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Community Level 5kellyv43



Advantagescheap, good picture quality

Disadvantagesbatteries don't last long

"...wanted a bigger one too. This Goodmans camera is available for £89.99, so it is a lot cheaper than some of the cameras that are available. It has 2 mega pixels and I heard the shop assistant explaining to another customer that the more mega pixels that a camera has the better the pictures. I asked my dad how many his Sony camera has and he told me his also has 2, so this camera would be fine for me. This camera is silver in colour and looks ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Nathan_Innit


Not Hitting My G-Spot

AdvantagesI guess it does work

DisadvantagesAn ugly camera

"...(probably sheek at the time) Goodmans moddle in one of her club book catalogues. Presumebly turned on by the cheap price, it wouldn't take long for the G-Shot 2025 to arrive in my house. I was a little confused as to why we needed a digital camera - the only time we ever take digital pictures is to put things on eBay, and I couldn't see my mum taking this on holiday to take pictures. She's not really moving with the digital age, and is happy to just ..." Read review

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Community Level 2ExiledWolf


Smile for the pretty camera...

AdvantagesPacked full of features, affordable

DisadvantagesSucks the life out of batteries quickly

"Goodmans G-Shot 2025 TFT Review I picked this camera out of the Argos catalogue at the end of June after I decided that my old digital camera needed replacing. I was drawn to this one because it was within my £80 budget, had a TFT screen unlike my older digicam, was full of features and used compact flash cards to expand its memory (handy since I already had a 32Mb card for my old camera). For £80 you get a fair bit of kit. Not only do you get ..." Read review

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Community Level 5carebare


Smile Please!

AdvantagesInexpensive, great results

Disadvantagesno real instructions, batteries drain very quickly

"...this and decided on a goodmans camera as our old one was made by them and we loved it. It was priced at £84.99 and although it was a little more expensive than the last one we had it was a higher pixel resolution than the one we had been used to so we thought it was a bargain. When we collected our new camera, we were a little shocked to see that it was not the one we had expected. It looked different to the one in the catalogue but did all the same ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ed_neave


An excellent camera

AdvantagesGood selection of features for price

DisadvantagesBatteries drain quickly, but isn't this the case for most digicams?

"THE CAMERA ----------------------- I bought this camera around Christmas for £89.99. Since then, I have been discovering all the features it has, which are accessible by the little circle on top that you rotate to select the feature. The features the camera has are: Digital Camera, Playback, MP3 player, TV-OUT and PC download. PICTURE/MOVIE MAKING ----------------------------------------- The actual camera can take 3 kinds of photos, normal ..." Read review

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Community Level 5Andy0304


Oh no, not another snap shot!! ***UPDATED**** Review with images

AdvantagesFairly cheap and comes with all start up bits!

DisadvantagesPicture quality not to great

"...and I came across the Goodmans g-shot 2025 TFT, it had most of the features that your average digital camera carries so I thought it didnít sound to bad and that I would give it a go. It was also a good price to; it had been reduced from £79.99 to £64.99. Not bad at all. I went to the counter and purchased the camera but was also told that the camera has been excluded from the 16 day money back guarantee. I questioned why and apparently this is because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1callums_mu...


Snap Happy?

AdvantagesCheap, many features

DisadvantagesPoor picture quality, battery drains too quickly

"I purchased this camera for around £62.99 which i thought was pretty reasonable considering some of the prices of digital cameras that are on the market now. Since purchasing I haven't really looked into all of it's many features as quite simply I just wanna take pictures and that's it! The camera can take 3 kinds of photos --- normal photos, a lot of photos in quick succession and movies. By using the screen to take photos the batteries are ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lianne_dale


A great camera but....

Advantagesaffordable, easy to use, trusted brand

Disadvantagesconflict with windows xp update sp2, batteries don't last long

"I bought this camera in the hopes of getting a good all rounder at an affordable price and was not disappointed. This camera includes an mp3 player and a short movie capture which make it a very versatile product - you can use headphones with it and I suppose it would make a good buy if you wanted an mp3 player too as it includes 64mb memory and you can also use a memory card which are available in various sizes - giving you plenty space for mp3's. ..." Read review

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