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Community Level 2proutenigma


The Full Monty, Flashing and all that

Advantagesmakes cleaning a little easier and smells nice too

Disadvantagesnot as good as a night out

"...be a little more specific, Flash Antibacterial All purpose Spray, which I bought from Wilkinsons for £1.69 (500ml). The bottle, well, it’s white plastic, with a green spray nozzle (dead Flash – ha ha). Its got, wait for it. a green picture on the front, although I will say I’ve never seen a house with a kitchen / loo combination, kitchen /diner yes, well I would notice something like that. Apparently this product claims to kill 99.99% of bacteria, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sharonB


excellent cleaning

Advantagesexcellent cleaning


"...your clothes. Ive always trusted Flash products and I had high hopes for this one and I wasn't disappointed .It comes in a trigger spray bottle which you just spray onto the desired surface it couldn't be simpler and because it comes out in a foam it can be used for vertical surfaces too. The cleaning power is second to none either even on dried on food I just spray and leave for a minuet and it comes right off and its great at tackleing grease ..." Read review

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Community Level 5madamejojo


Gone In A Flash

Advantagesgood all round value, smells great

Disadvantagescan't be used on all surfaces

"I use FLASH products on a regular basis, and when I spotted FLASH ANTIBACTERIAL ALL PURPOSE SPRAY on the shelf I thought I would give it a go. The name alone drew me to it, "ALL PURPOSE", I thought great, I could use it all round the house without having to get other products, so in the long run save me money. I paid 99p for a 500ml bottle, this was a special offer at Safeways. It usually retails at £1.79. So this was an extra saving in itself. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1valcal


All cleaned up

AdvantagesExcellent in the kitchen and bathroom,easy to use

Disadvantagesnone that I can think of.

"I have used this product since it first appeared on the market.I was impressed that a product could get rid of the germs without leaving a smell,although in cleaning products I do like a perfume,but not on the kitchen surfaces.I found the bleach products (though very good)faded the surfaces.Therefore I was pleased when I found a product that worked just as well.I use it on most surfaces in the bedrooms and find it really good.I know it is not a cleaner ..." Read review

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Community Level 6purdy


Keep your work surfaces germ free

AdvantagesEffective product

Disadvantagescant think of any

"...domesticated! I have been buying this Flash Anitbacterial Spray for over a year now. It is excellent at removing stubborn stains and gives the confidence that your work surfaces are germ free. My cat often jumps up on my work top, of which there is nothing l can really do to stop her unfortunately. This at least gives the confidence that l removing those germs - especially when l have my 6 month old neice visiting! The smell of the product ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Staterka


Peace of mind

AdvantagesFresh citrus smell, antibacterial element plus cleaning power


"... The packaging is the usual Flash packaging and if you're already a fan of Flash then this is a great addition to their range. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2jet14


Germ free house

Advantagesgood all round cleaner


"I think I'm turning into my mum! I never used to worry too much about housework, but I must be getting more domesticated as I get older. I'm paranoid about germs, I think it's since we got a dog, and I've tried loads of these ant-bacterial sprays, but most of them just disinfect. This one is the best because it gets rid of marks and stains as well, and it smells really clean and fresh too. You can use it anywhere, I have one in the Kitchen and one ..." Read review

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