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The HTC Wildfire S comes highly recommended. Review with images

AdvantagesEasy to use, great compatibility with apps, good looks, lightweight, terrific online capabilities

DisadvantagesKeypad on touch screen is not suitable for people with larger fingers

"After not hearing much about HTC phones, I was actually delightfully surprised when I received my new Wildfire S in the post. Being small and lightweight with a large screen, it was ideal for me as I always carry my phone in my pocket and in the past, I have had phones that weighed me down and felt bulky even to the point of discomfort. Aside from this, another feature that appealed to me was the fact it was completely touch screen which meant no ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Lozamag


HTC Wildfire S - A good but forgotten phone

Advantageseasy to use, nice touch screen, good headphones

DisadvantagesNot so good camera

"...but wth many smartphones including HTC Wildfre S, be ready to charge it after a day use, especially if you intend to surf on Internet, listening to music, speaking in the phone and etc. ..." Read review

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Is It Any Better? Wildfire S

AdvantagesGood Battery Life, Lots Of Feature, Strong Build.

DisadvantagesDesign Is Horrible.

"...i used to have the HTC Wildfire (Not S), and honestly i would choose it over this anyday. Considering this is the upgrade i don't think it has any more useful features and the design is horrible. Just my opinion, but the phone is too small and generally uncomfortable to use. I have big hands but stil it is alot smaller than most smartphones on the market, this may be a pro to you, i don't know. Now i think the screen size is the same, but the actual ..." Read review

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Great choice for a smartphone

AdvantagesUses android, touch screen, navigation works effectively.

DisadvantagesBattery life, the screen is a little small

"This phone was chosen as it is a cheap pay monthly smart phone that uses an android system. The wildfire s is a very effective phone and the it is very easy to use as the menu system is very clear and straight forward. The vast amount of apps that are available on the android market makes this phone a superb choice. These applications run very smooth and quick. One issue with this phone is the size, it is actually smaller than i expected it to be, ..." Read review

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An average smartphone, but comes with it's problems

AdvantagesEasy to use, goof functionality

DisadvantagesInternal memory

"...a common fault with the HTC Wildfire. It's SO frustrating though and now means that it's actually impossible to use the phone to it's full capabilities and means that my partner is likely to start looking for a new phone. It's a shame because without the one downside it's a really great phone and does everything else well. ..." Read review

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A great budget phone

AdvantagesEasy to navigate, small and compact

DisadvantagesLow memory and short battery life

"The HTC Wildfire is a simple but a great little phone. I first got this phone with a little bit of hesitation at first. I thought all smart phones were difficult to use. However, the HTC has completely changed that. The HTC is a very attractive looking phone. It is small and compact. Although no Iphone, the HTC fights its corner, for anyone who does not like bulky mobiles, the HTC is for you. The touch keypad is easy to use with big on screen ..." Read review

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Good phone sometimes slow but good apps

AdvantagesGood apps, looks great, not to expensive

DisadvantagesPoor battery life and gets stuck sometimes

"I got my HTC wildfire because I wanted a phone that did everything but wasn't huge. I went to Phones 4 U and this was what they recommended. I think that it is a good phone but could be better. It's great for someone like me who wants all the apps, not a huge price and something that looks nice. If you are very techie minded then you may want to concider something else. The phone works well and is easy to navigate once you get used to it. There ..." Read review

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Handy Wee Smartphone, but Poor Memory

AdvantagesAll of the apps in the Android Store - an app for everything

DisadvantagesPoor processing memory lets it down. Battery life not great, either.

"I like my wee smartphone - enough to have it repaired when I recently dropped it into water, in fact. It does everything I want it to do - camera, mp3, organiser, notebook, internet browsing, emails, as well as phoning and texting. I can even use Google docs and Wordpress on it because there are apps for these. However, the big thing that lets it down is its memory. It just doesn't have enough processing memory for all the bells and whistles it possesses. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1virtus


Great Phone Awful Battery

AdvantagesCompact, Responsive, Durable, Sleek Design

DisadvantagesShort Battery Life, Small Screen

"...went with the Virgin Mobile HTC Wildfire S. For a no-contract phone i feel that the price of $199.99 that paid was very reasonable. The Phone is fast and very responsive, even more so than the ipod touch that i used to have. The two downsides to the phone i are the some what small screen and the battery life. Firstly the screen sometimes feels a bit too compact when doing things like web browsing, watching movies etc.. though it's more of a slight ..." Read review

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Community Level 1bebe87


HTC Wildfire S


Disadvantagesthe menu button

"...been a user of the HTC Wildfire S phone for 3 months now and I am really ahppy with it. It is a small compact phone but still does everything the larger phones do. It has plenty of memory as it comes with a 2g memory card. One of the great things with this phone is that you can choose what you like to have on the display icons, the only downfall here is that is quite tricky to figure out how to do in the beginning. The one major downfall that this ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nabbyc


Htc Wildfire S, Nice entry level phone, Great Price

AdvantagesCheap, Runs Gingerbread, Sense 2.1, Battery life

DisadvantagesNo flash, Arm6 Processor

"...a new phone especially with HTC the battery life may be a bit shorter when first using but it starts to improve. Overall for the price of the phone I think its a great device if you are moving onto the android platform. If you already have the old wildfire I wouldn't recommend buying the wildfire s as there is not that much difference. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Mullertang


An excellent choice. Review with images

AdvantagesUses Android system, Quick, Easy to use, Navigation is basic

DisadvantagesNot best value for money, Not a great camera, Poor battery life

"The HTC WIldfire S is a suprerb phone in all its glory. It looks very professional and very up-to-date which is always a plus. It is not too small but at the same time not too big; it just right. It is a sized down version of the Original HTC Wilfire which i personally feel is slightly too big. I have, on more than occasion, dropped the mobile yet it stands strong with hardly any scratches on it. It is slick and very modern; two key aspects in my ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Chelle_1990


HTC Wildfire S....Great phone!! Robust and enjoyable.

AdvantagesGreat locking feature, all apps easily accesable, enjoyable, touch screen, robust.

DisadvantagesFlash too bright, calls going into notifications if closed, battery lasts a da

"I got this phone on contract purely because of the camera (was due to have my daughter a month after) but since having this phone i couldn't live without it!! The camera is great, perfect quality for what i need and wanted! Only thing is the flash is rather bright! And when i take pictures of people with the flash on, i get the red eyes (my children look like demons lol) The features are great. I can moving things onto my homepage i.e facebook, ebay ..." Read review

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Looking for a cool new mobile? read this!! Review with images

AdvantagesIt has a lots of additional software features, which is awesome!!

DisadvantagesIt has slow data network. And I'd prefer a bigger screen perhaps.

"I personally feel like I have everything I need at the tip of my finger. It's touch screen and most applications are already installed for you, what more could you ask for? The video recording and camera are great, but with my experience with other phone I got to say I was a bit disappointed. It's super easy to use. It also features a 3.2 inch capacitive touchscreen, a 5 megapixel camera and Wi-Fi calling/hotspot capabilities! The price range in Canada ..." Read review

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Decent but a lot of room for improvement!


DisadvantagesLack of storage

"At first thoughts, this seemed like a good phone. The outside design looks nice and it's the familiar Android operating system which is easy to use (in my opinion) and is used on a lot of different phone models. The processor could have been a lot better, internet browsing can be slow and pages don't seem to load as well as I would prefer. I expect that this is because of the processor. One huge issue is the storage space, some things can't be transferred ..." Read review

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