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Community Level 3MuratM


I caaan't heeaarrr yoouuuuuu Review with images

AdvantagesHow do you spell that ?

DisadvantagesIt's a Ford !

"...out the new body style Ford Transit van (8 seats), a special version called "journey" with all goodies Ford could ever think of. These include a CD player stereo, aircon, SRS ( or STS ? ) airbags, central locking. Nothing more... Body : --------------- The new body design looks a bit better than the old one. (The old body still sells at the name of T12) When it came to the knock-on-the-fender test, the "clang-clang" showed me that the quality ..." Read review

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Community Level 101709andy14



Advantages3 year 100,000 mile warranty

Disadvantagespoor after sales

"The new ford transit 2.4 duratorq they say is the backbone of britian, or is it? As an independant motor vehicle repairer looking after a fleet of 250 transits I see more of the good and bad points of the van than most, even seeing the after sales from the customers side and not just what Ford say. Now the the good bits. The new transit comes in a multitude of guises with different engine sizes, lengths, roof heights and front or rear wheel drive.This ..." Read review

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Out with the old and in with the new

AdvantagesEasy to drive, Fun and enjoyable

Disadvantagesa bit on the loud side, promised fuel economy to quite there

"...my Movano to the new Ford Transit van and was rather hesitant to say the least! I really enjoyed driving the Movano and after taking a cursory look at the Transit I was definitely NOT impressed. The steering wheel feels smaller than my Mitsubishi Colts one and the seats are not as comfortable as the Movano. It engine is also louder than the Movano and although in the literature it say you get around the 30-40 mpg you will be lucky to get ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ciderglider


Ford Transit

AdvantagesVery reliable and spare parts are in abundance.

DisadvantagesKeep an eye on the rust.

"...was going to be. A Ford Transit of course! I shopped around and found a Ford Transit 150 with anew respray and M.O.T. for just £1100. What a bargain! I love my Transit , simply because they just keep going and going. If you need a really reliable workhorse, get a Transit. Just keep an eye on the rust, and a can of rust treatment and spray, and it'll give you many miles of hard work, and money earning. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rigsby


Stay clear of older models

AdvantagesCheap Cheap Cheap

DisadvantagesUnreliable, underpowered, noisy and basic

"...drive quite regularly a 1997 Ford Transit purchased new as a company vehicle. It has just reached around 50,000 miles. We have experienced the following problems: Cam belt snapped before due (£800 engine repairs) Steering pinion completely worn, steering slipping! Ignition lock failed. Key regularly gets stuck in fuel cap, depsite regular squirts of oil! Wheelarches rusty. Engine burns oil (what? a Ford engine burn oil!!!) Tyre life is poor. Indicators ..." Read review

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Community Level 1margate1976


Mr Rick Shirran

Advantagesvery comfortable to drive and a diesel engine that is truly quiet

Disadvantagesproblematic diesel pumps resulting in hefty repair bills

"i bought a 53 plate Ford Transit diesel van with 15000 on the clock and 7 months warranty remaining. Having owned every model transit since there inception , and having no serious problems with any of them, other than cam belts starter motors etc, i decided the new shape transit seemed the best ever........ Oh.oh, not to be. 2 years on and at 32.000 miles my beloved transit shuddered to a halt. After calling out the A.A., the diagnosis was a burnt ..." Read review

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Community Level 1trianglemab


the real new medium whel base ford transit

Advantagesvery easy to drive

Disadvantagesbit to easy to drive

"I drive a ford transit as a commercial vehical for a major british firm. it is a 52 plate van and i have had it for a year now. the van its self is just a standard van 2949 mm load length From 884 kg to 1652 kg gross payload From 8.55 / 7.34 cu.m to 10.31 / 8.85 cu.m loadspace FWD low floor Double Cab-in-Van available with three extra seats and up to 6.09 / 5.21 cu.m of loadspace Turning circle (kerb to kerb) 11.9 m Drivers airbags as standard Remote ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Niesmierte...


Ford Transit


DisadvantagesFuel ecconomypoor and looks poor

"I could highly recommend a Ford Transit. Mine has proved itself as a valuable asset. It is petrol so was cheap to buy. It will soon be converted to LPG, which will make it cheap to run. I have even been offered money for it as a courier company want an LPG van instead of a diesel since the high milage they do would make it very economical. It's simplicity makes it easy to maintain. On long journeys I've found the front 3 seats great for sleeping ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Peterfog



AdvantagesCan't think of any

DisadvantagesCostly, and unless your buying newer vans then Ford is not interested.

"...not interested. I phoned Ford customer service, and the same thing not interested. The funny thing is they would have done something about it had the van been younger than 8 years old, but since it wasn't tough luck for me. No wonder the country is in such a state when small business owners are treated in such a way. I wouldn't take another Transit even if it was free. £2400 in 18months with the same fault, is more than my business can handle. ..." Read review

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