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Reach For The Game! Review with images

AdvantagesStunning visual effects, awesome sound effects and some top quality game modes for hours of fun!

DisadvantagesThe only thing I can think of is people quiting online early!

"== Halo Reach == Halo Reach is a first person shooter set in a futuristic science fiction setting during the year 2552. Players take the role of Noble Six, a super elite soldier engaged in combat with an alien collective known as the Covenant. Gameplay is more similar to the original Halo game which was for the first Xbox and that was called Halo Combat Evolved. Later Halo games in the series except Reach have been somewhat different. The players ..." Read review

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Community Level 4hippykiller


The last stand on reach Review with images

AdvantagesThe forge mode allows unlimited options of custom games

DisadvantagesCan take a bit of time to get use to

"Halo reach is the last game of the halo series to be made by the world famous game company bungie. Storyline The game takes place about 30 years into humanity (UNSC) long war against the covenant, humanity is losing badly and the planet Reach is one of a few untouched worlds left under human control. Reach is earth last line of defence in this war and if reach should ever fall then earth would be next. The secret of Reach location has been kept ..." Read review

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Will you let Halo Reach in to your life?

AdvantagesGreat fun, lots of modes, four difficulty levels, great longevity.


"Halo Reach is a game that I first started playing upon it's release in September 2010 after hearing my husband raving with his friends about how excited he was to buy it when it came out. This is a first person shooter that is set in the year 2552. You are a member of the Noble Six team and as an elite soldier you will be travelling through the various levels engaging in combat with the Covenant. Your aim is to kill the enemies and this game story ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Mischiefde...


Brace for Carnage! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat Campaign, Multiplayer, Customisable Spartans, Best Halo So Far

DisadvantagesSlight Slow Down In Places But Not Much

"...for the sake of it.) == Halo: Reach == === Story: === ***Caution: Here be spoilers*** Halo: Reach is set before the first Halo game and takes place on the planet Reach, humankind's largest colony and most important, second only to Earth. Considered the final line of defence from the Covenant (The alien bad-guys) before they find earth and the Covenant have arrived on Reach. Enter Noble Team, a group of Spartans (Genetically enhanced super-soldiers) ..." Read review

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Community Level 3petebrolly


The definitive Halo experience?

AdvantagesGreat graphics, sound and gameplay. Multiplayer will keep you hooked for years!

DisadvantagesNothing worth mentioning

"...weeks before the events of Halo: Combat Evolved. The game takes place on the planet of Reach, one of Earth's many colonies in the year 2552, and the military stronghold of the United Nations Space Command (UNSC). Turbulent civil wars between the outer colonies were interrupted by the invasion of an alien alliance known as the Covenant. By the time Halo Reach kicks off, humans have been in a long war with the Covenant, losing many of the outlying colonies ..." Read review

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'Reach' for one of the best games ever

AdvantagesVery fun game, provides hours of entertainment

DisadvantagesHard to go from COD to Halo Reach

"Developer & Publisher: Bungie, Microsoft Game Studios Release date: September 14, 2010 Platform: Xbox 360 Genre: First Person Shooter, Action/Adventure Target audience (age rating): 16+ Copies Sold/Subscribers: Over 3 million Price: Roughly £25 now * This product with me - I Bought this product on the release date as I have always been a keen Halo player and have loved every game, I brought it home and played a few games and was amazed ..." Read review

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Community Level 1lordmatty31


COD Please Step Aside

Advantagesvery good game to end the series on, definately a player if you like the previous games

Disadvantagesthe only think i can think of is its exclusive to xbox

"Graphics - 10/10 Soundtrack- 8/10 Multiplayer - 10/10 Campaign - 8/10 Firefight mode - 10/10 Forge World - 10/10 Lasting Value - 9/10 Overall - 9/10 Graphics: 10/10 Just wow. when I first started up the game, I skipped the intro video, as I was eager to try the game out. Then I encountered the customisation section (more on that in gameplay). The menus look so smooth, and they fit really well into the whole "Halo" feel. The active roster feature ..." Read review

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The worst in the saga, but the best as well..

AdvantagesEasy to use, good ranking system, the ability to upgrade, playlist choice, many more.

DisadvantagesSimple Campaign, no system of levels of skill.

