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Community Level 3soamiguy


Its actually pretty good!

AdvantagesMoney for nothing

DisadvantagesThe chicks aren't free

"...to understand when thinking about Greasy Palm is what it's doing there at all. If you get that then there is no reason not to sign up (unless there is a better version of it somewhere, if so please tell me!). Now gather round children and I'll tell you a tale of wonder..... Once upon a time, not so very long ago, the rather unfortunately named Mr Greasy and his esteemed colleague Mr Palm, met up over pie and chips in their local, The Old Mans Cheeks, ..." Read review

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Community Level 5gayna1979


This Really Is Money for Nothing

AdvantagesIt's Money for nothing

DisadvantagesYou have to make £25 before you receive your cheque

"...read on….. I was introduced to Greasy Palm when a friend of my boyfriend's said that he had made over £100 just by spending a few minutes of the site every day. So I thought OK, I'll have a look. At first you do think it could be a big con, and that you won't make enough to get a cheque, but how wrong I was. Greasy palm have been around for at least three years, and in this time they've given away over £2,000,000 to its members. On entering ..." Read review

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Community Level 5ang_2906


My palm isn't greased enough for my liking

Advantagesthey do pay out

Disadvantagesnothing ever is that easy

"...how or why I found Greasy palm, but no doubt it was the lure of some possible easy money. Well let's face it no money can be earned that easily, so please don't be fooled into thinking it can, however much the website may promise. It does however have potential to boost those internet earnings slightly, especially if you get clever when purchasing on the net, if that's your thing. *What is Greasy palm?* Essentially Greasy palm is a reward site. ..." Read review

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A Nice Little Earner !

AdvantagesFree money !!

Disadvantagesjunk mail

"I am lazy..yep bone idle that's me ! Therefore if I can find a way of making a fast buck then all well and good, even better, if I can find a way of making money sitting on my rather ample derriere doing virtually nothing then all the better (manual labour never was my forte), which is why I signed up to loads of paid to surf cashback sites many months ago. So far these sites haven't helped me to make a fortune, but they have provided me with some ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Bulleon


Greasy Palm - Cash back heaven!

AdvantagesLots of retailers, Plenty of cashback, quick to make it up to £25!

DisadvantagesIf you don't shop on the internet as much it would take you longer to make it up to £25

"I started using Greasy Palm at the beginning of January 2006. Since I shop online a lot, when I saw an advert for the site, I thought, 'well I'm buying the items anyway so I might as well make some money back'. I have, in fact, already made it to the £25 you need to have your money sent to you as a cheque, and an extra £5 on top of that. So, are you a bit strapped for cash? Well, let me tell you a bit about this money making scheme….. **Signing ..." Read review

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Community Level 2argyle_dave


Greasy Palm - grotty name,ok for cashback

AdvantagesYou atleast get the impression of something for nothing

DisadvantagesSome transactions are lost, more SPAM anyone?

"...have been a member of Greasy Palm for just over two years, during which time I have managed to bank over two hundred quid. This isnt bad and for the most part has not involved too much effort on my behalf. Greasy palm is an internet rewards site which offers varying cashback rewards when you spend money with internet retailers, sign up to trails, newsletters and competions or join other intenet rewards sites (including Ciao and iPoints). You can ..." Read review

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Community Level 5miggmoggspud


Free Money!!!!!

AdvantagesEarn money on your internet shopping

DisadvantagesOnly good if you shop on the internet a lot

"I kept getting annoying e-mails from greasypalm.co.uk promising me that I could earn money just by doing my usual internet shopping - yeah right. For years I ignored them thinking it must be a con........ i'm kicking myself now that I didn't sign up earlier because it's all true. Greasypalm.co.uk is an internet site which gives you cashback on your internet shopping. I don't fully understand how it works or how greasypalm make money from it ..." Read review

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Community Level 2www.kotej....


Good Cashback Website

AdvantagesGood Cashback Rates and Lots of Offers

DisadvantagesThe Customer Services, The Emails

"...can offer you significant savings. Greasy palm is linked to many online shops just log on to the website you want and make the purchase as usual this will generate cash back for you. When you get £25 or more in your Greasy Palm it is paid directly into your account. ..." Read review

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Free Money Site!!

AdvantagesEasy to use, fast cashback, fast payouts

DisadvantagesNone that spring to mind

"I discovered Greasypalm by accident about 6 months ago. I was booking a hotel through Expedia and had a look on a voucher web site, that I use, for a discount code for Expedia and someone had posted Greasypalm saying that you could get cashback on all sorts of things online and one of them happened to be Expedia. I signed up, booked my hotel through them and got 3% cashback (about eleven quid). ==The Site == The site itself is quite attractive, ..." Read review

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Save as you spend

AdvantagesGreat Savings

DisadvantagesCant get money til you reach £25

"Greasy Palm I am writing a review on the Internet Website Greasy Palm . What is it? Greasy Palm is an internet Shopping Cash Back website, it links you to over a hundred most popular shopping sites, and the more you spend in that shop the more cash back you can receive back. It is similar to Ipoints - See my Ipoints Review for more info… I points lets you shop through popular internet shopping sites and you can receive points to spend, ..." Read review

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Greasy Palm yeah but not with silver

Advantages£2.50 to sign up, lots of retailers

DisadvantagesTo many to put here, ages to get cash back doesn't seem trustworthy

"In my view greasy palm is a daft site, it is a sit in the same vain as mutual points or in a way ciao, geared to making money or should I say pennies. They give you £2.50 for signing up and even 35p for setting your home page to greasy palm, or 35p for downloading the toolbar. On the site it is advertised you can get Cash discounts at 860+ online stores, and get up to 25% cash back every time you shop online. Via email you can receive exclusive ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Womble18


Where is my money?

AdvantagesAnother way to find deals

DisadvantagesMoney takes ages to appear, poor web site, poor support

"We have used Greasy Palm a few times to buy car insurance and a few other, smaller, things. The small things seemed to go OK but the car insurance did not. The insurance we chose in both cases was more expensive than an alternative from another site, but the cash back would make it cheaper, which is why we decided to use them. The first time we did eventually get the cash back as promised, but after a wait of a few months. The second time has taken ..." Read review

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Community Level 2katiefinch22





"You will be left with greasy palms thats for sure.... WHAT IS GREASY PALM....... Greasy palm is a uk survey and shopping site which is free to sign up to and you get £2.50 for signing up. What is invoved in this site is when you are looking to shop for new shoes, books, credit cards, insurance, gaming sites, etc you get paid to shop in the listed sites yes you are reading right you get paid to shop for almost anything you need. You can ..." Read review

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greasypalm - adequate cashback site

AdvantagesWell established and reliable

DisadvantagesNot many daily clicks

"Greasypalm is a cashback site. The general principle of a cashback site is to earn money on retailers which you click through to from the site, and when you make a purchase you get a percentage of cashback from this. This is handy if you buy a lot of things online, the cashback can soon mount up. You can also "daily click", which involves clicking through to certain retailer sites a maximum number of times a day, who pay the cashback site commission ..." Read review

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Community Level 1BIGBROS


They once were good, but no longer..

Advantages Can theoretically build up a nice balance

Disadvantages Seem to have started putting up barriers to paying

"...have been a member of Greasy Palm for nearly two years and in that time i have earned about £600 in cashback. As GP share cash back 50/50, then when i earn for example £10 cashback, they also earn £10, so they have earned £600 from me in 2 years, so not bad for them. Things have gone okay up until December 2006, but recently things have started to go wrong, and i blame GP. With their system of cashback, if you do not get the funds in your account ..." Read review

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