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More Blades on this than in Jigsaw's Stockroom... Review with images

AdvantagesNice to grip, easy to handle precisely. Does shave better with less resistance on hairs.

DisadvantagesVery expensive replacements blades, annoying holder. Near-Pointless sixth blade

"...tool for wet shaving, the Gillette Mach 3, but after the handle of that became the victim of a mis-placed foot, I went out to get a replacement. I was intending to buy another Mach 3 as I was never a fan of the original Gillette Fusion, but for some reason I got temped in to buy it's glossy and heavily advertised updated brother, the Fusion ProGlide. Here are the thoughts of this market leading men's razor.Whooo! Take the ProGlide Challange! ..." Read review

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Dancing with the devil - Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor

AdvantagesA good shave overall

DisadvantagesA wide head and the gutter ethics of the company making the product.

"...like replacement for my usual Gillette Mach 3, the young woman assistant in Boots told me there were some Gillette Fusion ProGlide razors for sale on offer at about a third of the price I was about to pay. While I looked doubtfully at the 5 blade battery charged beast, I thought Iíd let youthful optimism beat a sage head and went with her suggestion. ===My doubts=== Before I bought this razor I really didnít understand why anyone might want to ..." Read review

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Community Level 7costas1234


Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor Review with images

AdvantagesLess friction when shaving, less pull and tug

DisadvantagesThe price is a bit high

"...note that I am reviewing Gillette Fusion ProGlide Manual Razor, and not the battery version. I have not seen the Power range of ProGlide as yet. This is slight product variation of Gillette Fusion and Fusion Power razor product(s). It is safe to say that Gillette Fusion Proglide is not currently available widely in the U.K supermarkets and leading high street shops, though that did not stop my interest in getting my hands on this new brand of razor ..." Read review

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Best of Blade Runner

AdvantagesCleaner shave. Great performance.

Disadvantages Overkill on the rubber, albeit not a bad thing.

"...opted for the reassuring brand Gillette Fusion Pro-Glide. Reassuring due to the fact Gillette know what they're doing when it comes to male grooming, according to the mavericks of sport. I paid 19.99 GBP for the privilege, but in that price I got six extra blades tagged on in the package. Including a 'triple A' battery 'fully charged' - you'll be amazed how little a battery is charged up while purchasing electrical devices including batteries. The ..." Read review

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Smooth as a babies

AdvantagesJust superb

Disadvantagespricing I suppose

"...== Iíve been a fan of Gillette for ages now I think their razors are by far the best on the market. Having a beard I donít shave that often just enough to keep my face smart and tidy. That is why Iím such a fan of the fusion range, I find them accurate and they give me an excellent shave. I really didnít think they could improve on the fusion. == Pro Glide == As razors go the pro glide is a bit expensive at around the £7 mark, the cost of the refills ..." Read review

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Do you have the power to shave?

AdvantagesGreat shave, smooth feeling

DisadvantagesExpensive when not on any deals

"... **The Range** As usual with Gillette razors you will also find the accompanying shave gels and balms and that is of course no different in the fusion range. I have used these with the Fusion razors before and was very satisfied with the results. In the range are Shaving Gel and Foam and also the After Shave Gel and also an After Shave Balm which is particularly good and really compliments the results of the shave. The blades are of course available ..." Read review

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Community Level 4bilbobagin...


Gillette Fusion Not To My Liking

AdvantagesGood initial shave, well-built and looks great!

DisadvantagesNo replacement heads, after a few weeks it needs replacing, difficult to clean and maintain!

"...the handle (...where the words Gillette and Fusion are etched into the device, one on either side) to the surround of the release button below the head, this adds considerable weight to the product, which only makes it feel better made, and more worthy of the price tag. all along the body are rubber sections giving the device bulk and places of grip for your fingers. These are over-styled in my opinion, and in some places completely unnecessary - ..." Read review

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Community Level 1marccorn


Closet Shave by far!

Advantageseasy to use and glides fantastically

Disadvantagesa bit expensive, shop around to get a good price

"I purchased this item a few days ago and I am the type of person who is always skeptical about buying items of this nature because I am kind of old school, use a cheap razor and that will do the job. I often found these cheap razors cut me very often and I was so fed up of looking like someone had cut me up with a knife. So I went down to my local store and this cost me around £8 a little more expensive then other shops but I wasn't going to fuss ..." Read review

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Gilette Fusion ProGlide Power; a durable razor for every pocket

AdvantagesPrice, shave quality and durability

DisadvantagesPrice for new blades

"Before reading this review, you have to ask yourself... Can I afford this razor? Well, in comparison to other shaving equipment that require electricity to operate this is a cheap razor for everybody. You get good quality shave for your money; perfect smoothness that lets you shine on any buisness meeting or workplace... And women love it too! The gentle vibration generated by the battery only adds to the expirience, and the back of the shaving head ..." Read review

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Community Level 1livelovefo...


Great buy! Worth all the money!

AdvantagesReally clean shave. Power option works perfectly. One blade on the back helps get close areas.

DisadvantagesThe refill blades are a bit expensive.

"...mail. I've normally used all gillette razors and found this one to work just as great. I'd never used a power razor befor but now I can't stop. It feels like you're getting a better shave with it. The proglide does get a nice close shave, but the refill options can get pricey. I often switch between the blades for these and then other gillete fusion blades as they all fit the same. I've used this same razor for the past couple years and do not plan ..." Read review

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Gillette Fusion Proglide Sports Set

Gillette Fusion Proglide Sports Set

Gillette Fusion ProGlide has been redesigned to create a more comfortable shave, with ... more

thinner and finer blades. They are finished with a
coating of low resistance, which allows the blades
to glide effortlessly over the hair. Providing
incredible comfor...

Postage & Packaging£1.50
Availabilityin stock
Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch Manual Razor

Gillette Fusion Proglide Silvertouch Manual Razor

Re-engineered low-cutting-force blades with thinner, finer edges Stabilizer maintains ... more

optimal blade spacing for comfort Streamlined
comfort guard channels excess shave prep to help
maintain optimal blade contact Enhanced lubrastrip
is infused with mine...

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