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Even if I didn't like it - it would still be amazing!!

AdvantagesMagnificent game, crisp graphics, intense action, fantastic story

DisadvantagesHardcore action may deter some

"Gears of War 2 (or GoW2), the creatively named sequel to Gears of War is a computer game available on PC and Xbox360. Both games are essentially science fiction action thriller's tinged with horror, suspense and adrenaline. The game is uses a combination of forst and third person viewpoints in gameplay and can be played co-operatively with a buddy throughout using a split-screen system or online with allies from around the world. Both Gears of War ..." Read review

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Top Gears (ouch)

AdvantagesBrainless shooter with incredible production values

DisadvantagesAll the originality of a ham sandwich

"...as I enjoyed the original Gears of War, it was kind of like an interactive Steven Segal film; juvenile, exaggerated, and preposterously macho. I half expected meat-headed hero Marcus Fenix to spring out during the closing credits dressed as a Red-Indian Chieftain and belt out YMCA with the rest of his earth-saving COG crew, completing this festival of homoerotic bonhomie. This was a shame as the plot, whilst hackneyed in principal, was competent enough ..." Read review

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Community Level 2TheNew42


Bigger, Better And More Badass

AdvantagesGreat gameplay, brilliant multiplayer modes, wide variety of weapons and enemies

DisadvantagesStoryline is on the weak side

"==Story== Gears of War 2 takes place a few months after the Lightmass Bomb was set off at the end of the first game. After a brief period of stability humanity is back in trouble when some of their few remaining cities sink into the ground, with no other explanation the finger is pointed squarely at a resurgence of the Locusts. In order to stop Jacinto, their last remaining stronghold, from suffering the same fate the Coalition of Governments responds ..." Read review

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Community Level 2nishanthl2...


Gears Of War 2 - Hands On Review

AdvantagesGame graphics, Lightning effects, Improved In-Game environments and everything that you see

DisadvantagesThis game utilises all of my free time. Fast paced game too. :-)

"...were not clearly visible in Gears Of War (Part 1) during gameplay. They were prominant during cut scenes only and only during some parts of gameplay (rarely). But this game supports very good character modeling and the '''Character illumination is well improved and makes them to look even better than they appeared in Gears Of War (Part 1)'''. Water effects, perfect. Whenever one shoots water surroundings, the water sprinkles are perfectly generated ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sim721


The Gears of War keep on turning

AdvantagesJaw dropping cinematics and gripping story with a wide variety of settings

DisadvantagesCreates more questions than answers about the story

"...best selling first person shooter, Gears of War released in 2006. Finally after much anticipation number two is out, but I'm still not quite sure if I like it. === The Story === Ermmm. I'm not actually quite sure but here's what I managed to grasp. The game takes place on the plant Sera, which was colonized by humans. Shortly after establishing themselves they discovered a liquid called Imulsion and as humans do best, they used every last ..." Read review

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Community Level 1cchris1984


Gears of War 2 - basically just a few extra levels

AdvantagesGreat fun to play, high detail graphics, some good ideas

DisadvantagesAlmost exactly like the first gears of war

"Gears of war 2, what's changed? Gears of war 2 is a third person, futuristic, blood thirsty, shoot 'em up. Featuring very high detailed graphics and great sound effects. The game starts with the lead characters Marcus and Dom from the original Gears of War. But this time you are joined by a new recruit, Carmine and a time served badass Tai. Just like the first Gears of War you again have the option to 'get straight into the fight' or start with ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chobiling


Tom's Reviews

AdvantagesGraphics, Style of play, Character development.

Disadvantagesmaybe a little short

"...but i was wrong. ==Story== The first Gears introduces us to Sera, a planet that is engulfed in a all out war between monsters and the human race. Standing in their way are the Locust, a race of subterranean aliens who wish to bring down the human Governments and crippling the human race for good. Gears 2 Follows on from the efforts of Marcus and Dom delivering the Lightmass Bomb into The Hollow after killing General Raam, but unfortunately this ..." Read review

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Almost Makes You Want To Be A Gear

AdvantagesVery replayable

DisadvantagesKilled too many times by that darn chainsaw

"...scared to play the original Gears of War: I will admit it. I saw footage on YouTube; I heard about all the accolades and awards the game won. I also heard that the game was a "tactical shooter". In my mind the term means strategically tapping buttons and having hundreds of different functions at your disposal, with very little flexibility. I'm more of an Unreal Tournament person when it comes to shooters: aim liberally and fire loads, hoping I get ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ReviewGamer


No action fan would want to missout on

AdvantagesSame exciting Gears action you know and love.

