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Community Level 1xbeanx


Zekistan or Afghanistan?

AdvantagesA third perspective real-time strategy game! Not many of those about!

DisadvantagesThe missions are like puzzles. Once you know how to 'do' them, they're done.

"Full Spectrum Warrior marks the beginning of a new genre in gaming; itís unlike any other game out there, combining the squad based tactics of titles like Ghost Recon and fast paced strategy. Unlike other team based shooters out there, in FSW you donít actually take direct control of your troops but instead, move them around the map with a context sensitive cursor and giving them fire sectors telling them which direction they should shoot in. Strategy ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ladyboymon...


As much fun as playing with Grandma!!

Advantagesdecent graphics - good sound effects

Disadvantagesboring missions - third person perspective - very easy to complete

"...to game pondered on purchasing Full Spectrum Warrior but decided against it. All doubts were cast aside when I saw it in the pre-owned bin for only £8 - alarm bells should have started ringing that the bin was only full of this game - this really should have told em something but it didn't - I could weep at my lack of common sense at times. The game is a third person strategy where you control 2 US Marine fire teams through various missions ..." Read review

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Lead from the front.

AdvantagesGraphics and sound.

DisadvantagesRepetitive game play.

"...got was totally different. Therefore Full Spectrum Warrior sat on the shelf for quite some time until I picked it up again a week or so ago. My desire for a slick shooter was satisfied with Halo 2 and a couple of others so i could now fully appreciate Full Spectrum Warrior and on the second sitting I was impressed. Full Spectrum Warrior is a real time strategic squad game. You are put in charge of two four man squads and must work your way though ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Wraith2



AdvantagesGood concept

Disadvantagestwo short , online play is limited,difficult

"Lets start with the plus side of the game first. First looks are great good graphics soundtracks not to bad ,tutorial is very good and after the tutorial mission you know how to play the game which is a bit complicated to start with.You start the game with two teams of four soldiers Alpha and Bravo ,You control one team of four at a time and switch between the two teams you move around the map finding ways to kill the enemys using say Team Alpha ..." Read review

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Community Level 2hunter23uk81


full spec

Advantagesgreat gameplay, stunning graphics,

Disadvantagesslow reaction, not everyones type of game

"...has to be said about full spectrum warrior is that this aint going to be what you expected i bet many of you will think you run around blasting people well wrong this game is about making decisions.The characters are based on americas army.... the game controls are as followed use the left stick to move your cursor around the floor to postion your men.The right stick is used to look around leaving the buttons on the pad to switch teams issuing commands ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jeffrey_ha...


the most realistic urban combat game ever!

Advantagesvery very realistic!

Disadvantagestakes time to get used to.

"This game was mainly being made for the US Army but its also been released publically(though with some weapon "secrets" removed). It's purpose is to train light-infantry troopers in urban combat behavior. And it does this very realistically! This game is as close as I have ever seen a videogame come to the real thing. You don't play any of the soldiers but you can give orders to them kinda like a strategy game. It still plays very close to the ..." Read review

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Americans are too loud!

AdvantagesLooks impressive

DisadvantagesLimited to 1 player game unless you have Live

"Initially I was pleasantly suprised by this game being very much strategy driven, having expected something of a shoot-em-up (Conflict desert Storm Style). However as I played through the tutorial I became very annoyed with the 'gung-ho' things the soldiers in your squad constantly shout out. Every time you send your squad on a move, be it two meters or a mile they shout out things like 'let's go, move out' or 'alpha team let's rock'. This constant, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1natedoggsu...


Full Spectrum Warrior (xbox)

AdvantagesGreat grahics, quality sound, very realistic

DisadvantagesBoring missions, Third person perspective

"When i first saw this game, i thought, wow i gotta have it! my first thoughts were that it was an FPS (first person shooter), but i was wrong. You control 2 US Army fire teams through, many missions. At first the game is very addictive, but then, you realise how easy it is, and how boring the missions are. I stopped playing it for some while, but now i have started to play it again and i am really enjoying it. If you're into Military game i suggest ..." Read review

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Community Level 0densil567


Full Spectrum Warrior

Advantagessomething different

Disadvantagesnot halo

"...exactly what type of game Full Spectrum Warrior (FSW) is. This is a third-person tactical combat game set in an urban environment that shares more similarities to a real-time strategy (RTS) title than an action game. There is no God-like perspective which most RTS titles use, but the primary focus of FSW is to control two US Army fire teams (and occasionally a third) through various hostile settings in the fictional Middle Eastern country of Zekistan. ..." Read review

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