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Community Level 4rlb3



AdvantagesTraining mind body and soul

DisadvantagesMotivating yourself to join a club!

"Just to give you a bit of background, on how I came to start training in Ju-jitsu. I was originally going to join a ballet school (very different from Ju-jitsu I know!). However, when I signed up for the ballet school I had to wait for the new term to start. When the new term started I went back to the ballet school with my father and found that it had moved locations. The new people that now owned the building did not know the forwarding address ..." Read review

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Community Level 1kittenwarr...


Ju Jutsu

Advantagespractical holistic self protection

DisadvantagesNot for those who want a graceful art without bruises

"I've been training in Ju Jutsu for the last 2 1/2 years and my confidence, fitness and attitude to life has dramatically improved. Ju Jutsu is all about prevention, proactive protection and self defence as the last resort. All areas are covered - avoiding, negotiating, striking, kicking, grappling, throwing, locks. It is suitable for all and there are classes designed specifically for children. It is absolutely ideal for women because it doesn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Martial


The art of Ju-jitsu

AdvantagesPainful Techniques, Look for a class with sparring, Proven effectivenesss

DisadvantagesSome techniques difficult to implement, can be painfull to train

"Ju-jitsu is a very competent martial art. From my experience ju-jitsu is simply a larger more complete form of aikido. Techniques are often similar but with two key differences. Fistly when a ju-jitsu practitioner takes a hold of the opponent they will be intending to cause as much pain as possible with their grip, secondly the technique will often be taken further than an aikido technique. What i mean by that is they will not stop when a technique ..." Read review

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Community Level 3MARKMAN


Goshinkwai - a real defence system

AdvantagesFully rounded system; encompasses all aspects of martial arts

Disadvantagesnot for the faint hearted

"...try before you buy - Goshinkwai is for me, but it may not be for everybody. The head of Goshinkwai, Dave Turton, regularly writes in Martial Arts Illustrated, and has taught the system to such people as Geoff Thompson, Jamie O'Keefe, Pete Consterdine, Phil Glover and Alan Charlton to name but a few. A lot of people come to the system to "fill the gaps" that their particular systems leave. Dave is also the head of the Self Defence Federation, ..." Read review

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