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Gagging for it Review with images

AdvantagesQuick and straightforward, cheap to buy

DisadvantagesA bit messy

"Gaggia Cubika Espresso Machine I'd wanted one of those fancy espresso machines for years but could never really justify the expense. Having had various filter machines and cafetierres cluttering up cupboards I also wasn't convinced I'd get any use out of it. Last year, however, I finally gave up sugar and this has really changed my views on coffee. Without sugar I found I liked real coffee (smooth, strong taste) and couldn't bear instant ..." Read review

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Community Level 2thesquadro...


Espresso in an instant

Advantagesmakes espresso, steamer, easy to use, safe, looks good, cheaper than most other similar models

Disadvantageshas a cappuncino milk frother but no thermometer

"I have always wanted my very own Espresso machine and after being a good boy all year Santa brought me one for Christmas after my wife informed him that I really wanted one. My wife may have told him I wanted one, but I did end up paying £129 for the pleasure of ensuring Santa left it in my stocking. Fed up to the back teeth with plain old filter coffee, or god forbid, instant freeze dried filth actually having the Cubika now sitting in my kitchen ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Davyboy123


Cubika Dissatisfaction...

Advantages Looks Good

DisadvantagesNot great coffee, murder to keep clean.

"I bought the Cubika last summer from Amazon. I was impressed with the speed of Amazon's delivery, and the "out of the box" experience. I had read very positive reviews for this machine, and it was the "style" which tempted me in the end. I wanted a pod machine, but my other half convinced me otherwise - her father travels to Italy a lot, so we have a plentiful supply of good quality reasonably priced beans. I have not been impressed with this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sereias


Gaggia Cubika 74511A

AdvantagesCompact for small worktop space

Disadvantagespush in buttons that stick, milk frother takes some practice

"...we have now got another Gaggia with switches as opposed to Buttons and we cannot fault it I think for any Expresso lovers out there go for Gaggia as you get the taste of real coffee shop coffee but in the comfort of your own home Cappacino's come out lovely ..." Read review

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Community Level 1grumpyoldm...


The Gaggia Cubika cannot generate an espresso crema.

AdvantagesSimple and easy to clean, apart from tank removal.

DisadvantagesNo crema; difficult tank removal.

"...clamped onto the machine. Gaggia even sent me a sample of their specially ground coffee and even that didn't work! Apparently, there used to be an extra device you could get which worked with the filter and guaranteed a crema but for some crazy reason they withdrew it claiming that it wasn't necessary. I doubt it's a problem for those of you that like cappucinos, lattes or americanos but the crema is essential in a neat espresso to avoid a bitter ..." Read review

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