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A Friend for Life Review with images

AdvantagesLoyal and obedient - you'll have a friend for life

DisadvantagesHair, hair and more hair everywhere!

"...the unexpected sighting of a Golden Retriever. Our first Retriever was called Bollinger (Bolly). Sadly, Bolly died at the age of ten from a soft tissue sarcoma i.e. cancer - something that Golden Retrievers are rather susceptible to. Bolly was the the first dog we ever owned (but I knew from the off she wasn't going to be the last) and I loved her to bits, even though she was the scruffiest dog in the world. Our house felt incredibly empty ..." Read review

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AdvantagesFaithful, loving, trusting, loyal, intelligent and friendly

DisadvantagesHairy leaving you lovely white carpets.

"GOLDEN RETRIEVERS I find it hard sometimes to think what I want to write about, I have read a couple of reviews now on Golden Retrievers. My parents have had a few over the years, I have personally have owned two of them. Both of my dogs (Bonnie and Chloe) had totally different personalities, it is my dogs that I want to tell you about in this review, I will cover a bit about the breed as well. I will try and break this review up into sections, ..." Read review

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Community Level 3rachel1431


My big lovable boy the most Golden of retrievers Diamond review

AdvantagesCuddly loving loyal companions

DisadvantagesHair Hair Hair everywhere

"..."Bertie" a loving big hearted Golden Retriever. Bertie died from Leukimia in 2000 but I think about him nearly every day. I am a Golden Retriever lover for life, so I thought I'd share my experiences with you of owning a Golden, the good bits and the bad bits. A can no longer have one because of the hair but if I could I would not hesitate to recommend. History ===== The Golden Retriever we know and love today was the result of one mans dedication ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pinkgunner10



AdvantagesA brilliant, loyal, loving family pet.

DisadvantagesNone really

"Golden Retrievers were originally developed in the 1800s in Scotland to assist in the fields and retrieve game during hunting, They were bred to have soft mouths so as not to damage birds that they retrieved, and also to have a love of water. I own an 8 month old Golden Retriever, they are a wonderful family dog. Ruby is my second Golden Retriever, I have had and do currently own other breeds of dog but for me, the Golden Retriever is the best ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Star92


A Womans Best Friend..

AdvantagesLoyal, loving, easy to train.

DisadvantagesHair seems to be everywhere except on the dog!

"Golden Retrievers! Where do I start with this wonderfull breed? Shadow, my 5 year old male, is my first Goldie, but certainly won't be my last. In my opioion, they are one of the most loyal, loving and gentle breeds of dog there is. Here I will be reviewing the breed for potential owners, pointing out the good and bad points of the breed aswell as sharing my experiences of my Golden Retriever. -Apperance- The Golden Retriever is classed as ..." Read review

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A companion... to take all your troubles away Review with images

AdvantagesThey are calm, patient, caring, loving, gentle...

DisadvantagesNone or perhaps bad breath!

"===A golden retriever... a companion who is there for you through all your troubles=== A breed of dog... that won't let you down. They are a beautiful yellow/gold colour. They shed some of their hair in the summer. But they do not have greasy skin like some other dogs. Golden retrievers used to be used as hunting dogs but not so much now. Their intelligence is now used for a variety of very important jobs like: * Guide dog... they can help the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2drew_green...


Hair, hair everywhere

Advantageslovely and loyal


"The Golden Retriever. Ah the infamous cute dog. We all know what a Golden Retriever looks like, and we all want to stroke one when we see one in the streets. I have had a Golden Retriever since March and I love her to bits. She was born on the 4th January and was an "accident". Lol. My dad's work mate had the mother and father and it happened as it does. As soon as they were born, my mother, sister and I went to see them. There were three ..." Read review

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Community Level 2merrin


Golden Cowpats

AdvantagesIntelligent, gentle and very very amusing

DisadvantagesFree time? What's that?

"...it quite clear that the golden retriever is, in my experience, one of the best breeds of dog to keep as a pet. They are typical of all gundog breeds in their intelligence and their ability to learn, giving them a real personality and at times almost human like character. This ability means that, in the main, the comments I have made above do apply more to younger retrievers and can be trained out with age, although at times the natural instincts seem ..." Read review

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Community Level 2deehambley25


Never ever buy a blue carpet !!!

AdvantagesLovable, playful, loyal, great with kids

Disadvantagesdefinately the hair oh and digging!!!

"In my defence the carpet came before the dog and although i have to hoover on a daily basis sometimes i get to go 2 days without having to hoover! I have 3 cats who were here first and a 9 year old boy all of whom have adapted to Reggie very well and in turn he has to them! He does chase them but as a game he has never hurt them he just wags his tail and off they go down the garden at full speed it is the funniest thing to watch! He is such a loving ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Caru


Best Dog in the World!

AdvantagesLoyal, friendly, affectionate, great with children

DisadvantagesHair, hair everywhere! Lots of flatulence and dribble too!

