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Community Level 5Lemonhead563


The Closest I've Ever Got To Becoming A Mermaid Diamond review

AdvantagesIt looks nothing like it does in the picture!

DisadvantagesIts Salty

"I have always been intrigued by alternative therapies, but have never really tried any until recently. I have been feeling a little stressed out for a while and regularly have trouble sleeping. A few people had suggested maybe trying a session in a floatation tank. The idea when it was first approached to me, sounded completely bizarre. Always willing to try anything once, I though it couldn't do any harm and decided to look into it further. What ..." Read review

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Turn Off Your Mind, Relax & Fart Downstream Review with images

AdvantagesOne man's return to the womb........

Disadvantages......is another man's claustrophobia attack

"...crystals next! ***************************************************** I can see why flotation tanks are the new name for sensory deprivation – after all, the latter sounds a trifle negative - a bit more like a method of torture, like ‘solitary’, rather than a means of relaxation and regeneration. “So Tommy, sree more months in ze kuhler for you, I sink, ja?” So what is a flotation tank, apart from being a tank that you float in? Well for one ..." Read review

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Community Level 2natgirl74


Totally surreal experience!

AdvantagesHad great night sleep after floating

DisadvantagesBit of a coffin feel!

"Well it all came about when my mum and I went shopping in Exeter. We happened to come across the Eden Day Spa beauty salon. I pointed it out to my mum but noticed that it was down two flights of steps. Being 34 weeks pregnant, I asked mum if she could go down and get a leaflet. So she obliged, but seemed to be down there quite a while. Meanwhile, on a plasma screen upstairs I was able to see footage of the different treatments they did. One was ..." Read review

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Community Level 1star123super


Float Tanks - Stress Relief Beyond Total Belief

AdvantagesFantastically relaxing and uplifting experience

Disadvantageswish I could afford a tank for my home ;o)

"I'd seen the horror of the movie Altered States way back when, plus Homer and Lisa taking their own journey by way of the float tanks at Karmaceuticals, Springfield USA and I even saw an episode of Ab Fab featuring Edwina and her own float tank. So I guess you could say it's something that’s always intrigued me. Six months ago I was lucky enough to receive a course of 3 floatation tank sessions at the Floatworks Floatation Tank Centre in London. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maggiecul



AdvantagesCould be very relaxing in the right place

DisadvantagesHas to have the right atmosphere

"I won a Flotation Experience in a competition run by Migraleve.The experience was organised by Red Letter Days,who I rang up to book it.The one available in Merseyside was in Lark Lane, Liverpool,by Sefton Park. After reading about flotation and it's benefits,I was really looking forward to it.I was hoping to forget my cares and worries,and aches and pains(at least for a little while) I went by train to St Michaels station(luckily I didn't drive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1OrganicPhoto


Floating Saved Me From Back Surgery

AdvantagesIt's the most effective way I've found to relieve stress and back pain

DisadvantagesIf you don't live near a float center, you need to own one

"...that is constant about all flotation tanks is the high degree of Epsom salt used. This is what causes you to float above the water. By the way, floating above the water is the reason why a float tank must be enclosed. Otherwise, the air temperature would be much cooler than the water temperature and you wouldn't relax as deeply due to your muscles remaining tense. Having the air and water at skin temperature (94 degrees) creates the kind of comfort ..." Read review

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