DisadvantagesFiddly controls in vehicular sections

"Epic's first Gears of War was a breakout success and its stop and pop game style and incredible graphics gave it immediate status secured it as a triple a franchise. A sequel was inevitable, and while Gears of War 2 doesn't really change the wining formula that much, the shier scale of the game is much bigger than before. The story mode is a rampaging journey underground and back again as you take the fight to the locust in a desperate last end ..." Read review

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Community Level 1DrJBox


Get it! Gears of War 2 is immense.

AdvantagesGoriness, Explicitness and Rawness

DisadvantagesYou Guessed it...None!

"...played along with the first Gears of War. Especially when played in Co-op mode, this game is incredible. There are four difficulty levels all of which are very fun to play and none of which are quick. There are five chapters to the campaign and it takes quite a long time to complete. The multiplayer mode is the greatest improvement they have made from the first Gears of War game. It is now done in playlists on a general server in the same way as ..." Read review

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Above-average game saved by being beautiful and beautifully gory

AdvantagesSome hugely enjoyable missions, well-designed setting, deliriously gory

Disadvantages2D characterisation, nonsense plot, some samey gameplay

"...the things that immdiately makes Gears of War 2 stand out among other run-of-the-mill shooters is its high level of gore. This game pulls no punches - grenades will literally destroy you or your enemies and the frequently helpful chainsaw bayonette will saw your enemies into bits amidst a geyser of blood. The style of this game is nowhere near the more precise, tactical shooters that have been emerging of late, but much closer to the 'blockbuster' ..." Read review

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Community Level 1carlingtop08


my gears of war 2 review

Advantagesgreat graphics, Fun

DisadvantagesSlow matchmaking

"...and find doms wife maria. Presentation As gears of war 1 looked so incredible many different reviewers questioned if gears of war 2 could look any better than the first. But since epics showing of the newly updated unreal engine peoples minds started to beleive and gladly they did. The graphics are incredible, bascially mindblowing. They have improved alot than the first gears of war, with added extras like new water effects you cant go wrong. Multiplayer The ..." Read review

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Can't get enough Gears

AdvantagesCampaign, online, graphics, experience


"Gears of War, burst upon the scene with a groundbreaking TV advert. With a character who I found out later to be Marcus Fenix being chased by a huge spider thing which turned out to be a Corpser. All of this unknown to me before the release of Gears of War 1. Also unknown to me was the fact that Gears of War was such a great game. The storyline was thrilling, the online gameplay addictive and just the sheer playability of the game made a safe enjoyable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MushroomDan


Heart Wrenching, Gore Intensive, Blood Thirsty Perfection!

AdvantagesSuperb graphically, Gameplay

DisadvantagesOccasionally suffers from lag online

"...installment that was the brilliance Gears of War, much hype and pressure was placed upon this second installment to release a second masterpiece. And Gears of War 2 hasnt just prevented itself from falling at the second hurdle, its leaped over and chainsawed this hurdle and produced what i can only say is the game of the year, if not the decade! This game has everything a GOW fan wanted from the second installment and more. The graphics are quite ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Azzajg


not much change, from gears of war 1.. didnt need to!!

AdvantagesExcellent Graphics, Online mode, with lots of guns and game modes, large character base.

DisadvantagesOnline chainsaw can be too easy, most parts of the campaign pointed out not making it tricky.

"...was a big fan of gears of war 1, loved the bloody fighting and headshots that blow heads off and most of all shotgun battles online, in my opinion the only let downs in gears of war 2 is how easy it is to kill with a chainsaw, how much is given away in the story mode and how i expected more from a game like this. A let down for myself is the online play, its very good and includes new game modes and weapons, buts its bad due to other users who find ..." Read review

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