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You Could Buy Four Of These For The Price Of One iPhone! Review with images

AdvantagesPrice. Build-quality, features, versatility

DisadvantagesLots to learn. Iiffy battery life.

"...week that I noticed the HTC Wildfire now reduced to £100 as long as it’s bought with a PAYG SIM. So that’s where the '''‘Poor Man’s iPhone’''' comes in. I’ve been thinking about what I’d get next when my contract with Three expires, although that’s several months away, but this deal suits me to the ground. My daughter gets the E63 with a PAYG SIM, and I get to use a new phone on my contract and stop my wife gloating – '''three''' for the price of ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Greenyman


Wildfire over iPhone 4 Review with images

AdvantagesGreat value, Easy to use, Very customizable

DisadvantagesA couple of minor texting faults - very minute!

"...good review. ==="WHAT IS THE WILDFIRE?"=== The HTC Wildfire is one of the latest models from the HTC company and rivals the iPhone4 in the current market. Effectively, the Wildfire is the 'mini' version of the popular 'Desire' model. They are virtually identical in features with a few minor differences. The Wildfire has a slightly smaller internal memory (384MB RAM) than the desire (576). On both phones the battery life is not excellent, allowing ..." Read review

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Nice Entry Level Android Phone

AdvantagesGood performer, Android Marketplace access, Easy to use

DisadvantagesLags with some Apps

"...Travel, Clean State and a HTC 'Scene'. Each one can be customised by pressing and holding an item or an empty area to add new widgets. All of them have a screen where you can conveniently enable and disable Wireless and Bluetooth whereby it's very longwinded on the iPhone.Transferring contacts from phone to phone can be a pain in the backside, especially if the other phones is from a different manufacturer. However, I found it very easy ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Huomenna


The HTC Wildfire - a brilliant android phone

Advantagesstylish, intuitive, cheap for a smart phone

Disadvantagesprovided memory card is low capacity

"...deals available for iphones with HTC are cited as rivals of. So what is the HTC wildfire? Well it's a 3G smart phone and is android based, it's also the smaller and slightly inferior cousin of the HTC Desire (available on contract but for almost twice the price). What do you get? The phone (obviously), pre-installed 2gb memory card, instructions, charger/USB and headphones, which all come in a white box with a photo of the phone on the cover. Setup: When ..." Read review

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This Wildfire is no longer burning.

AdvantagesLarge screen, lots of apps, slim profile.

DisadvantagesOut of date running system, grainy screen.

"The HTC Wildfire is quite an old phone now but as is the way of being a parent I pay for the latest contracts and then have my childs old phone if it has survived two years of teenage abuse. When the Wildfire was brand new I insisted that my daughter use screen protectors and a gel case which has resulted in the phone still looking in good condition after two years of use. The only sign of wear is where the charger plugs into the phone; some of the ..." Read review

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Smart, sleek, sexy...all the things I wish I was

AdvantagesFunctionality, Easy to use, Looks brilliant, The Android market all round excellent

DisadvantagesPoor Battery (though better than some rivals)

"...HTC's excellent budget smartphone, the HTC Wildfire. Although HTC aren't quite the big name major player of Apple and their "i" brand (iphone, ipod and ipad) they are a very competent rival with their phones increasing in popularity overf the past few years. As well as a rising popularity they have increased their product range and have now covered every part of the smartphone market, from the over the top business smart phones to the entry level ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Crobar15


Probably the worst phone I have owned

AdvantagesGood look and feel

DisadvantagesShocking software

"...old Sony Ericsson for the HTC . ..." Read review

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Community Level 4ayanayuk


Wild about the Wildfire S?

AdvantagesDecent design, relatively intuitive, runs Gingerbread

DisadvantagesCamera is a bit of a let down, slightly underpowered, lags occasionally

"...to end up with the HTC Wildfire S is interesting as it wasn't actually my choice. About 6 weeks ago my previous "smartphone", the Samsung Galaxy Portal (aka Samsung Spica) decided to turn itself into a high-tech paperweight. Being relatively technically minded, and having a laptop to hand and an internet connection meant that although I was away working I was able to at least get the phone useable again (it involves lots of words like 'rooting', 'flashing' ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MarciaRS


An excellent smartphone, great value for money

AdvantagesGreat value for money. Good, stylish look. Easy to use. Easy to set up. Wide variety of features.

