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All That I Desire (In a Phone, That Is!)

AdvantagesVery hi-spec smartphone with good looks and build-quality

DisadvantagesWatch that battery life.

"...I had purchased an excellent HTC Wildfire, sold to me as 'the old model' on a PAYG offer, but then put into contract use by me, the plan being to keep it in pristine condition until my contract came up for renewal, and then wait and see what was on offer from my provider. Well that time has come around, and I now find myself the user (I can't say 'owner' for 2 years) of an HTC Desire S. ==THE TIMES, THEY ARE A-CHANGING== Or at least my contract ..." Read review

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My First 'Smartphone'

AdvantagesThreaded Messaging, Looks Great, Easy to Use

DisadvantagesBattery Life

"...get but I saw the HTC Sensation and really liked it. Unfortuantely, O2 didnít have the Sensation so instead the saleswoman said that I should consider the HTC Desire-S which I did. Itís very similar to the Sensation and Iíd heard a lot of good things about the Desire and imagined the Desire-S would be slightly better. ===Specs=== * '''Screen:''' 3.7 inch touch-screen * '''Weight:''' 130g (with Battery) * '''Platform:''' Android (with HTC Sense) * ..." Read review

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Community Level 4sparksteroyd


Desire S or Desiress? (HTC)

Advantagessolid quality, made of metal, fast, responsive, features

Disadvantagessignal strength, battery life

"...Sony Xperia Ray or the HTC Desire HD. However, upon actually attempting to upgrade it became clear that the only option available to me being offered by my service provider was the new HTC Desire S which I actually had not found whilst browsing through the smartphones in their catalogue. I checked the technical specifications and was impressed and in fact, it became apparent that many people rate the new Desire S higher than the iPhone. It seemed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1dollydoo12


It fills my desire..s

AdvantagesGreat camera, great Operating system, can be personalised to fit your desires!

DisadvantagesNot for those who find technology a bit tricky!

"...on their I-Phones if the HTC Desire S manages to gain the full recognition which it deserves. Determined be bitten by the apple bug or blackberry bug which friends and family have fallen foul to I decided to take the plunge and look into the Android market for my new phone. At £26 a month over two years from Vodaphone I am provided with a free phone, unlimited texts, unlimited Vodaphone to Vodaphone calls, 300 minutes, 500Mb of mobile internet and ..." Read review

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HTC Desire S - A good all round android

AdvantagesA good all round android with sharp colour and great camera

Disadvantagesbattery standby time is poor

"...phone, and when purchasing the HTC Desire S on my vodphone contract, I relied totally on my partner to show me the ropes. It didn't take too long for me to discover the joys of the HTC Desire S. Firstly, it is a handy size to fit into my bag, which is important for a woman. The phone comes with a full user guide built in to th phone and there is more than one home screen so applications can be kept on the home screens of your choosing for easy access ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vladrocks


Brilliant Phone !

AdvantagesDesign, Features, Speed, Camera, Touchscreen, Price


"I recently bought this phone after my previous contract with O2 ended. I was looking for a relatively cheap but powerful phone and this seemed to fit the bill perfectly. ===Design=== The phone is made from a single unibody piece of aluminium. It is very comfortable to hold and it feels very solid. On the back of the phone there are 2 rubberised pieces of plastic, one covering the battery and the sim and the other one around the camera lens. These ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mlward


HTC DESIRE S - Stylish, compact with a great ease of use.

AdvantagesQuick, great camera, ease of use

DisadvantagesStuttery HD video recorder

"I purchased the HTC Desire S after trying it on the shop floor for about 10 minutes. I've had HTCs for a very long time and I am now quite comfortable to stay with the brand. The HTC Desire S is a handy compact 'bar; type phone that offers a huge range of features including the well-known app store Google Play, formally known as Market, a sturdy 5mp camera featuring flash, HD Video recording and quick operation. The phone is very quick unlike a ..." Read review

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Community Level 1IIgarnierII


