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Community Level 3Tickled_Pink


Why all the doom and gloom ...

AdvantagesGood standard of teaching, excellent student support/special needs services

DisadvantagesPoor nightlife, too far away from anywhere

"The University of Glamorgan seems to be a place you either love or hate. For me, it is a definite improvement to my previous university, the University of Wales Aberystwyth. I'm not sure what the doom merchants were studying but the standard of teaching on the computing course I was on last year was excellent and, with one or two exceptions, generally very interesting. As a result, my grades (despite recovering from depression and the effects of ..." Read review

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Advantagesexcellent facilities for students

Disadvantagesyou have to pay 50p per day parking if you come by car

"I have been studying at Glamorgan University for 2 years now and I can truthfully say that it is one of the best in wales. It is situated just off the A470 at the Pontpridd turnoff opposite Pontypridd college, which is a 20 minute drive from Cardiff. At first I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleased with the outcome. I quickly made friends and settled in nicely and I have no regrets about choosing Glamorgan. The facilities for students ..." Read review

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Community Level 3AliB



AdvantagesSelf contained but also Cardiff down the road


"...studied at the University of Glamorgan between 1995 and 1998 and, cliched as it is, I had the time of my life! The course was great - I had been unsure of what to study while doing my A-Levels so chose their Humanities degree, which meant in my first year I did a bit of sociology, psychology and linguistics. I narrowed it down to psychology and linguistics and came out with a BA (Hons) Humanities (Psychology). Although situated in the small area of ..." Read review

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Community Level 4treley


A Poem for Glamorgan, by a poet from Glamoragan

AdvantagesTeaching standard and expanding facilties


"The University of Glamorgan Was were I chose to spend Three years of full time studying And Partying until the end A course in Theatre and media With a hint of writing too Three years of prancing round a stage That's what I chose to do Since I joined the uni in 2001 Facilities have dramatically improved We now have 4 rehearsal spaces And plenty of rehearsing to do! Teaching standards at Glamorgan Are parallel with the best 12 ..." Read review

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Community Level 4siany


Funky Uni

AdvantagesMasses including general facilities

DisadvantagesOn large hill

"...in giving the University of Glamorgan a bad name, i feel that these people have just disregarded it on terms of how stuck up they are. As this uni used to be a polytechnic, and still likes to encourage learning with very varied levels of background education i feel that the uneducated person would not see it as good as say Cardifff uni, but, in my opinion they are completely different places to study. Just because you don't need three a's to get in, ..." Read review

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Don't try this at home

AdvantagesBuilt on a hill - easier to run away from

DisadvantagesThe list is too long

"I attended Glamorgan university for a few months and was very dissapointed with the place. The fact that it was so easy to get a place (a phone call and a quick chat) should have given me a hint. The course was poorly organised and taught, and the others factors which could have made up for it fell far short. Although I am from the welsh valleys, going out in Pontypridd is similar to walking down Maine road with a United Shirt on. The locals have ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Caru


GLAM ROCKS! Review with images

AdvantagesGood staff and teaching, friendly

DisadvantagesCar parking, night life, surrounding area, hills

"The University of Glamorgan has been a breath of fresh air for me following the horrendous experience and treatment I received at my previous University - Oxford Brookes. In 2000, I enrolled onto the BA(Hons) Combined Studies Degree. This course is excellent as it allows you to design your own Degree. You can pick your modules from any subject that the University teaches, which is great if you are not 100% sure what careerpath you want to take. I ..." Read review

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Go Anywhere Else

AdvantagesNew halls are cool.

DisadvantagesIt's just rubbish...

"Okay, so Glamorgan.... Unlike some of the other negative reviews, I actually attended the University for the full 3 years. Rather than go on a mad rant, I'll just list some of the major issues. TL;DR - Study elsewhere. 1) Some reviews have said this is a cheap university. It's not realistically, to travel in and out of Treforest is relatively expensive (£6 on the train, £25 for a taxi to Cardiff), the shops are small, which ..." Read review

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It's up to you.

AdvantagesMuch better than I first thought, good lecturers, good IT facilities.

DisadvantagesOne extremely poor lecturer, Parking.

"...to be. The university of Glamorgan has received much bad press here in Wales. Known to be the university that will take those who have been declined elsewhere. Truth be told, it's actually not that bad. In my final year now doing Business Information Technology and apart from a few lecturers having attitude problems including "If you dont do this part of the work correctly, I WILL FAIL YOU!" and "I don't give a sh*t what degree you get" (by the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LittleTom


Poor excuse for a University

AdvantagesYou get to go home at the end of term

DisadvantagesIts in the Welsh Valleys, they don't like outsiders & particularly students+ v.poor teaching

"I spoent one year at Glamorgan and that was more than enough for me. Although I made some good friends there there were too many negative factors that made me decide to move to a decent university. Firstly the quality of teaching at Glamorgan was very low indeed, and the lecturers had the uneviable ability of making even the most interesting subject area really quite dull. Other than the teaching the nightlife was nothing to write home about as students ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Marie


Well I actually liked it . . . .

AdvantagesCheap - friendly atmosphere

DisadvantagesThe Hills - definitely!

"I studied at Glamorgan University between 1995 and 1998 and throughly enjoyed it. The beer was cheap, the accomodation cheap, and the lack of a serious amounts of local pubs meant that the Student Uni had a really good atmosphere. OK - minus points were the sometimes hostile residents - only because us students outnumbeed them by probably 100 - 1 at least! The area around Glamorgan's great - Cardiff on your doorstep, Bristol, Swansea. Another ..." Read review

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