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Community Level 2Haxrskilz


George's Marvellous being in a book skills!

AdvantagesHumorous, intelligent, odd, quirky.

DisadvantagesCreepy, no sense of law

"...are real or not. Within George's Marvellous Medicine, we see the main character of George collected ingredients to use for a revenge potion to be replaced with the one which his Grandmother will drink. What George hopes to achieve I am not entirely sure, it could well be that George is a serial killer, and is simply trying to top-off his old Gran to get her will, or something of the sort. We learn soon off that George's Gran is not in fact a nice, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1melokilo


George's Marvellous Medicine Overview

AdvantagesInteresting plot; fantastic characters


"George lived on a farm miles away from anywhere so there were never any children to play with. He had the companion of pigs, hens, cows, sheep and... his grandmother. George's grandmother was unlike other lovely, kind and helpful grandmothers. His was a 'complaining, grousing, grouching (and) grumbling' one and was extremely stubborn extremely. George hated her with all his might. But day after day, he had to give her her medicine, at eleven o'clock. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mazzy3


Fab couldnt put the book down

AdvantagesIts a really funny book to read

DisadvantagesGives children ideas

"This for me is an all time favourite of mine. Roald Dahl captures the life of a young boy who gets stuck looking after his gramdma who is a witchy person and never does anything for herself apart from sit in her chair by the window all day ordering people around.she orders George aound so much till he is sick to the back teeth of her and plans to get some form of revenge on her, when she asks him to make her a cup of tea he goes into the kitchen and ..." Read review

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