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Community Level 1tspeid


Halifax Insurance


DisadvantagesWill not pay for water damage full stop!

"...another similar claim where the Halifax had denied a claim on the same basis. That incidence involved the 120mph Tornado that ripped through Birmingham a few short months ago. We all remember seeing the video footage of the Tornado that ripped through a few streets in Birmingham then disappeared. Clearly this method of using the MET is a way that the Halifax is able to avoid paying claims. On one hand accepting that localised extreme weather conditions ..." Read review

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Community Level 1tiffandste...


Halifax Home Insurance delivered on their promises

Advantagescheap, lightening fast turnaround, excellent customer service


"I have only had Halifax home contents insurance for 8 months and I took it out because they were offering the best deal at the time. I pay £180 per year and that includes accidental damage, personal belongings while away from the home and with a £50 excess. I spilt something on my antiquated computer the other day and gave them a call. I made the phone call on Wednesday evening and received a phone call on Thursday morning as promised by the people ..." Read review

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Community Level 1walterdeco


halifax building and contents insurance

Advantagessupposedly comprehensive cover

Disadvantagestoo expensive for existing customers

"...insurance has been with the Halifax for many years and even though I shopped around, it always came out well for price and unlimited contents cover. This year, however, the renewal was £930. Comparison websites produced several cheaper quotes but the only one that was directly comparable was M & S at £600. As the Halifax were also offering to beat your quote and freeze for 3 years I tried their website but was unable to get a quote online because ..." Read review

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Community Level 1melissa250


Fully comp insurance? might aswell be 3rd party!

AdvantagesGood competitive quote

Disadvantagestell you that you are covered for everything until you try and claim

"...for buildings and contents with Halifax when we had our mortgage with them last October. They advised us it would help with our mortgage application if we had a complete package with them i.e payment protection,house insurance, life insurance, so we did. The premiums wasn't too bad in price so we didn't think anything of it. I did however read all the small print and check with the advisor what we was and wasn't covered for. On Feb 1st 2004 we ..." Read review

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Community Level 1TIredout

Quick review of Halifax Home Insurance

"Don't use Halifax! It took them 11 months to repair the damage caused by vandals before I moved in so couldn't unpack and didn't settle - moving house now because of this. No customer service and they let their insurance person file their report 3 months late, despite my ringing weekly to find out what was happening. Please don't sign with them - they are the worst insurance company around. They only repaired the house after I reported them to a TV consumer produuction company, Which and The Guardian - by then, I'd been waiting 10 months. THEN they took the men off the job three times to sort out 'more urgent' cases - insult to injury. Never again!

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Community Level 2SHELLY78


Great Insurance

Advantagesgreat price


"...2 years iv been with halifax as there prices have been the cheapest for the most cover. I can honestly say that there service is first class, any time iv had to call iv been answered quickly and the staff have always been polite and helpful. I am covered for unlimited contents and building, accidental damage (i need this with 2 kids running around lol) belongings away from home, legal help and 24 hour call out all for the great price of 420 pounds ..." Read review

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Community Level 1swarner

Quick review of Halifax Home Insurance

"Paid up when I lost my personal belongings (phone, sunglasses etc) I had gone with the Halifax cover for 6 years without a claim, when I lost my glasses and iPhone and some cash on the way to the airport. I rang Halifax on return and they refunded the amount straight into my account. No quibbles at all. I lost my no claims which means a 30% rise next year, and an excess of £100 but when you've lost over £600 worth... it's a no brainer HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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Community Level 1honestacco...


halifax home insurance-not worth the paper it's written on!

AdvantagesNone-Post Office Ins.£100 cheaper

DisadvantagesThey won't pay out to genuine customers

"...I've had a letter from Halifax requesting if I still wish to pursue my claim, will I let them know. I've asked them to keep my file open for now as I may buy a £21.00 mat to cover the stain on my £1,000 carpet. Now, let me a find another insurance company, oh and bank account, somewhere to move that bond to and my isa's will also go elsewhere too. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1rsb123





"...was to claim on our Halifax home insurance policy because of the amount of damage caused. We rang up the next day and a week later someone came out to have a look. The loss adjuster was extremely rude and basically she told me half the things you have claimed for are just slightly wet, they will dry out eventually. In regards to both the floors and walls they will sort it out. Few days later someone came to have a look at the rest of the damage, ..." Read review

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Halifax home and contents, the don't bother claiming company.

AdvantagesRelatively cheap

DisadvantagesThey don't pay out and are ignorant

"...not take any action but Halifax know better! I gave the Ombudsman reasoned evidence that it was not arson and she told Halifax to pay. Halifax wanted to pay a sum to repair the house with it being the arbiter. The new owners were virtually rebuilding the house and didn't want that. I asked for the difference in value between pre and post fire, as that was my real loss. The Ombudsman found for me but the company still tried to offer a notional repair ..." Read review

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Community Level 1babybrian

Quick review of Halifax Home Insurance

"please dont expect the people they send to repair your home to do a decent job,i could cry looking at the way my home is being repaired at this very moment and am very tempted to ask the workman to leave and i will do it myself.I've faught really hard and pestered the halifax to sort my repairs out and what a huge mistake i have made.

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Community Level 1w5biker


Won't pay out....

AdvantagesYou speak to someone in an English call centre

DisadvantagesEverything - you will pay and never put in a successful claim

"...bikes stolen from my garage. Halifax won't pay out because the bikes weren't 'named' on the policy - despite the fact that I had pedal cycles cover. I bought the bikes after I bought the policy and Halifax said that I should have informed them. I just called them to cancel the policy, after all, you only discover how good your insurance is when you make a claim... after 12 claim free years I've been very disappointed. The person I spoke to in cancellations ..." Read review

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Community Level 1vera1234


Never deal with HALIFAX Insurance !!!!!


Disadvantagespoor service putting it mild will never deal with youselves again and certainly wont recommend you

"...reciepts for the goods and halifax said they hadnt recieved certain ones and it resulted in us running around tryin to get reciepts only to find when we rang up and said we couldnt get replacement reciepts to be told that they had found them ,they did not see fit to ring us and let us know i was furious the person who was dealing with the claim was never in the office and we never since we put the claim in got to speak to her !!!!!! we was told we ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lindaphill...




DisadvantagesUnhelpful customer 'service' staff

"A couple of weeks ago i stood on the toilet pan to reach for something, the pan tipped over leaving the pipes in place but me and the pan on the floor! The water went through to the celing below causing it to crack on the plasterboard joints. I called the insurance who said they would ring me back...no...when I rang back they said they would ring me the next day. They arranged for an assessor to come out 2 days later but i asked were they aware ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nmster


good home insurer

Advantagesbest cover i found for the money

Disadvantagesfound none so far

"...months have been with the halifax for home insurance.Before i was with budget and various others over the years. Halifax consistently has given me the lowest quote around.. Their cover is unlimited and all accidental damage included .As i live at the moment , within the M25 boundary.... insurance can be higher, especially where i live.( thanks kids grrrrrrrr ). The quote i recieved was very competetive.....in fact...... was nearly £100 cheaper ..." Read review

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