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Forza Motorsport 4 races along with the competition

AdvantagesVery nice graphics, Realistic sound effects, Good selection of cars, Top gear from BBC in game

DisadvantagesFeels similar to Forza motorsport 3, Only a limited number of new game tracks

"...== This is a review of Forza motorsport 4: Collectors edition, it's devolved by Turn 10 studios and Published by Microsoft. It's the forth game in the Forza motorsport series of games. It was released for Xbox 360 in USA on the 11th October 2011 and in Europe on the 14th Otober 2011. It is the first Forza Motorsport game to use The Xbox 360 kinect technology. == Pros and Cons == === Pros === *Very nice graphics *Realistic sound effects *Good ..." Read review

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Review: Forza Motorsport 4 Review with images

AdvantagesBest looking game on consoles | Practically endless with so much on offer | A great racing simulat

DisadvantagesDrum n' bass music becomes a grind | Not a lot of innovation from Forza 3

"...answer to Gran Turismo, the Forza franchise has grown to become glorified car porn as car enthusiasts get to race, modify and buy their favourite cars that most will never likely be able to afford or at least drive at those speeds in real life. One of the main criticisms with Forza Motorsport 3 was the repetition in the career mode, having to do race after race after race with little in the way of variety. Cast those doubts aside for Forza Motorsport ..." Read review

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Forza 4

AdvantagesGreat game for racing especially on xbox live

DisadvantagesSomewhat pricey at near £40 but worth it in my view.

"Forza 4 is the latest game in the Forza series from turn 10. The game itself is a similar format to the last game with many extras such as in the season mode you choose the races and car class at each track you visit giving you so much more choice throughout the 10 season you play in. The game has a newer, sharper look and feel to the way it drives the scenery and the feel of speed as you hurtle along at near 200mph the slightest touch of another ..." Read review

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Forza 4 is the best racing game ever.

AdvantagesAmazing graphics, great selection of cars, sound is brilliant, music sounds great.

DisadvantagesCars can handle a bit strangely at times.

"I've played both Forza 4 and Gran Turismo 5, I used to argue with my friends as to how much better Gran Turismo was. But now, after playing Forza, it's the best driving simulator ever. The graphics are gorgeous, absolutely stunning and definately the best in any racing game. There are hundreds of different cars, ranging from cheap little hatchbacks, to Le Mans spec cars. But the little hatchbacks are actually fun to drive. The career/world tour mode ..." Read review

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Forza 4 the best racer on the market reviewed Review with images

AdvantagesBig Multiplayer scene, Great graphics, always something to do

DisadvantagesLobby crashes, very basic career mode

"...as not change much from Forza 3 but instead they have upgraded it and worked on things that were wrong and also polished up the graphics to make it the best looking car game available even compared to Gran Turismo 5, now we also have around 100 cars more than the previous edition of the game bringing the total to around 600 cars.CAREERWell career is nothing to write home about, you basically ..." Read review

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Community Level 1midgetmaster


Forza 4 Graphics Awful

Advantagesthe graphics are unbelievable for some of the more recognisable cars.

DisadvantagesYou cannot tell what make some of the cars are!

"All of the recognisable cars have immense graphics but when you get to the more basic cars which everyday people drive around in then the graphics become awful. You cannot recognise what make some of the cars are. If you go into the in car camera as though you are driving then you will see that all of the in car details have been left out for example the air conditioning and the patterns which the cars would always have even if they had been changed ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Crobar15


I love playing this game !

AdvantagesGood graphical, Always fun to play

DisadvantagesIs underrated

"...orginally started my love for Forza Motorsport, when I began to play the third one. It was the most realistic driving game I have ever played and believe me I have played a few. It was just the other day I was in my local chip shop having a debate between Forza and Gran Truismo and I informed this other man that Forza had amazing graphics. I play this game with a MadCatz steering wheel along with a gear stick. You can have the car driving like a real ..." Read review

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Forza Motorsport 4 Essentials Edition - Xbox 360

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Forza 4 Motorsport For Xbox 360 Brand Factory Sealed

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