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Community Level 2Amiolou


What is the significance of the ghost in the play?

AdvantagesShakespeare's best play and tragedy

DisadvantagesIt is one of the longest play in made

"Shakespeare’s tragedy, Hamlet was written is 1600 and is one of many political and historical dramas of it time. It touches some instinctive nerves and feeling in most audiences. I will be looking at the ghost and the significance and importance it has to the play and the characters but also to a wide range of audiences, including both contemporary and Elizabethan. Shakespeare’s language seems archaic to some modern readers but this is the language ..." Read review

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To be or not to be

Advantagesstunning language

Disadvantagesdifficult for some

"Hamlet is my favourite Shakespeare play of all time. I studied it for A Level, and then again on my degree, and it now sits proudly on my book-shelf. It begins with Prince Hamlet, overcome with grief at the death of his father the King of Denmark. As if that wasn't enough, Hamlet's dead father visits him from the grave to tell him he was killed by his brother Claudius, Hamelt's uncle. In a tale that would today be featured on Jerry Springer, Hamlet's ..." Read review

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Community Level 5diamond_sp...


Hamlet by William Shakespeare:Wonderful Pyschological Analysis

AdvantagesBrillant insight of the human mind!! Easily transposed in modern context

DisadvantagesMight be difficult to read

"Hamlet remains the major psychological work of Shakespeare. In fact, a psychoanalyst Shakespearian fan will rejoice over the marvelous display of Freudian and Lacan theories, as well as the deep insights into the dark thoughts and contemplations which secretly arise even within the best of us. I personally believe that the character of Hamlet is the perfect depiction of a brilliantly troubled mind: “To Be or Not to Be” have become legendary words. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3yingli.lim


The Quintessence of Dust

Advantagesloads of issues that deal with life

Disadvantagesnone except that Hamlet starts to get a little irritating when he starts procrastinating...

"...of work in any time, Hamlet is truly all encompassing. Perhaps many have already read the play. Note the stage directions as you study the play or as you read it and bear in mind that Shakespeare often wrote hurridly for the entertainment of the Queen. What I like best about this play is that it is everything in nature and deals with all the social, political and even economical issues that may be relevant to us today. This is what makes Shakespeare's ..." Read review

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Why all budding writers must read this book

AdvantagesStylish English literature

DisadvantagesToo deep at times

"...be or not to be,’ Hamlet Prince of Denmark is a work that should be read by all writers. Why, because it represents what was once in the world of literature and one can see how the written word has evolved in a century. It also shows you a different style and a different language. The plot is simple enough. Hamlet returns from schooling after his father dies and soon after that he learns from his father’s ghost that it was his stepfather ..." Read review

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Shakespear, Marowitz and Hamlet- a critical appreciation

AdvantagesRead the review

DisadvantagesRead the reciew

"...eulogize and keep wondering at Hamlet the great play by Shakespeare. One night, about 4 years ago I stumbled upon a copy of “The Marowitz Hamlet, A college version of Shakespeare’s play by Charles Marowitz” I finished it, in fact swallowed by next morning as if I had been starving for weeks. “He (Hamlet) gives me a pain in the ass”, this is the expression used by Marowitz and this has resulted in “The Marowitz Hamlet, A college version od Shakespeare ..." Read review

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Community Level 2AlexMayer


To read or not to read...?

Advantagespoetic language

Disadvantagessome may find the ending with Fortinbras unsatisfactory

"...he manages to change it. Old Hamlet (Hamlet's father) has been murdered before the play begins. Claudius, his brother and murderer, is now king. Claudius has also married old Hamlet's widow (Hamlet's mother). Then Old Hamlet appears to Hamlet as a ghost, explains about the murder and makes Hamlet swear to avenge his death. Hamlet agrees but he is not a man of action. The play follows Hamlet's tortured attempts to spur himself into ..." Read review

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Community Level 2LUCEJEL



AdvantagesClever, lots of blood and a wonderful death scene!

DisadvantagesGoes on and on and on and on and on- about nothing much!

