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Ford Focus 1.8 TDdi - Tank on Wheels - Slow But Indestructable

AdvantagesEconomic to Own, Cheap Parts, Advance Technology (for its time), Loads of Room, Common to Find

DisadvantagesStyled like a Wedge

"...somewhat unique and somehow the Ford Focus was the next step up! My main goal when purchasing a car was to get the best Miles Per Gallon (Mpg) I could, although having a job which allows me the funds to purchase and insure as well as importantly maintain a car, the added cost of filling the car up goes strain the wallet, especially with the current fuel prices being as high as 150p per Litre of Normal Diesel and with no sponsorship from the parents, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5josarah


Why I'm not fussed about the Focus Diamond review

AdvantagesLots of them around. Cheaper now in the old shape

DisadvantagesPlease see below

"...forecourt. On arrival at Ford we were greeted with the sight of a Ford Focus Zetec 1.8 TDCi in silver with the climate pack for just over 10 grand (with 15K miles). We test drove the car and it's higher powered brother (the one with 115 horses as opposed to 100 horses) and didn't find much difference so decided to opt for the slightly cheaper 100bhp Ford Focus. With hindsight we should have had more than one test drive although that was not really ..." Read review

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Outstanding Oil Burner Diamond review Review with images

AdvantagesComfortable, versatile, economic. Good resale values.

DisadvantagesLack of boot space. It's STILL a diesel!

"...morning. Weíve given you a Ford Focus diesel instead.Ē Ah well. You canít crib really (at least not TOO much) as it does state in the hire contract that they can substitute a car in the same group as you have booked. Thus it was that the mad cabbie and family ended up driving around in a Ford Focus for a fortnight while on holiday down in the Basque region of France. (St. Jean de Luz, just south of Biarittz) Or more specifically, a brand new Ford ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Postie2003


Good in parts, awful in others.

AdvantagesUtter reliability, well built, entertaining handling, punchy midrange.

DisadvantagesToo noisy, poor seats, cheap looking interior, not as economical as you might think.

"...comfortable, with a typically excellent Ford driving position completely ruined by flat, unsupportive seats which give no upper back support at all, and a plank like base cushion which makes your backside numb after an hour. You can almost forgive all these faults however when you get the Focus onto a good twisting B-road. As with all the best handling cars, it suddenly shrinks around you and everything seems to gel perfectly. The steering is wonderful ..." Read review

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Community Level 1craighocke...


50,000 miles and going strong

Advantagescomfortable, cheap to run, reliable

Disadvantagesflat spot

"...up driving the then new Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI LX (115bhp). I had heard good reviews about the Focus and had travelled in the rear of one for several hours in comfort in the past. My first impression of the cars styling was nothing spectacular, it's not an Aston Martin and the colour matters little as I am colour blind. What first impressed me when I drove it was the exceptional torque the 115bhp engine produced compared to other diesels I had driven, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5buzzard_cad


Itís just another tyre shredder!

AdvantagesSuperb handling, good fuel economy, air con

DisadvantagesA hard ride and a tiny boot

"...a brand, I've driven more Ford cars and vans than I can remember and I've only ever really liked one. A 1994 diesel Transit pickup, so the diesel engine Focus should be on the more favoured portion of the list, in reality its in the middle good, but not that great. Secondly I am writing this report on a Focus (Ď04) that isn't mine. Its a company car and I'm grateful to my company for getting my this car, but I wish I had a little choice in the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1s.hawke


The best all-round car in it's class?

