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Community Level 5theshoefairy


HTC how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Review with images

AdvantagesDesign, fast, lots of apps, fairly easy to use

DisadvantagesBattery life

"...the iPhone 4 and the HTC Desire HD. Of course there are swings and roundabouts with every phone, but after reading a few reviews, the Desire HD seemed to come out on top. I excitedly placed my order and awaited it's arrival. I was a little concerned about the size of the phone as it is one of the largest handsets currently on the market and actually thought this would be a deal breaker for me but when it arrived, I have to say I was pleasantly ..." Read review

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I Don't 'Desire' This Anymore

AdvantagesLooks good, lots of features and stylish

DisadvantagesPoor battery power, phone calls are hard work

"...where the sound comes from.The HTC logo is shown at the bottom, with small symbols for some main functions of the phone, ‘home’, ‘menu’, ‘back’ and ’search’. I often get these and the controls on the screen confused. ===Interface=== When the phone is on, it shows the original background, which is nice and colourful, but I have since replaced with a picture from ‘A Bug’s Life’. Each time to unlock the screen you need to slide your finger down the ..." Read review

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object of my desire

Advantagesbrillliant to use, loads of apps, stunning looks

Disadvantagesbattery life

"...android phones and found the htc desire hd online. I have always wanted this model since hearing good reviews of it. There were some fantastic offers going but I went into phones 4 u to compare the prices and bundles available. They offered me it on a 24 month contract with 200 minutes, unlimited texts and 500meg internet for £25 per month plus £50 casback, bringing the price down to £21 each month, so thought I got a really good deal! The only drawback ..." Read review

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Community Level 3nomadcelt


Almost perfect....but not quite.

AdvantagesCrystal clear screen, great sound, lovely apps, excellent 'cloud' integration.


"I've had my HTC DESIRE HD for a little over 4 months now and have refrained from writing a review until now; I should think that I have now tried out every feature thoroughly and more so. I recieved it on free upgrade from Orange and it was on the Froyo (Android 2.2) OS. For the sake of this review, I shall only report the non-Orange parts of it as Orange branded it and loaded it with unwanted software that has been particularly unhelpful at times. ..." Read review

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Desire a Desire HD? An absolute Behemoth of a phone top quality!

AdvantagesPowerful, Fast, Upto date features and technology even today, great screen size for movies, tv etc

DisadvantagesSize? Battery is quite poor, no front facing camera

"...there I settled on a HTC Desire HD, And still to this day I think its one of the best phone's out barring the Galaxy S3 which I also rate quite highly. First of all the software, Android. In my opinion I truly believe its better than iOS. Its harder to learn and navigate yes.. but peeling an apple is hard until your taught! The moral of what Im saying is once you figure it all out its great to use and that's why millions of people are turning to ..." Read review

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The Smartphone that truly is smart

Advantagesexcellent video, 8mp camera, 720p video recording, loads of apps, very usable

Disadvantagesuses a lot of data if you arent careful, battery can run out quickly

"...smartphone to an Android powered HTC Desire HD. Wow. I didn’t realise quite what I was missing out on. Sure the BlackBerry was good, but this is just better. I do miss the qwerty keyboard but this phone was easy to setup, is easy to use and has more features than you can shake a stick at. I had a smartphone before but to be honest it feels like I was living on the dark ages… The HTC Desire HD is faster, leaner, seeker and more user-friendly. It comes ..." Read review

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A brilliant new phone

AdvantagesVery nice and sleek design, easy to charge anywhere. Very nice touch screen

DisadvantagesMay be too big for some, battery life is pretty appaling, does not connect with a Mac

"I bought this phone around 2 weeks ago, and although there are some negative points that I will go into, these are only minor. Firstly the phone as an object. One of the first things that everyone seems to say when they see it is, Wow, it's big. Which it is. It has a 4.3 inch screen which is bigger than any other smartphone that I have seen. However I do not count this as a negative, as long as it fits in your pocket, that's all that matters, which ..." Read review

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Community Level 112345David


My best smartphone yet

AdvantagesBig Screen, Fast processor, Lots of features

DisadvantagesBig Phone, Battery, minor niggles

"...is... The phone comes with HTC sense overlay and is pretty stunning, and in my opinion the best overlay for android. I would also recommend rooting your phone to gain complete control. But enough with the OS what about it's design. Screen: This is its main feature its large size is great for media such as viewing videos or web browsing, however holding it in one hand make operations harder to perform and this should be taken into consideration for ..." Read review

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The robust but slightly unknown HTC Desire HD

AdvantagesAmazing price compared the the Galaxy "S" series and iPhone series. Camera is sublime!

