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Community Level 1thefluffster


The past will come back to get you.

AdvantagesExciting, deep, brilliant characters, dark, gritty.

DisadvantagesComplicated plot requires a lot of attention

"...behind Stel Pavlou's amazing book GENE and what starts out as a frantic thriller/detective story in New York soon unfolds into the most incredible journey. Our hero in the story is Det. James North. At least, that what we assume to begin with. He is called to attend a hostage situation which quickly goes wrong. North ends up being injected with something very peculiar which leaves him hallucinating and changed. He starts having waking nightmares ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Fiver29


Rather Disappointing

AdvantagesRaises some interesting points on reincarnation

DisadvantagesVery 'bitty', doesn't flow together very well.

"...or Satan's Oath. North asks Gene how he knew to ask for him by name, but he doesn't answer, just shouts at North that he is the only one who can make it go away. A struggle ensues and Gene escapes, injuring a mounted officer in the process, he takes the officers horse and escapes through the park. North manages to keep up with Gene until he is close enough to tackle him. But during the scuffle Gene stabs North in the thigh, Gene has injected North ..." Read review

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