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The iPhone Killer Review with images

AdvantagesGreat functions, lovely to use, the best mobile I've ever used

DisadvantagesBattery time, it needs charging daily. No Mac connectivity!

"...decided to upgrade to the HTC Desire because having read dozens of reviews it seemed that this might be a really good alternative to the iPhone. HTC have the tagline quietly brilliant, and from first switch on I was a believer, they keep advertising to a minimum, yet most people know about their products. Being familiar with the iPod Touch (very similar to the iPhone) there are a lot of similarities from start up, but also a lot of differences. ..." Read review

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Happy Talking Chat...? it's what we all desire

AdvantagesEasy to use, nice feel, clear calls, good sounds and a nice first smart phone

Disadvantagescamera is a bit of a let down

"'''Mobile phones?''' Most people have owned at least one of these small communication devices during their life times, with some people owning quite a few, even going as far as to be those that sit waiting outside carphone warehouse at midnight in order to be the first to get their hands on the very latest piece of communication technology, _(other mobile phone shops are available)_. Anyway, my point being that a mobile phone is now part of every ..." Read review

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i-What? Review with images

AdvantagesIncredible speed and ease of use, best mobile OS going, best camera for one of these smartphones

DisadvantagesBattery life not astoundingly good, bluetoothing contacts is a bit of a faff.

"...delving into the world of HTC and Android phones, after owning the hugely brilliant HTC Hero. HTC are becoming more recognised as a brand now and this phone has received a lot of advertising space, complete with TV advert plinky plunky alt. folk music to back it up like all phones/networks/cars/things. So how does HTC's latest offering stack up? It's all too easy to compare this phone with its rivals, so I'm going to try and keep comparisons to a ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Suavilous


Silently taking over!

AdvantagesFull of features and functions, everything in your hand

DisadvantagesThen the battery lets you down :-(

"...it? I asked, 'It's the HTC Desire' was the reply I got from the sales assistant. I asked if I could play around with the real one as the dummy was no doing it any justice and I was immediately converted. After about 20 phone calls to O2 to try and give me a good deal for the iPhone and finally the Desire I told them to stuff it (in a nice way) and that I was heading over to T-mobile as it gave me a much better deal (more details about that at the ..." Read review

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Not the object of my Desire!

Advantageshandy to have the internet wherever you go, easy to use and navigate, lots of features

Disadvantagestouch screen can be unresponsive at times, camera quality isn't great

"...looking gadget. I don’t think this HTC Desire tries to be particularly good looking. It is just average, nothing special. I prefer my phones to be tough than pretty. I’m not really a mobile phone person, hence being happy with my partner’s castoffs. ~ Touch screen ~ The mobile phone has a touch screen so you have to touch the screen to scroll through menus and a keyboard pops up if you have something to type. The touch screen is generally good, ..." Read review

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Community Level 4Muffin_the...


Queen Meets Dragon. Dragon Says No. Queen Soon Leaves.

AdvantagesI'm able to get my phone out of my pocket and say "look! it's Mine!" when an advert comes on the T

DisadvantagesThen the battery goes, so I can't tell anyone.

"...me coming home with a HTC Desire Smartphone - I was happy with the T-Mobile G1 that had been my companion for the previous year, with it's big, clunky keyboard for my clumsy digits to paw at, but the time had come for me to reclaim some pocket space and go for a more stream-lined design. HTC are trying very hard, I was informed by a somewhat over-zealous sales child, at replacing the Apple iPhone as the commuter's first choice of travelling buddy, ..." Read review

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Your Phone Sucks Compared to This

AdvantagesAn Incredible Phone

DisadvantagesBattery Life and Screen Issues on bright days

"...out by saying that the HTC Desire is the best mobile phone I have ever owned and it saddens me that I'm due an upgrade soon because I know that no other phone will wow me like this phone did last year when I used it for the first time. "Puredark why do you think this phone is so awesome?" Well kids, there are a lot of reasons. Take a seat and I'll tell you why. The Hardware Side Ok I'm not mad for listing every single little detail about the bits ..." Read review

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HTC Desire - Better than the iPhone? Review with images