DisadvantagesBattery life could be better

"...now phones I noticed the HTC Desire HD for an amazing £84.99 it was a refurbished phone in what the seller called "B" condition. Well After looking at the specs on the internet with its 4.3 inch screen, 8GB of space and 1ghz processor I decided to just go for the dive! After all there was no other phone that even came close to this! So after going through the checkout process my fingers twitched with the anxiety of hoping I had gone with the right ..." Read review

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Community Level 1JamesSmith...


HTC Desire HD- Simply: Fantastic!

AdvantagesVery quick, great for browsing and watching movies,

DisadvantagesNo front facing camera, battery life, quiet speakers

"I have used the phone for a few months now and it's by far the best phone I've ever used! '''First impression:''' Let's start from the beginning. When you first open the box, the first thing you see is the magnificent 4,3" display. It's the most beautiful thing in the world. At first it did feel quite big in my small hands, but i quickly got used to the massive dimensions of the phone. Surprisingly it doesn't feel that big in your pocket. It's all ..." Read review

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My Favourite Phone, So far

AdvantagesGood Quality Camera, Smoothly runs

DisadvantagesBad battery life, No inside camera

"I bought this phone after spilling juice on my last phone (Samsung galaxy ace - oops!) and was happy with it! It runs very smoothly without any freezing or hiccups and is generally pretty fast. The screen is a good size, being not to big and not to small, making texting so much easier - specially if you have bigger fingers, which can become frustrating texting on a small screened phone. One of my favorite characteristic of the phone is the camera, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1RohanD93


Desire HD is amazing overall

Advantagesamazing camera, amazing processor and RAM, good screen, strong

Disadvantagesbattery life

"I first got this phone on my 18th birthday as I was asking for a new phone, with my previous phone being the samsung jet there would obviously be huge changes for me. At first look at this phone I loved the square shape of it, with the top speaker adding a sort of elegance to it. Once I turned the phone on I quickly put my sim card in to see the speed of the internet and i was amazed, it look literally one second load an average webpage and 2 - 3 ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tkubiena


Iphone users eat my dust !!!

AdvantagesGreat phone with good camera, amazing screen and wide variety of functions to suite all users need

DisadvantagesCan eat through battery at times and doesn't have great speakers.

"...the switch over to a HTC phone. Fortunately after opening the packaging my worries disappeared, the phone is great to hold and looks beautiful despite it's glorious size. For those of us not used to smart phones the introductory option setting means that the phone is immediately up and running to satisfy all of your needs. I read many reviews before buying that said battery life was terrible, and i was horrified because for the first week the phone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Logan65


Not Premier League

Advantagesslim, large screen , great camera, ease of use,100os of Apps

Disadvantagesbattery time

"I have had the HTC Desire HD for quite a few months now and am fully up to speed on all its capabilities. Firstly if your looking for something as good as an Iphone in terms of features then this is as near as you are going to get. The touch screen is very receptive and the ease with which you can access apps and or flick to other screens is excellent. The sound is good when you use it as a stand alone media player and it is backed by a ..." Read review

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HTC DESIRE HD not so much

Advantagesnice to look at, pocket size and to fb etc

Disadvantagesbattery life, clunky and poor pics

"i desperately wanted one of these and ive had mine for 11 months now. although it looks nice and has some nice features the negatives outweigh the positives. The usually simple activities, like saving a new number from a txt message took me ages to find out. Ive had to remove my speed dials because its so sensitive i was ringing people just by putting the phone down and inadvertantly touching the screen as theres no 'call number?'. The contacts ..." Read review

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