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Community Level 5Crazykurst


The Disney book club from Grolier Review with images

AdvantagesFree books when you join

DisadvantagesQuite expensive

"It all started with a MC Donald's happy meal. There was a number on the children's happy meal box to phone to claim your free book on the new film called cars, so when we got back I rang the number and they took my details and joined me to a book club called Grolier. I thought it would just be a free book sent to me but when I received the package It contained seven books from Disney and a free gift witch was a light blue plastic book shelf with Mickey ..." Read review

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Community Level 1hazel210482


Grolier - Don't bother - Too much hassle


DisadvantagesThey lied to me, Terrible customer service!

"After giving birth, I realised that the parent and baby company called 'Bounty' was trustworthy. After all, they see you in the hospital and give you lots of freebies in a bag and seem really nice and understanding of your needs as a new mother. So when you get a call at home from someone who says he is from Bounty, you assume that you will get great service. This happened to me and it turned out that this guy was calling from a company called Grolier. ..." Read review

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Community Level 2emmalouise...


Grolier - Don't fall for it!!

AdvantagesNOT ONE!!

DisadvantagesStress, time consuming, terrible customer service, very frustrating!

"About 3 months ago i purchased a magazine with a flyer in for Grolier books. It said i could get a welcome pack with 2 free bob the builder books and dvd's and in with these would come the next 2 in the series for me to look at. If i liked them and wanted to keep the books i would be charged for them and would recieve the rest of the set, 2 books at a time, every 4 weeks or so. Sounds good i though, 2 free books, nothing to pay and no commitment unless ..." Read review

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Community Level 1maibee


perhaps 40 years ago

Advantagespretty pictures

Disadvantagesincomprehensible for target audience

"This opinion is not all about Grolier as a whole, but their offer on Thomas the Tank Engine books. My mother-in-law gave loads of books bought from Grolier book club to my 3 year old Thomas-mad son for Christmas. Clearly she had seen the offer and thought that it would be perfect for him. And in theory this would be true. However, here are a few words of warning since I have now myself seen the marketing material for these books and think that ..." Read review

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Community Level 109876


Grolier - an awful company to deal with

Advantagesabsolutely nothing positive about this company

Disadvantagesthis is a faceless, unethical, sales driven, money grabbing machine

"Grolier - Dont be fooled this is a diabolical company that cant be trusted. It makes its business by contacting couples who have just given birth (a emotional and happy time in their lives) and offers them free books for their new child. Few couples refuse. Its now only a matter of time before Grolier's faceless, unethical, money grabbing machine kicks in. You dont want to keep the books? Thats fine, just pack them up, take them to the ..." Read review

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Community Level 2twinklestar1


Grolier than thou

AdvantagesFree books

DisadvantagesUnclear terms and conditions

"As a special treat I took my daughter to a fast food resteraunt for a 'kids' meal.On the side of the box was a voucher for a free book. The free book was chicken little. This movie was surronded by hype at the time and all I had to do to receive my free book was fill in my details on the grolier website. I did this and got the chance to receive an extra seven free books on the grounds that Grolier would send me nine and if, after seven days, I didn't ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lors71



Advantagesnot any

Disadvantagesyou try to phone them

"This book club seems great at first,they first contacted my by phone about 2 yrs ago. "would you like a set of books?" "errrrr no" "you get 2 sent and if you dont want to continue you get to keep one free" FREE!"ooh ok then send me them" dont just say no...i did get 2 books sent to me,they were ok and disney but i couldnt remember which one was free and which i had to send back??ok in my haste and hearing free i maybe forgot ..." Read review

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Community Level 2lilly1980


What expence for a few books

Advantagesbooks to your door.

DisadvantagesAlmost everything

"Were do you start with this one. Going from my experiece having brought from them for over a year now. I shall start firstly with the books. From what I have recieved 1st steps to reading, first steps to maths, the disney club and finally the thomas the tank club. The quality of the books is to be desired, I have seen better on market stalls. Most books are at £3.50 plus per book so there are many cheaper around, but hey you have the convience ..." Read review

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Community Level 2kestral123



Advantagesproducts delivered to your door,spread the payments

Disadvantagestoo many books in some of the sets and can be expensive compared to high street

"grolier is an organisation that operates the disney book club (www.disneybookclub.co.uk) they also sell other titles apart from disney,such at thomas the tank engine, jacquline wilson, nick junior and the horrible histories/science to name a few. obligation depends on what offer you take up. some sets like the disney book club you have to buy x amount if you join but other sets there is none. they also do the free chicken little book that has ..." Read review

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Community Level 2clairemg


They just keep coming.

AdvantagesLovely books.

DisadvantagesExpensive, they don't understand cancel my membership, unwanted books keep arriving.

"Well to start off with I signed myself up to join grolier books, I saw the disney set advertised and thought they would made a lovely collection for my children. I was more than happy to buy the collection as advertised, one a month I think the agreement was, which was working perfectly well. But after a short while other books started arriving which I hadn't ordered, along with an invoice, I had to keep returning these books at a cost to me, then ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jane35


don`t touch it with abarge pole.

Advantagesabsolutely none what so ever ,don`t touch it with a barge pole

Disadvantagesthey were on watch dog need I say anymore.

"I thought this company sounded good ,books for children ,i`ve got two of them a 14 yr old and a 5 yr old . I had some Disney books for my daughter off off of them great ,nice books ,but..... Then they phoned me again , bobbi ,thats my daughter ,is now 5 yrs old ,would she like some Barbi books, they come in a set of 30, we` will send you 2 if you don`t like them you can keep the 1st one and send the other one back ,ok I said i`ll have a look ,being`s ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Sueharvey1...



Advantagesgreat way to show children reading is fun, buy books without leaving home


"I have been dealing with Grolier for years. My children love the books. We just started with the first step collection. Teaching my son to read with these books is great. I find the prices very cheap compared to going to book stores. When we recieved the disney collection , we got a clock and a pack sack. these are things my son still uses and hes is almost 3. He has been using the bag for over a year and the clock we use to let him know what part ..." Read review

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Community Level 2halawin123


Demanding people


DisadvantagesUnrequested products, constant demands, difficult to cancel etc.....

"I have recently had a little girl, and throughout my pregnancy I received sample packs from the Bounty baby club. They have since passed on my information to the Grolier book club company, who have sent me a pack of books, a stand for them, a folder and some audio books. Considering Grolier haven't even contacted me, I took this to be a little bit of a liberty. When I opened the pack, there was then an invoice that said two of the books were free, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2angieowen


My first steps to learning

Advantages Lovely books and great collections

DisadvantagesThey dont leave you alone and are difficult to contact

"I bought this fantastic set of books for my preschool children to give them a head start with the alphabet, reading, numbers and maths. The set comprises My first book, 24 A - Z books (A-W have their own book and XYZ is combined into one book) which all have great illustrations, show different things begining with that letter and allows for the different pronounciations. Also there are 10 1-10 books again each book focuses on the different ..." Read review

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Community Level 1GoodBooks

Quick review of Grolier.com

"Having been with Grolier for 10 yrs I have had very few problems. People need to listen carefully to the offer and READ the accompanying letters. Their returns are free if you ring for a label/courier. Sometimes you need to buy the set, sometimes you can buy individual books. Most people hear the word FREE and miss everything else, this is because thats all they want, free stuff, and thats why they miss the rest of the offer details. As with any returns for ANYTHING you should always keep your receipt, sometimes things DO go missing from the post office. Books are reasonably priced, and at least you are guaranteed the complete collection.

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