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My favourite comics guilty pleasure

Advantages90s nostalgia, origins of a few famous characters, charming storylines

Disadvantagesdisjointed storytelling, bizarre art, very 90s

"...to teenager superhero teams, and Generation X is no exception. The second attempt to do a teen X-Men spinoff after the New Mutants team (of which I'm also very fond of), this uses the X-Men Phalanx event (think "less scary version of the Borg") to get veteran X-Man Banshee and former X-Villain Emma Frost to decide to take on the next Generation of young mutants. Apart from the teachers, the only familiar character is Jubilee, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AdyCarter


Generation X - Lets just forget it happened.

AdvantagesIts got Mutants in it, Emma Frost's kinda hot

DisadvantagesEverything else, Jubilee

"Well where to start... It would seem that in 1994 Marvel Comics (home of the X-men, Spider-Man and all the decent super heros) decided to have a teen version of the X-Men, their earlier attempt (The New Mutants) was kinda cool, so now they would do it again, for the MTV generation.... Well they failed, not just a little bit, but a lot... In my opinion, the cast of characters was the main reason this story failed, none of them were cool, or ..." Read review

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