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Community Level 4skrg28


Hammerite Hammered, hard as NAILS

AdvantagesTough, good quality, range of colours, easy to get good finish


"Hammerite Hammered finish offers the same qualities as the smooth but gives you that extra finish that looks like it is more industrial and hard wearing. You'll pay around the £4.99 mark in the store for a 250ml can. Larger sizes of 500, 750 and 2.5 litres are also available but this gets a little more expensive. I have seen the stuff on our well known auction site for less so it is possible get it cheaper. I would say the hammered finish paint ..." Read review

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Time to get Hammered!

AdvantagesEasy to use, tough, long lasting paint, good for iron and metals.

DisadvantagesOn the expensive side, doesn't cover a large area.

"...my all time favourite paint, Hammerite straight to rust paint in the hammered finish! I know, most women rave about other things but I have strange tastes! What is Hammerite? Hammerite is a specialist paint that can be used straight to ferrous metals without the need to use primer or under coat and can be used on top of rusty surfaces. It comes in two varieties, smooth and hammered finish. The hammered finish is very forgiving and gives ..." Read review

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UPDATED - Hammerite gets you hammered Review with images

AdvantagesOne coat usually covers all, but may require two.

DisadvantagesBe aware of the fumes.

"...that although I think the Hammerite range is fantastic, I always use it with adequate ventilation. The fumes from this paint are not pleasant. The main thing is to wire brush every bit you want to paint first, and don't paint in direct sunlight. With the hammered finish, you can paint it on liberally, and get away with one coat, although Hammerite do recommend two coats applied within six hours. Compared with smooth - it has a similar consistency, ..." Read review

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Community Level 8thingywhat...



AdvantagesLong lasting. Looks super.


"...years, I have found that Hammerite gives a wonderful hammered finish to this kind of work. What is a hammered finish ? When you put the paint on, it is smooth, but within moments, little bubbles appear on the surface that make the metal look like it has been hammered, which is the traditional way that ironwork was done. Hammerite is a subsiduary of I.C.I who have been in the paint business for many many years, and their experience shows in their ..." Read review

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Community Level 1jonboyfixit


hammered - hammerite

Advantageslasts a long time

DisadvantagesDrys a little to quick in really hot weather so add a little thinners

"I've used Hammerite on many of my jobs for years now as it has never let me down. I quite like the hammered finish for surtain objects such as exterior metal tables and chairs it gives them a more engineerd effect. Hammerite is touch dry in an hour and supposed to last for up to 5 years. This is a great paint for your exterior paint work and it's easy to apply. I usually use it for old cast iron down pipes and railings, however, you can use it for ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Gordon02

Quick review of Hammerite Paint-Hammered

"I always like to give two coats but you can use just one. for best results sandpaper or wire brush work wash dust off with soapy water making sure you allow to dry As I find it more economical to throw the brush away I prepare as much work first. The hammered paint is best in my opinion having painted two sets of wrought iron gate one set with smooth and one set with hammered finish both lasted over five years but the hammered finish was as good as new when the smooth needed painting again'.In winter paint work in a well ventilated warm room better for me as well. Good points easy to use long lasting poorer point cut back on colour range would like to see a burgundy hammered finish Hammerite cannot be equaled on all outdoor metal I've been using it for over twenty five years

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Hammerite Metal Paint Hammered Black 1L 309572 SALE

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Hammerite 750ml - Hammered Paint Direct To Rust Metal Paint - Hammered Finish

Hammerite 750ml - Hammered Paint Direct To Rust Metal Paint - Hammered Finish

hammerite direct to rust metal paint hammered finish durable corrosion resistant ... more

decorative coating for ferrous and non ferrous
metals certain plastics and wood decorative
hammered appearance is smooth to the touch and
sheds water well abrade smooth surfaces and remove
all loose rust and flaking paint with a wire brush
remove dirt dust and grease with diluted detergent
rinse with clean water and allow time to dry paint
a test patch of hammerite direct to rust metal
paint hammered onto painted su

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