot in the morning and plays with it also. Although this is supposed ..." Read review

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