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Community Level 2thecoolbro


GTA San Andreas - Another big hit of the GTA legacy!!!

AdvantagesAmazing gameplay, story, sound and characters, very life-like

DisadvantagesThis game keeps running on an on an on and a little vulgar with the language

"'''Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas''' ===Story=== GTA San Andreas is a game in which you main aim is to make sure that your gang has the maximum population. In the story you will be playing as CJ or Carl Johnson. You just came back from Liberty City now and your job is to revive your hood back into business. You will encounter different missions from different buddies you're acquainted with. This way you'll just keep playing on and on and on, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1somename


GTA: San Andreas Rocks[tar Games] (see what I did there?)

AdvantagesGood plot and a very good 'fun-factor'

DisadvantagesRestrictive gameplay (sometimes!)

"...in the masterpiece which is GTA: San Andreas. Now, personally, I don't follow story lines, but this game had me hooked from the start. It is one of the more involved games I've played, where your actions can change the story (slightly). But this is where I encountered my first issue. If you attempt to go completely off track whilst engaged in one of the game's varied missions, you will find yourself propelled back into the mist of things. Is this ..." Read review

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Community Level 2bigbmxdave


gta san andreas :drugs and violence

Advantagesgreat sandbox mode, lots of fun

Disadvantagesimmoral actions

"...really really not enjoy playing GTA: San Andreas ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tati_coy



AdvantagesAddicting game. You want to pass all the mission as soon as possible.

DisadvantagesProsy choice of music,prolong introduction and screen play.

"Ive been a massive fan of GTA 4years ago and everytime they will release a new episode I would look forward to play with it. The story and the script as well. The scene is like a natural movie with a great outdoor. Theres a new and original cheats in every game. The sound is a bit prosy. If you will not play your own music you will not really enjoy. To sum up,I enjoyed the game well compare to others and looking forward for a new release. The game ..." Read review

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Community Level 0kempolon

Quick review of GTA: San Andreas

"Good game for a gamer who like action game.I think it is a best action game.We can play racing,fighting or simulation in one game.Gta san Andreas has a good graphics and we can find any reallity here.

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The Real Deal - GTA San Andreas

AdvantagesBetter Gamepay, Awesome Theme and also a cheap rate in today's world

DisadvantagesNot at all through my opinion.

"Here's something which i want to share with everyone of you. The Game from Rockstar Games, Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. This game is the best game from Rockstar Games and also the best RPG game in earlier years. This game costs nothing now days but gives you the reliability of playing a royal game at no cost. I myself played this game for 5 years, really and love it. Its something crazy which will let you play it for hours and hours. The gameplay ..." Read review

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Community Level 1generaljones


A must buy if you own a ps2

AdvantagesVery entertaining, great action and game play

DisadvantagesNot suitable for under 18's, lots of bad language

"In my opinion a great addition in the sequel on Grand Theft Auto games, a must buy if you own a PS2 console. I believe that you will be fully entertained with this action packed arcade package. This particular version is set in San Andreas a replica of Loa Angeles, your character is a black male who starts off in the hood with a bmx bike. You have to complete missions to build up your status and hood ratings and money commuting around a map. You ..." Read review

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GTA : San Andreas - platinum [FRENCH] - PlayStation2

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Grand Theft Auto Gta San Andreas Game Pc Brand

Grand Theft Auto Gta San Andreas Game Pc Brand

grand theft auto gta san andreas game pc five years ago carl johnson escaped from the ... more

pressures of life in los santos san andreas a city
tearing itself apart with gang trouble drugs and
corruption where film stars and millionaires do
their best to avoid the dealers and gangbangers
now it s the early 90 s carl s got to go home his
mother has been murdered his family has fallen
apart and his childhood friends are all heading
towards disaster on his return to the
neighbourhood a couple of corrupt c

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