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Gillette..the best a girl can get?

AdvantagesLeaves skin feeling soft and makes shaving easy


"...of creams and gels that Gillette have on offer for 'defuzzing' and this particular one is gel based. I do prefer the gel varieties as they seem less messier on application, and the gel does tend to turn creamy once applied anyway. The packaging for this is in the usual fare; an upright standing tin with access via a pressurised nozzle. The can is decorated with feminine colours of pinks and orange and is certainly eye catching so does stand out on ..." Read review

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Average APRICOT Aroma!

AdvantagesSmall sized canister, easy to use, works quite well..

DisadvantagesA bit overpriced in some places...

" I first came across the Gillette Satin Care Radiant Apricot Shaving Gel at the start of the year when I was buying a few toiletries and cosmetics for a week-long holiday. As we had a sort of limited luggage allowance, I was aware of buying large, bulky bottles and canisters of lotions and toiletries and the small travel-sized canister of the Gillette shaving gel stood out to me whilst I was browsing in a local (independent) grocery store. I paid only ..." Read review

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Apricot Gel? Just Peachy! Review with images

Advantagesworks well, good lather from small amount of foam

Disadvantagessmell has a chemical undertone to it

"...gel is one of several Gillette make, including lavender, avocado, sensitive and dry skin. It claims that this contains apricot oil, which is good for dry and sensitive skin, and will according to the bottle, give your skin a natural glow. When I got this home and read the back of the can, I was surprised to see that this product is infused with the scent of nectarines and peaches. This seemed a little unusual to me since it's marketed as an apricot ..." Read review

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'Mmm, your legs smell nice!'

AdvantagesPretty fruity smell, leaves legs smooth & allows for a close shave, non-irritating to my skin

DisadvantagesNone for me

"...price. I recently reviewed the Gillette Hydro 5 that I've started using; just because I'm using a guy's razor doesn't mean I want to smell like a guy, so the Radiant Apricot gets my vote for a pleasant feminine scent and smooth legs. Plus, I've received the compliment of 'mmm, your legs smell nice!' from the boyfriend, so he likes it! Gillette is a very reputable and popular brand when it comes to 'grooming', with an ever increasing range of razors ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Stephoohla


Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for lovely smooth legs :)

AdvantagesLeaves your legs lovely and smooth and has a delicious smell


"...as I've tried out a Gillette Shave Gel before and it did not smell enticing. I've never tried Apricot-scented beauty products before, but if they all smell this good I'd definitely buy more! It was a light fruity smell and I knew that it would make my skin smell nice. I rubbed the gel between my hands to lather it up and was pleasantly surprised to see that even just a small amount of gel produced a lot of foam! It didn't take long or very much gel ..." Read review

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~Foam Me Up~

Advantagesdoes work well

Disadvantagesstrong smell

"...have to really as my Gillette razor blade claims to be a 2 in 1 and you don't need shaving gel but I like to have a nice thick layer of a foam n my legs to give them that extra bit of protection. It seems I have had this particular can of Gillette Shaving Gel for ages as a little bit of the gel squirted out seems to froth up to a large amount which means a little goes a long way and a 200ml can does indeed last for ages. I paid around £3.50p for ..." Read review

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"...fantastic shaving products for men, Gillette also provide a ladies range called Gillette for Women. This range includes various types of razors and blades and shaving gel/foam. *Product* This is the Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel which is scented with Radiant Apricot. The Satin Care range contains silk for smooth legs. The shave gel is a rich formula which is blended with apricot oil. *Packaging* The shave gel comes in a tall, pressurised ..." Read review

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Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel Radiant Apricot

AdvantagesEffective, skin feels soft/smooth, cheap, trusted brand

DisadvantagesNone really

"...as the ones made by Gillette in thei Satincare range and have used various different fragrances over the year from this. Currently, I'm using 'Radiant Apricot' and they have got it spot on with this name. You press down the lever and out comes a little blob of gel, or if you require a little more you can hold it down for longer and then apply more liberally or over a larger surface area. The first thing I noticed was definitely the fragrance. It ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Radiant Apricot

AdvantagesLovely smell, works well


"...obviously this marketing ploy by Gillette satin care has worked as now I am an avid purchaser and love trying all the different flavours as I call them, in the range. The first bottle I got was the avocado which was great but this last time I decided to try the radiant apricot. I loved the sound of the name even before I had smelled the scent, radiant, it con jours up all images of you having radiant looking legs and skin after using this product. ..." Read review

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Foamy & Fruity Shaving Aid

Advantagesnice smell, foams well, gives close shave

Disadvantagesquite expensive

"...of shave gel from the Gillette satin care range for a little over £1 on offer (usual price around £2.50) as a treat for myself and wasn't disappointed. THE GEL Gillette is probably the brand that people would associate with shaving most, so I had high expectations for this product. The gel came in a pressurised metal can which had pink and orange swirled all over, it looked vibrant and attractive. The white plastic lid is removed to reveal the applicator ..." Read review

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Community Level 5beautybabiex


Apricots Make For Satin Legs..

Advantagessmooth legs, cheap product


"I cannot shave my legs without a good gel to smooth on first. I find that without a gel they just don't get as smooth! I haven't got a particular brand that I love, I do usually go for the cheaper brands but this is one of my favourites when I have a bit of money to spare. Cheap shaving products (even razors) can be hard to find in good quality. Tesco are often quite good and I shall be reviewing them soon. This product is one that a friend recommended ..." Read review

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Community Level 6galaxynicole


* Smooth and silky with a hint of Apricot *

Advantages It works, it leaves your legs smooth and it smells lovely

DisadvantagesThe dried product is powdery and a bit messy

"Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel - Radiant Apricot As I'm party girl and I'm quite hairy (I hate it), I have to find ways to get rid of it quick and fast. I've tried everything from Nair to painful waxing but I still find that shaving is the option that I'm most comfortable with. I used to use shampoos and conditioners to shave with but after awhile, I found that I was getting a bit of shaving rash so I went to Boots, armed with my Boots card ..." Read review

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Gillette Satin Care shaving gel

AdvantagesLovely fragrance, smooth skin, easier shave, good value.


"Gillette are a company known for producing hair removal products for both men and women. This shaving gel is aimed at women. The product comes in a metal container, tube shaped, with a squeezy nozzle on the top and a plastic lid to cover the top, keeping it clean and dust free. The lid is easy to take off and put back on, even with wet hands due to the small grip lines around the cap. You need to press down on the top to squeeze out an amount of ..." Read review

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Community Level 4katherineh...


A close, fruity shave

Advantagesclose shave, moisturising, foams well, smells great

Disadvantagesquite expensive for a product you use regularly

"...most, but I trust the Gillette brand so felt it worth paying the extra pennies for. The can is an aerosol and pumps the gel out for application. This took a bit of pressure initially but after the first application was easy to use. The gel was a orange colour and smelt fantastic. It had a really fruity scent, predominantely (and unsurprisingly) of apricot, that filled my bathroom. Only a small amount of the gel was needed for a full leg application, ..." Read review

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Smell My Legs!?

AdvantagesSmells great! Helps make legs silky smooth!

DisadvantagesNone- it does it's purpose

"...earned cash- I seen the Gillette Satin Care Lavender Kiss Shave Gel on the clearance shelf for £1.33. I gave the can a good check, trying to figure out what was wrong with it, but after gaining my approval for a good bargain, in my basket it went! According to the boots website it cost's £3.22 When I got it home I placed it on my bathroom shelf, and as sad as it sounds the nice purple and pink shade on the can sat in really nice with my other ..." Read review

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