DisadvantagesAndroid App Market not as wide as one might hope. Can run slow when over 1000 messages in 1 thread

"...£300+. The specifications shown on the HTC website show this phone to have a wide range of features, similar to that of other, more expensive smartphones. I was a bit skeptical as to whether this would be the case when actually receiving the phone, and presumed that it may not be as good as it was made up to be. However, upon purchasing the phone, I was proved wrong. The phone does have an excellent amount of features, each all easy to use and with ..." Read review

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AdvantagesValue for Money,Plenty of Features

DisadvantagesSlower CPU and Lower screen resolution

"...ever popular and performance rich HTC Desire.The Wildfire is a feature packed product that offers an option for those of us who can't or don't want to spend a small fortune on owning the latest smartphone but like the features one of these products can offer for everyday use. The Phone- The Wildfire is a very similar size and design to the Desire being slightly smaller and some would say ergonomically better to handle than its bigger brother.This ..." Read review

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Wild with a Fire inside it, but probabilly not

AdvantagesSmall, Easy To Use, Sensual

DisadvantagesNo Denim, Battery Life, Google is watching you

"...I plunged headfirst into the HTC Wildfire about 2 years ago and it has become an indispensable friend over these two years, so much so that I don't want to have another brand of smartphone, and that is saying something for me a man who poors scorn and derision on labels....... What attracted me to it was:- I got it for free with my contract It wasn't an Ipod or a blackberry It has a decent camera attached 5MP I think It looked rather good and wasn't ..." Read review

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AdvantagesBattery life, sturdy, convenient way of checking messages, storage card customisation

DisadvantagesCamera is bad quality, apps freeze, keyboard is bad, software very outdated even when released

"...had an upgrade to the HTC Desire C which I am very unimpressed with to say the least! But anyway back to this phone It is a smartphone developed by the HTC corporation, released in June 2010. It's specs are: 528 MHz Qualcomm processor Runs on the android operating system (version 2.2 cannot update past that unfortunately) TFT LCD capactive touchscreen 5 megapixel camera When I had got this phone it was the first touchscreen phone I had ever ..." Read review

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HTC Wildfire - a budget smartphone

Advantageswell priced, simple touch screen, quality finished plastics, free music

Disadvantagessome people's touchscreens mess up, not the fastest, short battery life

"HTC have made some pretty good phones in the past few years and the wildfire is one of their more wallet friendly models. I got mine on a contract with Virgin Media and it's only about £8 a month although I don't get loads of texts or minutes but I'm sure there are other deals for people who need more. I have the phone for over a year now and had very few problems with it. First of all I like the way this looks, it is a nice small size but not too ..." Read review

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HTC Wildfire on 3 UK (pay as you go)

Advantageswifi, gps, wifi hotspot, google android

Disadvantagesbattery life, slow start up, some features are lacking a little and not very easy to navigate.

"I have recently bought a HTC Wildfire on pay as you go with the 3 network. My particular handset was purchased from Argos for £179.99. I had to buy a £10.00 top up at the time of purchase taking the total to £189.99. Unboxing The Handset... When I first seen the box that the handset came in, I was quite shocked. It was tiny. I opened the box and inside it, was; The handset Battery Plug with USB input USB cable A professional looking ..." Read review

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Community Level 1callmechar


A truly amazing phone

AdvantagesRange of games, Range of apps, Easy to use, Beautiful design, Trendy etc

DisadvantagesThe battery life is the only thing that lets the phone down

"...if this is just my HTC but, it tends to freeze now and again. It's fairly easy to unfreeze, simply by locking it and unlocking it or taking the battery out and back in. That brings me onto the second point.. BATTERY LIFE - I find that on my HTC wildfire, the battery doesn't last very long at all. I find that I have to charge it up near enough every night. But, this depends on what you use on your phone. For example, I keep my 3G on all the time, ..." Read review

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