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Community Level 4Surj1


A PC That Fits In Your Hand!

AdvantagesMicrosoft Office Mobile, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & 624MHz Processor

DisadvantagesSmall Main Memory

"The HP iPAQ 214 Enterprise Handheld is an advanced piece of kit which you can comfortably take with you anywhere you go, almost like a mini laptop! It actually runs on a 624MHz processor, I remember my first ever PC which was 133MHz, that really does put things in perspective. The design is very sophisticated with a nice 4 inch TFT touch screen display which is an improvement from HP's previous iPAQ's. It has many I/O for headphones, microphone, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gothting



AdvantagesSize, Functions, Comfort (both viewing and using)

DisadvantagesIts nothing New its just really good at what it is

"Loving the 214, simple interface, elegant and its a really nice size, i dont need a phone or a camra i have one allready. I want a PDA with a large clear screen, wirless and bluetooth, and have expandable memory. Simple answer its ticks all the boxes. Ok maby it would be nice to have a manual in the box with more indepth infomation. but thats no technically a fault with the Item. I think my only main fault with the item is the lack of more programable ..." Read review

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Community Level 1John369


HP iPaq Enterprise Handheld

AdvantagesEasy to use.

DisadvantagesNone yet. Will update.

"I have just joined Ciao community to put the record straight on this PDA. A previous Ciao reviewer has given a negative review. I have only owned the PDA (HP iPaq 214 Enterprise Handheld) for two days. I believe I was one of the first in the UK to receive this machine as it became available from 25th January 2008. I was almost put off buying the iPaq by the other review here, but decided to give it a try. I am glad, as the PDA does everything a PDA ..." Read review

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Community Level 1sciguy

Quick review of HP iPAQ 214

"I got the HP214 after my Hx4700 fell apart. It is working great. I agree with the previous reviewer. Basically, if you want a tiny screened phone, buy one! if you want something that works well with MS Office, plays films on a decent sized screen, has a multiple of ports, can use Skype and is very fast, this is the one for you. Pros: Base on HP 214 and HX4700 the build quality is much better. The battery life is longer (2200 mAh compared to 1800 mAh). WM6 saves Office documents as Ofice documents- no conversion needed. Cons: Doesn't come with any backup software, so buy some with your free points.

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Community Level 1stellastar4

Quick review of HP iPAQ 214

"I received the iPAQ 214 Enterprise last week. I have to say that as a seasoned PDA user, this is the real deal. It has a large clear screen making it easier to view apps, read and write emails and even play games. Like other iPAQ models it comes with both SD and CF card expansion possibilities, making it possible to add even programs. The larger screen probably does effect the battery life which when fully charged lasts me around 4 hours. It's a great device for those who want to keep a PDA seperate from a mobile. Unlike the 1st review mentioned, there is no camera. It is a good PDA and a great business tool. A worthy release by HP.

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Community Level 2dalcrest57

Quick review of HP iPAQ 214

"Good size screen with excellent handwriting recognition. Battery life is reasonable if battery save features are on. Works well with ActiveSync. Using and editing documents in Word is easy with clear navigation to and from all documents. No problems with wireless connectivity. Bluetooth seems a bit footery and it is a little slow sometimes to start - a few seconds slower than instant. Only downside here is the price! (depends on where you buy it). I love mine!

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Community Level 1thelokust23


Why not buy a smartphone??

Advantagesstylish, good OS

Disadvantagespricey, under-developed, out of date, slow

"I have owned this PDA via my business for a couple of months now and I will soon be sending it back.... The major flaw with not just this PDA but any is that my Nokia N95 does more!! At up to 250 GBP, is it worth it?? ==Pro's== *Windows mobile OS - easy to navigate and reliable(as you would expect) *Light and durable( dropped mine several times!) *If you run a windows PC the Sync system is great! *Very stylish, going the way of the mobiles... ==Con's== *Only ..." Read review

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Community Level 1brendan142

Quick review of HP iPAQ 214

"Overall I am impressed with this iPAQ. There is one thing I am not certain about however, maybe it is specific to my one. The touch screen needs to be pressed hard by the stylus in some parts before it responds. Previously I had a Dell Axim, and the Axim screen was very responsive to the slightest touch. I am wondering if anyone else noticed this or have I purchased a faulty unit? Also response seems slower than I would expect at times.

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Community Level 1lpman


IPAQ 214 - Good product let down by poor reliability

AdvantagesEase of use

DisadvantagesReliability and customer service

"...the base of the IPAQ. HP "service" say I have made a mistake and want to charge me over £100 to repair the unit. They are not listening to customers who know there is a genuine issue with the equipment. A pity because in all other respects, the IPAQ fully satisfied my requirements, was easy to set up and use and promised to be a useful piece of equipment. I can still use it but only with the USB charging facility which is very slow and requires computer ..." Read review

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Community Level 1evilfrogie


A great PDA

AdvantagesLarge screen, Fast processer, good character recogntion

DisadvantagesLarge, heavy, does not support phone calls out of the box.

"The HP iPaq 214 offers a large 4 inch transflective touch screen supporting a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels with 65 thousand colours and a LED background. It comes with a long metal stylus stored int the body of the PDA on the top so it is in a easy to access location. The 214 has a fast 624Mz processor which is in t he top end range for PDA's. Its connectivity features are Integrated WLAN 802.11b/g and Blue Tooth 2.0. It comes with 256mb memory ..." Read review

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