AdvantagesAn amazing phone, so easy to use

DisadvantagesBattery life is a bit on the short side

"==About the Desire== The HTC Desire is a smartphone, very similar in look and functionality to Apples iPhone. Released in April 2010, the Desire has already attracted a large fanbase at it attempts to dethrone Apple from their perch at the pinnacle of the smartphone market. The Desire runs on the Android operating system which is owned by Google. This means that the phone contains many of Google’s ordinary desktop features such as Google Maps ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hi_nicola


HTC Desire

AdvantagesBeautiful, easy to use, Android

DisadvantagesBattery life

"...I have owned my HTC Desire for around 6 months now. Getting the phone was quite a big step up for me - I generally just buy whatever happens to be free and I was a bit wary about getting anything with a touch screen. All I knew was that I definitley did NOT want an iPhone, as the majority of my friends have them and I've never managed to get on with them. I took a look at the Desire somewhat reluctantly and gave it a go in one of the shops - and I ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Doogleman


HTC Desire, the phone to beat Apple? A full review Review with images

AdvantagesAlmost everything- particularly user interface and features

DisadvantagesBattery life is annoyingly short; the iPhone 4 has been released

"== Product overview == The HTC Desire is HTC's latest and greatest to-date smartphone to hit European stores. Running Google's Android operating system, it is essentially a slightly remodeled version of the HTC-made Google Nexus One released around the same time, the main difference being that the Desire uses HTC's personal take on Android- the Sense user interface. I've owned this phone for over two months, so hopefully my first-hand experience ..." Read review

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HTC Desire - HTC Sense brings weather alive!

AdvantagesHTC Sense, Easy to use.

DisadvantagesPoor internal memory.

"==Who Makes It?== The HTC Desire is made by the HTC Corporation; they are a Taiwanese company that manufactures smartphones. Originally their smartphones were based mainly on Microsoft’s Windows Mobile OS. Then, in 2009 its main focus began to change to devices that used Android instead. The first phone HTC released that used Android was the HTC Dream, marketed as the T-Mobile G1 in many countries. ==Price and Availability== Even now, around a year ..." Read review

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It certainly is a 'smart' phone

AdvantagesA fast phone with a wide range of features and applications

DisadvantagesBattery life could be longer and can't work out the camera angles

"I started using the HTC Desire when my Nokia smart phone gave up and I am really pleased with it. The appearance of the phone is nothing special and is in fact, quite boring really with a bronze and black exterior. The first thing I notice was that it was much lighter and slimmer than my Nokia and it has a much larger screen. The phone is a touch screen phone and there are only a couple of buttons along the bottom of the screen as well as a small ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Tattletittle


Oh So Desirable

AdvantagesSuper cool look and feel - Easy operation and very intuitive.

DisadvantagesA wee bit power hungry, so worth keeping a charger handy ie, one at home, one in the car..

"Having recently purchased the HTC Desire HD,( after considerable deliberation and reading), I think I have made the right decision. This is a smart phone to be desired and admired. To list every nuance of the Desire, would be as lengthy as a Thesis, suffice to say, the basic features are more than enough food for thought. I am, some three months down the line, still discovering the inner workings of this very smart phone. This is not to say that ..." Read review

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smart choice for a smart phone

AdvantagesBeautiful 3.7 inch screen, Quick 1Ghz processor

DisadvantagesTempremental wifi access

"...my heart set on the HTC Desire. This phone for me had more potential as it had a bigger screen, faster CPU (1Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to be precise) and had video recording capabilities. A quick phone call to my network provider sealed the deal and all i had to do was wait...easier said than done. 3 days later it had arrived! I couldn't wait to try it out. The packaging the phone came in was very smart, of a sturdy build and minimalistic. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1soniac66


The most Desirable HTC

AdvantagesLightweight phone, clear bright screen display, lots of Apps to choose from

DisadvantagesLow battery life

"...see the appeal of the HTC Desire. Firstly, if you want something simple and non-complicated then this might not be the phone for you, on the other hand it is a challenge to work out some of the features it has and download some of the Apps. It takes some getting used to the touch screen. I have a Gmail account so it was pretty simple to set this up on the phone, which means you can now read your e-mails anytime, without logging into a computer. ..." Read review

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