AdvantagesIn-gear grunt, refinement, economy

DisadvantagesIt's just another Focus

"...rough under full power. The Ford TDCi pulls cleanly and lustily from 1800 RPM round to the 4,500 RPM red line with an encouragingly throaty note. There is usable power from 1,100 RPM so the car will pull cleanly from 25mph in forth on a level surface. Also notible is the drive-by-wire throttle which links to an anti-stall system. Simply take your foot off the throttle in any of the first three gears and the car will pull itself along, even up ..." Read review

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Community Level 2iainkay1


Im no old mans car fancier

AdvantagesComfortable economy car

Disadvantagesits not a rolls or BMW

"I bought my new Ford Focus 1.8TDi in January and have been greatly impressed all round. Driving I can confirm that its pick up speed allows for a good 0-60 in well under 30 secs as I have beaten many others at the start of our motorway and not while acting like a boy race either. Ist gear is a little too quick pickup wise so be careful with that.The car is well insulated from windnoise but you will get some as its not as soundproof as say a BMW ..." Read review

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best car i've had is a focus

Advantageslots of room, good engine, mpg


"...and backup services associated with ford make this a good work horse of a car. I highly recommend this car with the highest of praise for its design and usefulness a truly good car. And as my car is only 3 years old and about to turnover its 85000 mile I can say this from experience. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Vorley1982


Why i love the Ford Focus

AdvantagesFuel Efficient and cheap to run.

DisadvantagesVery thin body panels - see below

"To be honest the Ford Focus was not my first choice of car. I was happily saving up for a VW Golf which was my preference at the time, when my Fiat Punto decided it had some serious emotional issues and had a catastrophic breakdown. I bought the Focus privately after scouring the ads. It didnít take me long as there are a lot out there. In my opinion buying privately is better than a dealership because the cars are generally a lot cheaper and you ..." Read review

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Community Level 1S1monPage69


Focus 1.8 TDCi - a great not so little car

AdvantagesFantastically economical for its class

DisadvantagesHigh torque from engine can be expensive on tyres

"I've had a Focus 1.8 TDCi for a little over a year, following a two year stint from a Fiat so I may be a little over enthusiastic about the Focus! However, I've been driving for over 20 years (Oh God that long...) and have driven a silly number of cars over this time. I think I've found a car I finally can settle with for at least the rest of the finance term!!! Which is unusual as I get bored very quickly! The feel of the car overall is one of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1James_titc...


Best diesel hatch now at bargain prices!

AdvantagesPerformance, Economy

DisadvantagesNo ABS

"I bought my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi Zetec (52 plate) about a month ago. Iím impressed with the interior design of the car Ė itís well laid out and the driving position is excellent. The seats are comfortable and my car came with a climate pack (air-con, heated front screen and door mirrors). The heated front screen is particularly useful. Needless to say, being a Focus the handling is excellent. The Zetec model has sports suspension and really does ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kookicat


Nice all round car

Advantages Comfortable, cheap/easy to run,

Disadvantages Very common,

"...quite excited to try the Ford Focus. The Ford Focus covers all of thos points. I liked driving it- it handles both town driving and moterways very well, cruises at 70, and is fairly nippy. The focus feels very solid around you, which is very nice for long trips on the motorway! Looks- I feel that the car's looks let it down a little. My car was bog standard blue, which was nice enough, but nothing outstanding. The interior was a nice suprise- ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Monica020783


My Ford



"...Noise, mean kit Driving: The Fiesta's forte. Ford really knows how to make cars handle, so even the cheapest Fiesta will thrill the driver in you. Steering is crisp (all models have a leather wheel), corners are taken tidily and enthusiastically yet the ride remains supple too. A class act, enhanced on the Zetec S model to perfection. Indeed, it's better than the ST, which has more grip but less finesse. The ST's engine is quicker but noisier than ..." Read review

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Community Level 1krissharm


Focus - does exacally what it says on the tin

AdvantagesAverage, cheap to run, cheap to buy, does what it says on the tin

Disadvantagessmall boot, sensitive about biting point for a diesel

"The focus is my 3rd car.. My first was a echonimical 106 and my second a racy, alfa spider.... So the focus is a bit dull and a bit boring. It offers no exitement when driving compared to some other cars. But, the focus is a cheap to run cheap to maintain, sensible car. It really does everything it is supposed to do. I brought it for miles, and I have driven about 15,000 in just over 6 months and no problems. I like the focus, its like the ..." Read review

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