A Good, But Not Great, Phone

AdvantagesStylish, Android 2.3, crisp and clear screen

DisadvantagesPoor battery life, keyboard caused frequent errors

"...v2.3 is present with the HTC sense overlay and is one of the main reasons I invested in this phone. Many people I know own HTC's and have commented on it's ease of use and many great features such as the social app that brings together all social networking into one timeline. The 3G connection is fast and the built-in wi-fi means when at home or at a hotspot you get broadband download speeds. I think the internet browser looks good and shows most ..." Read review

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Great touchscreen smartphone

Advantagesgood value, easy to use, fast, high res, nice slim design

Disadvantagesbattery life could be better

"...and eventually settled upon the HTC Desire S, sometimes known as 'The Iphone Killer'. It's similar to Iphones in that it's touchscreen, and the touchscreen keyboard is particularly well-implemented and easy to use. The viewing screen is quite large, considerably more so than the HTC Wildfire, and the phone comes with a 1ghz processor, double that of the wildfire, meaning that it can browse websites with ease. It also connects to wifi hotspots, so ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jono212


The Desire Just Got Better Review with images

AdvantagesSize, Micro SD Expansion, Battery Life, Screen

DisadvantagesPrice, Similar To Most Smartphones

"...i think: The Desire S from HTC It comes loaded with Android 2.3 which is the latest version of Google's operating system. The Main features of this phone to me are the: 3.7 Inch Touch Screen Display with a resoloution of 480x800 720P Video Recording & 5MP camera 1450 Mah Battery 768MB Ram The phone is extremely responsive and suffers from no lag at all Android works very well and is extremely easy to use and get used ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nabbyc


Htc Desire S, Great phone

AdvantagesRuns Android, Front Camera (Video Calling), Htc Sense 2.1

DisadvantagesBattery life

"I recently received the HTC DESIRE S. The look of the phone and the feel of it is great in your hand. The phone has Gingerbread preloaded on it. Since its running the Android platform you have many apps and customisations available for it in the market. The phone also comes with HTC sense 2.1 which provides nice features such as locations, pre loaded maps and widgets. However for turn by turn navigation with voice you have to pay for the maps. Google ..." Read review

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My experience with the HTC Desire S.

AdvantagesGreat look, Fast, Great Range, Cheap on contract, Great durability.

DisadvantagesBattery and Signal problems.

"My phone is the HTC Desire S, it is my second one as I accidentally took the first one in the sea, but I do't blame the phone for that! I love this phone and it is one of the best phones I have ever used or experienced, it has a wide range of services and abilities that help me in my day to day life. It is much more than a phone, it is pretty much a computer as far as technology goes. My current HTC Desire S has a cracked screen but this is only ..." Read review

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great smartphone but won't work for long

Advantageslooks good, quick

Disadvantagesstarts to play up, slows down

"The HTC desire S is the 5th phone I have owned and the first ever smartphone. Initial impressions when I got it out of its box, wow! What a phone. The screen is bright and interface is quick. Even now, over half a year on its features impress me. Straight after I got it as we all do with new phones I had a play around. The camera is good enough to take photos in low light and clear shots at a distance of about 10m. Obviously I don't expect to get ..." Read review

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Community Level 1totaljoy


Stylish, smart phone

AdvantagesThe widgets allows you access a lot of information easily

DisadvantagesSometimes the touch screen does not respond, short battery life.

"...comparison to its predecessor; the HTC Desire, this is a more finished product. In addition, there are now no actual buttons on the phone, apart from the on/off switch. This makes it look more like an Ipod and also look a lot more sophisticated however it does sometimes cause more problems because touch screen technology is still not flawless and accidentally touching the buttons on the touch screen as opposed to pressing a button can cause problems. ..." Read review

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Average phone but SO frustrating - glitches as well.

AdvantagesAppearance, camera, app store, personalisation

DisadvantagesBattery life, glitching, crashing

"I had owned this phone for about a month before any major problems arose. 6 months on and the phone regularly crashes. The camera is good quality but this is irrelevant now - when I take photos, within 5 minutes the phone has deleted them. Photos that I wish to delete that have been in the gallery for a while are restored to the gallery every time I try to delete them. The main reason I purchased this expensive phone was for the high quality camera, ..." Read review

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