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Can I Copy That For You

AdvantagesIt is cheep, simple and efficient!

DisadvantagesNeed Windows ME upgrade.

"As many know I am not really into computers. You could probably write my computer knowledge on a postage stamp! As long as it works smoothly I am happy. I was shopping in one of Cambridge’s ‘new improved’ Tesco stores when I spied the Information Technology Department. I love to shop. Now like most people, I too like a bargain so I started to browse the shelves. I came across the scanner. Many names seemed strange and alien to me. That was until ..." Read review

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Community Level 3CC2000


Good all-round scanner

AdvantagesScan and print buttons on the scanner

DisadvantagesTakes a while to scan

"The HP ScanJet 3300C is a good all-round scanner. It has a good colour sensitivity and resolution and is very easy to use, with scan and print buttons on the machine. The only thing that it lacks is an email button, which higher versions do have. The only real problem with it is that it takes quite a while to actually scan things, although I think this is true for most scanners. I think that this scanner is very good value for money and too make ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Kuli2


Can i copy that for you

AdvantagesIts great

DisadvantagesSometimes is abit slow

"The HP ScanJet 3300 C is one of the best scanners around that I know. It has great software that can creat a perfect scaned image of alomst anything. It is that good that a guy that I know scanned and printed a £5 note. I KNOW THAT THIS WAS ILLEGAL AND IAM NOT CONDONING THE SCANNING AND PRINTING AND COUNTERFITTING OF MONEY!! The guy has recently left the country. The software can zoom in on the important parts of the scanned image and not on the ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jazzyg85


Old is gold but this is also blue.

AdvantagesEasy to install, can scan really fast

DisadvantagesGives a hint of blue to anything scanned even white, so when you print it a lot of blue is wasted

"This was a great scanner and can still keep up with most scanners of today. But its the minor faults that lets it down. When you start up the computer and you want to scan something, it takes a minute or two to just start. But thereafter, it scans pretty quick. Another fault is after six months occasional use, the sensitivity of the scanner makes it scan blue into the backgorund. So instead of a white background it is normally blue which then wastes ..." Read review

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