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Free Money - But I Can't Have Any (Yet, If Ever) Review with images

AdvantagesTotally hands-free drip feed of money

DisadvantagesNot everyone is accepted

"...using www.gómez.com, or rather the Gómez Peer (formerly Porivo Peer) software that they supply, on 1st March 2004, as a result of reading Kezzalea’s opinion on the subject. Two things about it appealed to me, the first being that it was a means of earning a bit more money from the Internet, without writing anything (except this) without reading any tedious e-mails or being ‘paid-to-surf’ or shopping from a limited list of retailers, and without ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sandyback75


Gomez Peer (Not Addams)

AdvantagesMight Make A Few Pence

DisadvantagesYou'll Be Lucky To Get Anything

"Gomez Peer, Never Heard of Him? ========================= Trying to get a little extra spending money for my upcoming holiday I did a little Google search to see if there were any decent online reward sites. I didn't find many that I didn't already know about. I did however come across Gomez Peer. The idea is that you download a piece of software and leave it running in the background when you are online and it goes away testing the performance ..." Read review

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Community Level 3JudgeIronF...


Not a wise PEER to be with though

AdvantagesEasy to install and setup

DisadvantagesVery little bit of cash to be earned and your account takes very long to reach "Active" status.

""Get Paid To Do Almost Nothing On Your Computer". Enticing, isn't it? At first, the curious me was also attracted to this banner too. This is from Gomez PEER, and it says that, by leaving our computers on every minute and connecting them to the internet, we earn some cash. The question is, how do we earn cash by leaving our machines on? Ok, it's a safe program that runs in the background of your computer while you are doing other activities. The PEER ..." Read review

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Community Level 2stargatesg...


Gomez PEER - still pending :(

AdvantagesMoney for doing nothing

DisadvantagesYour account may not get activated for a longtime

"UPDATE - 25 JULY 2004 I joined Gomez PEER back in April 2004, and waited a long time for my Account to be activated. After months it was still Pending, so in the end I decided to cancel it and uninstall it from my PC. Even when your account is still pending they are still getting the data they need from your PC which means they are getting information for free! Stay away from this ! End of Update ************ Gomez PEER is a program that ..." Read review

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Community Level 7Kezzalea


Get your PC an Employer

Advantagespaid for nothing, no interferance in my connection, no adverts

Disadvantageshave to earn £2:50 before they pay you, takes a while to be activated

"...Idle, or sleeping, Become a Gómez Peer and earn cash every month, no spy ware, adverts, banners, or pop ups get paid for your computer's Work, This earn while your connected is very different to others as the company needs your computer to work for them. Let me explain; Who Are They? Gomez is an Internet Performance Management Company and has been around since 1997. What Do They Do? There website says "Gómez Performance Management services ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Boldone1


Gomez Peer- Review

AdvantagesEarn Cash by doing almost nothing

DisadvantagesNeed patience, luck and referrals for it to be profitable

"Earn Free Cash from your PC? Hmm... When I first came across Gomez Peer and its enticing advertisements claiming you can gain money by virtually doing almost nothing, I too was skeptical and cynical about it-like most people. I wasnt a veteran in online money making at that time (am still not now :) ), and I wanted to make sure that this venture is legalitimate. I did a lot of research by myself, surfting the Net for possible breaking news of scam ..." Read review

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Community Level 2darkside1976


Gomez Peer - Get Paid For Web Browsing

AdvantagesYou get paid for doing absolutey nothing

DisadvantagesIt can take over the one month period to reach cashout

"Gomez Peer promises to pay you to install there program on your PC and all the program does is monitors your web usage. How it works is you sign-up to the website with a little peronal information about yourself and then download the software, once installed you enter your username, location, internet type i.e. dsl or dial etc.. and then run the program on your PC, you can minimise it to the taskbar and just let it run and the money will start ..." Read review

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Community Level 1farsouth


Seems so easy..but so hard t get paid

AdvantagesDon't have to do anything..just make sure your PC is on

DisadvantagesYou don't get paid!!

"I installed the Gomez software about a year ago but the main thing is they have to "accept" you first. I wasn't accepted even though I was dial-up then (apparantly very sought after) and then all of a sudden I'm "active".. Yay! I thought...I'll be paid! So I made sure the program was running and lo and behold I saw the cents starting to add up... Now that's it 4 months in and 4 months of e-mails and questions and finally complaints I have still ..." Read review

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