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I just need a hunky gardener to push it


Disadvantagesplastic blades could break

"...much effort. I selected the Flymo Turbo Lite 330. *Price and availability* I paid £59.99 from my local garden centre for the Flymo Turbo Lite 330. Amazon currently have it on offer for £54.99. I think this is a reasonable price. *Description* When you purchase the lawn mower and open the box, you would think you have bought it from Ikea as it does need a bit of assembly! Also in the box, however is the trusty instruction manual has ..." Read review

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Give your garden that trim it so deserves

Advantageslightweight, easy to use, compact and does the job well

DisadvantagesPlastic blades can break easily if they find something hard in your grass

"It’s that time of year again, you know, the season where the grass keeps growing on your lawn and you have to go out and cut it every few days, some people even do it every day, come rain or shine. So for all those who are fortunate to own a lawn, although I do use the word ‘fortunate’ very loosely, there are many tools on the market that aid in the ease of keeping that lawn in tip top condition, making you the envy of your neighbours. One of those ..." Read review

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Spend more money and get a decent mower!

AdvantagesStoring it is easy ..

DisadvantagesEverything, DO NOT BUY THIS MOWER!

"I thought the reviews seemed alright for this mower and it is the cheapest model available ... I would have been better cutting my lawn with a pair of child proof scissors! +++Cost+++ The only benefit of this mower is the fact it cost me just £30 from B&Q. If I had paid any more I would have cried! +++Setup+++ It took me roughly 5 minutes to put the mower together and immediately I noticed the plastic blade. It is really simple to put together ..." Read review

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Flymo Turbo Lite 330 Mower

AdvantagesLightweight and cuts well

DisadvantagesNo grass box

"...previous one had been a Flymo and we had been pretty impressed by it generally, and it would have been perfect had it not been too big and so for that reason, we decided to go for another Flymo mower, but a smaller version. We purchased the Flymo Lite 330 mower as it looked to be much more lightweight than our previous one. The bulk of the mower is bright orange, sticking with the Flymo colour scheme with the handle being black metal. The mower ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bilbobagin...


Mow Mow Mow

AdvantagesGood power, ability and reliability.

DisadvantagesIrritating cable on all electric models.

"...of grass-land beside my house. Flymo specialise in machinery which ranges in size, and this is one of the smallest purpose built contraptions they produce. Getting started is easy, a long cable of roughly 20 meters is unravelled from a hook on the arm of the device and plugged into a standard house socket - the machine is instantly armed. Next, pull in one of the two (left and right) levers and press the circular rubber button in the centre to engage ..." Read review

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Hover Mower!

AdvantagesLight weight

Disadvantagesdoesn't collect the cut grass.

"...too at 12 meters. The Flymo is a vivid bright orange colour as the the power cord which makes it easier to see in the grass. To operate the Flymo you simply plug it into a socket, whether it be the mains or an extension lead, hold in the lever handle and press a button in the middle of the handle, and your away to mow! It has a sturdy metal blade, that has 4 different cutting heights from 10mm - 30mm. To raise or lower the height you simply undo ..." Read review

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