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Pretty Good for The Money!

AdvantagesIdeal for Pubs and Parties

DisadvantagesProceesing Cost Not Included In Price

"...I spotted a basketful of Fuji Quicksnap Single Use Cameras which were on offer at their special "Roll Back" price of £2.97. The sticker on the front proudly claimed that with this offer would save you £2.00. I am not actually too sure why I even picked one of them up but I did, and judging by the number of people crowded around the basket this offer certainly seemed to be rather popular. At the back of my mind I remembered the Halloween Party that ..." Read review

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Super drunk cam

Advantagesgood pics, compact, easy to use, reliable

Disadvantagesnot the cheapest way in the long run as developing and processing costs are not included

"... I have used Kodak and Fuji disposables before now, and tend to stick to Fuji as they are cheaper than the Kodak ones, and tend to go for the 25mm film ones rather than the APS ones, as they are also cheaper, and generally for fun, no hassle photos find them a good buy. The prints I get back are really not bad considering how cheap the cameras are, although in the long term the expense factor is something to thing about. NB The ratings below are ..." Read review

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One of the best disposable cameras I've ever tried! Review with images

AdvantagesCheap, Good Quality Pictures, Flash

DisadvantagesOnly 27 pictures and sometimes you take one by acident

"...that they were disposable cameras. Fuji QuickSnap Disposable 35mm to be exact. If I remember right (don't quote me on it!) it was around £3, which for a disposable camera, isn't too bad really. Only later did I find out that developing costs wern't included, but that is a different story lol. As it was so cheap, I did fling one in the basket, because what with kids and school trips and so on, digital cameras arn't really always suitable! And having ..." Read review

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Community Level 3kimbowa


Snappy convenience

AdvantagesCompact, simple to use, inexpensive

DisadvantagesFixed focus

"... Format... Kodak 35mmm vs Fuji HR which has a slightly wider ratio... OK decided; I'll take the Fuji despite it being a few pennies more than the Kodak. Arrive in Bali, exit plane, met at airport by my parent's friends, driven to Kuta... every intersection has amazing statues.. stop I need a photo - rip open the nice green packaging, wind the film advance wheel until it stops, point click and I'm back in the bemo on my way to the bungalows in ..." Read review

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say cheese

Advantagescheap, easy to use

Disadvantagesprints not included in price, no flash

" I had never really considered using a single use camera untill i went to london with my partner and we brought one to take some shots of us together although i wasnt really expecting the photos to turn out very well! so we were really supprised when the pictures were of a pretty good quality! A few weeks ago we spent a week in spain and brought another single use camera as we had forgotton to take our digital one. The camera was excellent as we ..." Read review

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Community Level 2effy


fuji quicksnap disposable

Advantagesvery quick saves time

Disadvantagesa bit tricky to figure out

"i dont go out much as a rule but when both my sisters asked me to go out clubbing i went . on the way there we decided to get one of those diposable cameras ,to start with it worked out a bit expensive but then we found an offer buy one get one free or they are 6.99 each ,anyway it was quite a bargain because this included the film too which was a 27 exposure. so half way through the night we decided to get out the cameras and take some embarrasing ..." Read review

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Community Level 3leematthews




DisadvantagesExpensive, bad quality photos

"...I bought 2 of the Fuji cameras as they were on offer in ASDA, but boy were they bad quality. While it may have a flash etc, any movement was blurred (there goes my action shots of skiing), and much of the film was over exposed - maybe because of the sun reflecting off the snow. However, like most disposable cameras it was easy to use - although the flash seemed to charge constantly, and I inadvertantly took some photos when i was getting the camera ..." Read review

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Community Level 4REG


quick snap or what?



"I have been talking to people recently to see who buys this type of camera and whether give reasonable results. The reason? I am globe trotting soon and leaing the main camera at home should reduce the weight, reduce the risk of theft and leave a bit more space. What I did find was that everone who uses a disposable says they produce good results and some I have seen are not bad at all. But, I suspect if conditions are not favourable, results may ..." Read review

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Community Level 1feelytouchy


Child Proof

AdvantagesQuick, easy to use, fool proof

DisadvantagesPrice dosen't include processing

"My four year old daughter was going on her first school trip and wanted to take my digi camera. I said she couldn't but would get her her own very special camera. The only one I could get my hands on was the Fugi Quick Snap Disposible. I showed her how to use it in about 5 mins and she was very happy. Now not all her pictures were of something when I had it developed but the pictures that was of her friends and things she had seen were excellent. ..." Read review

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