"...where a farmer was selling Golden Retriever puppies. When we arrived, we instantly fell in love with a little male puppy who was quite happily rolling around in a muddy puddle. We paid £160 for him as he was a certified pedigree and then put him the car for the return journey. Well the little fluffy puppy grew into a humungous dog, and it seems so long ago that we were trying to housetrain and get him accustomed to our two cats. (He was, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2rhyrhy1


Bramwell is Golden

AdvantagesGreat for training

DisadvantagesCan be rebellious at times

"Bramwell is now 8 years young and is now a real member of our family; he has a great temperament but hates the postman with real power. Bramwell is a true great and we hope that he will live to a ripe old age, unlike his predecessor, Tom, who passed on at the age that Bramwell is now due to blindness; we hope that Bramwell will not receive the same fate and take away his superfluous sight. Bramwell requires exercising twice a day but the amount ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kingpin_pe...


Golden Retrievers GET ONE!

Advantagessmart, loyal, perfect for family life.

Disadvantagesvets bills, hair everywhere!

"golden retrievers are wonderful dogs, a loyal obedient breed whichcompletes a family. I own a 10 year old male called Nugget and he still loves his walks and being with the rest of the family even though he is getting old. GR were bred as retrievers (look at the name!) and are loyal to their masters. Their attitude towards various people can alter, some growing up are taught strangers are bad though if left alone they will be friendly to almost ..." Read review

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Eukanuba Golden Retriever Adult - 12kg

Eukanuba Golden Retriever Adult - 12kg

Eukanuba Golden Retriever Adult dog food is specially made for adult Golden Retrievers. ... more

For healthy, mobile joints and a glossy coat - it
also contains the Vital Health Formula and FOS
prebiotics. / Eukanuba Golden Retriever Adult is a
complete, balanced dry dog food, developed
specially for Golden Retrievers. It helps
strengthen and support healthy joints, control
weight and promote overall health. Golden
Retrievers are friendly, intelligent, and obedient
dogs with lots of charm. These beautiful, elegant
dogs have a gentle strength and graceful
movements. They are lively and affectionate dogs
and their sweet nature makes them the ideal family
pet. They love to frolic and play, especially with
children and with the correct training they are
very obedient. They have a tendency to obesity and
need plenty of exercise to stay in shape. Excess
weight can cause undue stress on the joints and
affect your dog's health. Appropriate nutrition
can help your dog to stay healthy. Eukanuba Golden
Retriever Adult at a glance: DentaDefense:
developed by Oral B with experts in dental health,
special 3D DentaDefense kibble, mechanically
removes plaque and with the help of
mico-cleaning-crystals can reduce the build-up of
new plaque by up to 80%. Enriched with valuable
FOS prebiotics and essential antioxidants (vitamin
A, C, E and carotenoids) for a healthy immune
system and natural regeneration of healthy cells.
Contains essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty
acids, minerals and vitamins for healthy skin and
shiny fur Regular exercise and top quality animal
protein will help your dog to have a sleek,
muscular figure. L-carnitine improves the rate at
which fat is burned. Easy-to-digest proteins and
beet fibre aid the absorption of nutrients and
encourage a healthy digestion Valuable calcium and
a good balance of nutrients help to support
healthy bones and joints Contains no artificial
colours, aromas or preservatives Eukanuba Golden
Retriever Adult dog food is also suitable for
Flat-Coated Retrievers, which have the same
nutritional n

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Availability:  1-2 Days

Royal Canin Breed Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult - 12kg

Royal Canin Breed Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult - 12kg

Specially developed for the nutritional requirements of mature Golden Retrievers 15 months ... more

and older. Helps maintain ideal body weight, a
shiny and soft coat, and strengthens the heart. /
The Golden Retriever is exceptionally lovable,
friendly, and trusting dog with numerous talents.
His soft and shiny coat, for which he is widely
admired, has a water-repellent ground hair which
should be especially well protected. The skin
under the ground hair is very sensitive and only
the right nutrition supports the health of the
skin, promoting the quality of the coat and
strengthening the skin resistance against
allergens and inflammations. The Golden Retriever
naturally tends to overeat which leads strain on
the joints and heightened risk of heart disease.
Royal Canin Golden Retriever was specially
developed to meet the nutritional needs of your
mature Golden Retriever (15 months or older):
Glossy Coat: The combination of borage oil and
biotine promotes soft and shiny coat. Sulphureous
amino acids enhance the production of keratin and
supports the fur-growth. The combination of
Pantothenic Acid, Niacin , Inositol, and Choline
strengthens the skin-resistance. Support the
functions of the heart: with Taurine and
L-Carnitine supports heart contractions and energy
supply of the heart muscles. Maintains ideal body
weight: the low fat formula and L-Carnitine helps
maintain ideal body weight. Cell protection: an
antioxidant complex (lykopen from tomatoes, Lutein
from Marigold, Polyphenols from green tea, and
vitamin E & C) fights the process of cell ageing.
Joint protection: Chondroitin and glucosamine are
natural substances that protect the cartilage and
prevent the development of arthritis. Kibble:

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Occupied With The Unspoken - Golden Retriever

Occupied With The Unspoken - Golden Retriever

Release Date: 2012-07-23, Audio CD, Thrill Jockey

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