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Community Level 1Kedge


what a day!!

AdvantagesGreat for all the family

DisadvantagesHaving to wait for a wristband even if you bought your ticket prior

"Guilford Festival was sunny, hot and smaller than you're average festival site, but that did not hold us back!! The gate organisation needs to be reviwed for next year but that was the only hold back.It was a great day for all the family at last a festival thats safe and friendly for children!!The site is on a hill so it didn't matter how far back you sat, you could see! The line up this year was the best yet from Van Morrison to David Gray it suits ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LukeCotton


Guilfest 2003 & 2004

AdvantagesGood variety of bands, great atmosphere, good for a family

DisadvantagesNot much for teens, wait for a wristband even for prior bought tickets.

"The main thing I enjoy about Guilfest is the great atmosphere, and is is suitable for the whole family. Aside from the music there is a kids play area, with lots to keep anyone under the age of 8 entertained, and a comedy tent. There is a good variety of music styles, with the Ambient Lounge playing chillout music, the Tropical tent dance music, with a number of famous DJ's. The Uncut stage is played by lots of upcoming local bands, and is where ..." Read review

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Community Level 2fransdxxx



AdvantagesCheap, good headliners, variety of music, not too busy, amazing atmosphere.

Disadvantagesno showers.

"If you want to experience a festival where you can easily get cheap tickets (£90 for weekend camping) and you can get right up close to the bands then Guilfest is for you. Guilfest is in the middle of guilford and so, if you want to you could visit the surrounding areas. Also across the road is a handy leisure centre- there are no showers at the festival site so it's useful to go to the lesisure centre for a freshen up. That seems to be the only ..." Read review

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Community Level 8blurbubble


Up and coming!

AdvantagesValue for money

DisadvantagesStill fairly unknown

"Guildford festival is still fairly small and new in comparison to those established ones such as Reading and Glastonbury. However in the past few years it is now offering a better variety of bands, including current or crowd-pulling ones, whereas it used to be full of 'has-beens' and 'unheard-ofs'!! Although it is local to me I haven't yet attended this 3 day festival because there haven't been enough bands playing of interest to me to warrant spending ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wizardmarra





"...is about. The vibe at Guildford was really good, as friendly as you could wish for. A wide range of punters from Crustys to Proper Toffs, friendly good natured stewards an exceptional clean site. I discovered how as I walked aimlessly in a pleasent post alcholic Sunday dawn, for then I saw a host, a crowd, of day glo yellow cleaners picking up every can, plastic glass, fag packet, food wrapper, bit of food, fag end, rag, tattered scrap of saturday binlinered ..." Read review

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