"...the play. I studied Hamlet for my A/S Levels, and whether it is because i am younger and only studied the book for a few months, or whatever else could have put me off the play i don't know. I can honestly say that the play is extremely wonderfully written, i'll give it that, but having read many other plays and also watched many at the theatre etc.., for this to be Shakespeare's most famous play saddened me. I won't bother going into all the deatils ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Kozinski


"What piece of work is a man?"

AdvantagesBeautiful language, excellent story.

DisadvantagesIt can be on the long side.

"...famous speeches says it all. Hamlet by William Shakespeare is hailed as one of his finest plays and I agree. It has everything that a story needs - action, romance, revenge, betrayal, incest comedy and of course beautiful language. Hamlet is Prince of Denmark; his uncle, Claudius has now married Hamlet's mother, Gertrude. Hamlet has never been the same since his father's (also Hamlet) mysterious death, and is not happy with his mother's all too hasty ..." Read review

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Community Level 1LAPDRIGGS


The Original Martin Riggs

Advantagesaccessible and we can all identify with some characters


"Hamlet seems to be the play that brought all Shakespeare's good points together,: the treatment of the human condition, the humour, the violence and the tragedy--plus even a bit of unrequited love. Contrary to popular theory, its not that difficult to read, so long as you concentrate on phrases and not the individual word. Great source of everyday catchphrases we still use, too. its one of those timeless pices, that still has relevancy today, --hell, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1mandydon


'My thoughts be bloody, or be nothing worth!'

Advantages'Brevity is the soul of wit'

DisadvantagesAll things good come to an end....why did Hamlet finish?!!!!!!!!!!!

"Hamlet can be comparable to many other works by William Shakespeare (the greatest playwright in the world!) - it is an excellent read. As Kenneth Branagh once said about hamlet "it has everything- intrigue, romance, politics, violence, revenge, jealousy, wit. It plays itself out on such a grand scale." Surely one of these themes would apply to any indivdual..... If you like fighting....Hamlet is the book for you If you are politically interested......Hamlet ..." Read review

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Community Level 4cobainkurdt


To read or not to read Hamlet.........

Advantages'Brevity is the soul of wit'

DisadvantagesNon-Shakespeareans may find word play difficult to digest

"...has married his mother (Gertrude). Hamlet suspected foul play in relation to the death of his father and his suspicions were confirmed when his late father reappeared as a ghost. The ghost of Hamlet's late father told hamlet of how Claudius plotted and killed him. His father asked Hamlet to seek revenge. In his quest to seek revenge Hamlet comes across many obstacles. The main problem being : his delay to kill Claudius. All in all a brilliant play ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ladyvalmont


Hamlet? Definitely "to be"!

AdvantagesCompelling, the beginnings of Philosophy in Literature

DisadvantagesShakespeare in original may prove challenging for some

"...all times. The story of Hamlet itself proves enough for those readers who appreciate intelligent story lines - one is left reading to find out not simply the how this tragic story ends, but how Shakespeare aids takes his readers there. He masterly illustrated the problems that the society of his time faced and that people in that society too pondered on the meaning of life, the purpose of their existence and what sorrow makes people do. Anyone ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ahmedabdo


change your life

Advantagesbe or not to be


"...meaning of life .. and Hamlet one of the best write his plays. Like I said, "be or not to be" summarize all of the human suffering...Exceed faceted reading the play Hamlet .. and almost all revolves around Hamlet itself. Hamlet same person all the contradictions. In the case of a question lasting .. Everything happens to Hamlet apply to ourselves, because it applies to the same means of rational public. Hamlet deems rational public while all those ..." Read review

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Community Level 1smileandbe...


Hamlet ROCKS!

AdvantagesBlows your mind wide open

DisadvantagesMust read and ponder it more than once to get full mind blowing experience.

"...puts pen to paper. Hamlet is Shakespeare's best play and worth all the time and effort it takes to really understand it. He is 100% tuned in to the conflicts of the human spirit and they are the very same conflicts we deal with today, 400 years later. He holds a mirror up and says "here you are--take a look at yourself." This play is layered with complex conflicts that are exciting to mull over. You realize things are never as they seem, that actions ..." Read review

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