"So as we all know, Halo 3 was very much the peak of the Halo trilogy, which, really, should happen in every series of games, the newest is the best, but then came Halo 3:ODST which proved the idea of 'The newer the better' wrong, because it was terrible, and every player around the world knew it, unfortunately, this meant in Call Of Duty overtaking Halo in ratings, however, Bungie had a plan, Halo Reach; 'The most anticipated game of 2010' Well, of ..." Read review

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Community Level 1boss1592


Halo Reaches New Heights

AdvantagesExcellent Single player features, Refined multiplayer gameplay, Smart A.I., Vastly Improved Forge.

DisadvantagesNot enough multiplayer maps (only 13, 4 of which are remakes of old maps)

"...titles, with the exception of Halo: ODST, and now we come to this years installation... the final Halo that bungie are making... Halo: Reach We'll start with what will take up the brunt of your single player time, the campaign. Reach's main campaign mode feels and looks quite different to campaigns in previous halo titles, it feels darker, more real, and much more immersive. There is a geniune sense of empathy with the Reach's main cast, Noble ..." Read review

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Community Level 2m4tt_king


Halo my friend, we meet again!

AdvantagesVariety of game modes is astounding, great story

DisadvantagesVery few multiplayer maps

"...maps to choose from, in Halo: Reach I often found that the small number of maps had me playing the same round a few times in a row, not a huge flaw, but one that is present. Although with the release of some new Map Packs, there is a bit more variety to choose from. But wait! There's more, If Multiplayer isn't your thing, why not try Firefight, the game mode that pits you against waves of incoming enemies. A classic game mode that has been done ..." Read review

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Community Level 4DonPaolo


Legendary game - one of the best multi player FPS games around

AdvantagesImmersive story, incredible multiplayer and customisation

DisadvantagesSlightly limited selection of multiplayer maps, but this is balanced by forge world!

"...multiplayer experiences in gaming. With Halo: Reach, we are truly at the end of an era - this will be the last Halo game made by Bungie, as they hand control to Micro$oft-owned '343 studios' and move on to new projects. As such, Bungie have poured everything into making this the definitive Halo experience, and I think they've pulled it off as much as possible. I started by playing the single player story, which is a very engrossing and varied affair. ..." Read review

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Short & Sweet Review with images

AdvantagesGraphics, Addictive Multiplayer, Jetpacks

DisadvantagesShort Campaign, Poor Story, Emile

"Reach received such a hyped up release, it's easy to see why many people have (and no doubt will) write about it being a poor game, especially when compared to halo's one through 3 as well as ODST and Wars. The truth is though, the downsides about reach are that the campaign seems short and the levels forgettable. Oh and the story.. you can't expect the story to knock you off your feet, just like all the others in the franchise. Perhaps Bungie ..." Read review

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This is just beauty and perfection in game form.

AdvantagesBeautiful, great guns, enemies are awesome, good campaign.

DisadvantagesTerrible multiplayer.

"The main reason I went from PS3 to Xbox 360 is for this game (And Forza) But anyway, this game is stunning. The graphics look absolutely amazing, especially as this game isn't exactly very new. Sci-Fi isn't generally my type of thing, I normally see Sci-Fi as absolute rubbish. And that they can never make a good game based on it. But Halo is an exception, with amazing gameplay, and as mentioned, amazing graphics. The missions flow very nicely, and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1james201


Bungie Reach out to the masses

AdvantagesGreat Gameplay, Graphics

DisadvantagesExpensive, some features romved

"So this is it, The Conclusion to the halo series. The last game Bungie will produce, but will it be as popular as all previous halos’, and will it live up to what we expect. The first three halos are basically master chief kicking ass, then ODST came along, and no more master chief? We were all wondering where he had gone, but now, Bungie have fulfilled the needs of all Grunt killing machines, and given us not just one, but SIX to play with!!! Although ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Spillincokes


Solid Game, Farwell Bungie!

AdvantagesLots of replay value, multiplayer is great, campaign is good, forge! local players, graphics

DisadvantagesRectical Bloom, armor lock,

"This is the last installment to the Legendary Halo series created by the Bungie developers. This is a very solid, fun game, with TONS of replay value so you and your friends can play this over and over again with enthusiasm. Campaign-This game is much different than Halo1-3 (that is not a bad thing though, change is good) there is no flood and once again your fighting elites. You can play co-op local or 4 player over Xbox live.The levels are more ..." Read review

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