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Community Level 2plymouth117


Halo: The Fall Of Reach - like Halo? Read it.

Advantagesgreat story, great characters, great interaction, inspires you to succeed

DisadvantagesIt's not a computer game - it'd make such a good one too :(

"Developers Bungie in conjunction with Microsoft brought us the computer game Halo and since the original release the Halo universe had known no boundaries. 3 Games later, with another one on the way and comics under the belt also - this is my review of the first Halo novel. Halo: The Fall Of Reach by Eric Nylund - 2001 What is encouraging from the onset is the author. Eric Nylund is a professional technical writer, holds a B.Sc. in chemistry ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Rogue-XIII


HALO : The Fall Of Reach



"The Fall of Reach Halo is possibly the best selling game of all time and was the main reason many people bought their first XBOX console. After the stunning success of the game Three books were released to give a more in depth guide to the Halo world and to enhance the story. The first of the three books is The Fall Of Reach. This book is set before the first Halo game and is a must have for any Halo fan. The book tells you what the game did not. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1VeonIllino


A brilliant prequel to the Halo game series!

AdvantagesGreat characters, and an exciting read

DisadvantagesNone, it rocks!

"...- let alone read! Halo: The Fall of Reach is a prequel to the game Halo, telling the story of Master Chief before and during his time with the UNSC. It also introduces new and old characters (such as Cortana and Captain Jacob Keyes), and spans from events in 2517 up til 2552 (when the events of Halo Combat evolved begin). An interesting read and creating an exciting and informative background to the Master Chief's life and the beginning of his Military ..." Read review

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