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Community Level 7Squiggles


Red Noses and Healthy Hearts

AdvantagesTastes good, low in saturated fats, high in polyunsaturates

DisadvantagesIt aint butter.....

"...low fat spread, I’d recommend Flora Light like a shot! It has a lovely pale yellow colour (not the deep yellow of real butter, but still passable!) and a light and pleasant taste to it, somewhere between margarine and butter. It also spreads beautifully straight out of the fridge, and has a good shelf life too (especially compared to real butter), normally up to four months or so. And you can freeze it too, another advantage! And most importantly, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5lorrmid


Butter me up, Flora.

AdvantagesRelatively inexpensive and tasty.

DisadvantagesNot quite as good as butter.

"...brand (yuck) I came across Flora Light - Vegetable Low Fat Spread. It is available in 3 sizes - 250g, 500g and 1kg which will set you back 57p, 84p and £1.57 respectively. So, the price was very attractive. It is readily available in supermarkets and may also be sold in small shops (but expect to pay a lot more for it). The thing that actually attracted me to this spread was the fact that Flora sponsored the London marathon this year and you are ..." Read review

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Be kind to your heart and get spreading!

Advantagescan help lower cholesterol, kind to the heart, tasty, rich in vitamins

Disadvantagesit's not butter but it's not too far off!

"...etc. I decided to make Flora light my sole choice of spread. I do already use this for my children but obviously I need to follow suit! I think everyone agrees that you can’t beat the taste of real butter but I have to say that flora light manages to keep high on the taste but with the added benefit of being better for your heart. You may have seen the ads that show corn on the cob without a spread (healthy) and then with flora light (healthier) and ..." Read review

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Flora Light - You Might As Well Give It A Try!

AdvantagesSame Price As Original Variety

DisadvantagesNot Suitabe For Baking

"My conversion to Flora Light Margarine Spread was not a conscious one. I am not on a diet or any kind of health kick and my initial purchase was just by chance, and yet I have found myself making a repeat purchase. I had run out of Margarine a few weeks ago so I nipped down to my local convenience store only to find that the choice of spreads available consisted of either Flora Light or their own label Happyshopper budget stuff. THE PRODUCT Flora ..." Read review

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Good for the old Tick tock

AdvantagesLess fat than ordinary Flora, tastes the same in my mouth


"...that with...........................yep you guessed it Flora Light. I had of course seen all the advertisements gorifying the magical properties of Flora, but until now had not really paid much heed to the claims. Flora Light is a reduced fat spread compared to butter it drastically reduces your intake of fat and calories. For each 5g of saturated fats ( the bad fats ) contained in butter the equivalent intake for Flora is just .9g. Likewise the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mortious


Spread that Flora Light

AdvantagesIts Easy to spread, Tastes great, Not to expensive

DisadvantagesIts not Butter

"Having grown up around Flora Light and living a sheltered existence I never really understood what butter was. Whenever I was given a sandwich it had Flora spread in it. Baked potatoes with cheese always had a dollop of Flora light to add to the flavour. And this is how it was for me. When I got in to my mid teens I discovered butter. It was by accident and I was at a friends house making myself a sandwich. I looked in his fridge for Flora Light ..." Read review

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Community Level 5numberthree


Nearly the perfect marg

AdvantagesGood taste and easy to spread from the fridge

DisadvantagesCan't use it for baking or frying

"I moved to Flora Light from Flora Buttery about eighteen months ago when I realised that Light has nearly half the calories (366kcal per 100g) of the Buttery. As we are always trying to lose weight this seemed an easy way of reducing calorie intake without noticing. I was pleasantly surprised that the only noticible difference with Buttery is the lighter colour. Also the price in the supermarket £1.03 for the 500g tub was the same - unusual as lower ..." Read review

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