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A Jungle of Fun Review with images

AdvantagesIt will keep baby entertained and stimulate their senses


"When I was expecting my second child I bought all the necessary equipment and supplies ready for his arrival, however, one thing that I didn’t worry about was toys, as newborns have the entire world to take in, and the first few weeks are spent sleeping and cuddling. Although one of the few toys that a newborn can benefit from early on, is a play gym. There is a vast choice of play gyms of differing sizes and prices, some which are basic and others ..." Read review

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Now This Is My Kind Of Gym!!

AdvantagesSuitable from birth, unisex, lovely theme, provides your baby with stimulation

DisadvantagesA little expensive if bought brand new

"I had my first child in February this year. I have a three year old niece so many of her toys and bits and pieces were passed down to my daughter. However, when my daughter was about 10 weeks old, I was browsing local bargain finder on eBay when I came across the Fisher Price Rainforest Gym at a bargain price. I decided to bid on the item and eventually won it at £3.47. I had to drive to the next town from me Canterbury to collect but all in all, ..." Read review

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Induced wilful defiance in our baby!

AdvantagesLots of activities.

DisadvantagesBulky, not enough music options.

" I am continuing my quest to analyse many of the products we used in the first couple of years of our daughter's life. I have been categorising items as near necessities, those that would be "nice to have", and those that one could really do without. This baby gym is one of many items lent to me I by a friend. Our daughter was the third or fourth child to use it, and it came to us in good repair although a couple of the removable objects were missing. ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


A baby Jungle Gym

AdvantagesLights, sounds, jungle characters


"A baby jungle gym Every baby likes a fun floor gym to play with/under and the Rainforest Melodies and lights deluxe gym is one of the best in my opinion. We were actually given this gym as a present last year before we knew the sex of our baby and the great thing about this gym is that it's multi-coloured and so is perfect for either sex which is great as although we have a girl now we may have a boy next and so its nice to have an activity mat that ..." Read review

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Let your baby play in the Rainforest ! Review with images

AdvantagesColourful, stimulating for babies

DisadvantagesExpensive Price

"When my twin boys were born one of my biggest challenges was keeping them entertained. Buying a play gym seemed like and a great solution for those times when I had to spend time with one baby i.e changing or feeding or for those times when the boys were awake and I needed a break. However as a new parent it was quite a hard choice deciding on between the many play gyms available. Eventually I we opted for the Fisher Price Rainforest Play Gym and ..." Read review

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Community Level 5soutram


Rainforest Playmat/Gym - brilliant buy

AdvantagesLots of toy for the baby to play with & nice and colourful


"Me and my partner had been looking at playmats for a while & could not decide which one to go for, they all vary so much in price & some have a lot more on than others, we desided we wanted a nice colourfull one with as much on as we could get. After a bit of searching we found this on on the Argos website & loved it as soon as we saw it, think the giraffe on one side sold it for us. This playmat is a very good size, it has a large multi coloured ..." Read review

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So much to fascinate your baby!

AdvantagesFolds away flat

DisadvantagesCan't have the lights on without the music

"This is one of the best toys I bought my baby! I got this on Amazon for £45, and this was a great price as I had seen it in a few shops like Boots and Mothercare for nearly £60. This rainforest gym is a play mat which has two bars going to either corner, to create a little 'den', and when your baby lies on the mat and looks up its suppose to look like he's in the jungle. The actual mat that your baby lies on is nice and soft and feels really comfortable, ..." Read review

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Baby Jingles in the jungle

AdvantagesLights, music, sounds, vibrant colours, ease of cleaning

DisadvantagesBattery life

"Once again I revert to my review of Fisher Price Rainforest Products this time its the rainforest gym. Currently retailling at £49.99 on Amazon the general retail price is £54.99 but I managed to pick one up for £30 on ebay which is only 5 months old and in excellent condition. As with most products they do require assembly and full instructions are included within the package. The gym is packed away in a clear plastic bag with a cardboard insert ..." Read review

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Community Level 2joshuas-mu...


A Work Out For Little People Everywhere

AdvantagesBrightly Coloured, aids development, machine washable

DisadvantagesA little pricey

"The Fisher Price Rainforest Gym was not the first play mat I purchased for my son. It was the second, and it was on the recommendation of my best friend who's little girl of 2 months older had loved it since day dot. The original playmat had been bought for a very tidy sum and was really purchased for all the wrong reasons-it's colours were pastel which I thought was pretty and would look lovely in our living room (I was pregnant at the time, rather ..." Read review

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Fisher Price Rainforest Gym - Welcome To The Jungle

AdvantagesBright, colourful, quality made

DisadvantagesSongs can be repetitive, could get annoying

"We bought this gym when I was pregnant. We didn't want to know what gender we were having so were looking for something neutral. We came across the Fisher Price rainforest collection and were taken with it immediately. The bright colours and fun characters looked ideal for both boys and girls. We bought this along with several other rainforest products. The Product The gym comes packed in a clear carry case which can be used to pack the gym back ..." Read review

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Community Level 2clairejb21


Fisher Price Rainforest Deluxe Gym - Perfect Baby Entertainment!

AdvantagesAdaptable, Colourful, Interesting, Well thought out

DisadvantagesStrength of the arches

"We had a small playgym for our son when he was born but he became too big for it so we went to find a new one...we had searched a few but kept coming back to the Rainforest (Good sign I guess)...after searching around for prices we managed to get it for £49.99 from Argos. There were many stockists...from looking online we also saw some others a bit lower & much higher (range from £41.00 - £60.00). Its well worth looking around. It came in a flat ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Michelle09...


Fisher Price Rainforest Gym

AdvantagesBright colours, mirror, music

DisadvantagesNot easy to store away

"I got this for my daughter when she was 1 month old. I wanted somewhere to lay her if I needed a break from the hour long feeding sessions. It is available from Amazon for £49.99 but I got this one from Mothercare for £54.99. It includes a monkey, an elephant rattle, a Toucan toy, a mirror and a bird which jingles. It has no small parts so it suitable from birth and the battery case is well hidden away. Measurements: L32.5 x W32.5 x H20xm The ..." Read review

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Fisher Price Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Baby Play Gym

Fisher Price Fisher-Price Rainforest Melodies & Lights Deluxe Baby Play Gym

The Fisher-Price® Rainforest(tm) Melodies and lights deluxe gym(tm) is an exciting playpen ... more

for your little one. With a soft, green jungle mat
supporting a plastic frame with dangling monkeys,
your child can enjoy lots of distractions and fun

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Fisher-price Rainforest Melodies And Lights Deluxe Gym

Fisher-price Rainforest Melodies And Lights Deluxe Gym

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