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Community Level 3zikiman


Harman Kardon SoundSticks - turn up the bass!

Advantagesexcellent design, great sound & bass

Disadvantagesa lil bit pricey

"I got this speakers couple of years ago whenever I bought myself an iMac. I told myself that I needed a new fancy speaker to go with my new fancy iMac. While I was browsing through Apple store, i stumbled upon this great amazing looking speaker and thought that this was it for my iMac. First impression of this SoundSticks II, it looks as if it is from another planet with its clear and transparent look. What makes this speaker so special is, i think, ..." Read review

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We are so gonna party all day

AdvantagesAwesome quality

DisadvantagesYou ought to be kidding

"...on the right speaker. Also Harman Kardon has ensured that the speakers are plugged in the correct sockets by choosing two different kind of sockets for the two satellite speakers. An installation manual was included but everything is so easy to assemble and install, I found it redundant. No user manual is included but again is not required. Also I had to mention this - the sattellite speakers have an air vent at the bottom providing an enhanced ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Speakeeze


Harman Kardon Soundsticks, awesome sound quality...

AdvantagesRich sound, super clarity, deep base, look great, robust, high quality

DisadvantagesSimply none!

"My Harmon Kardon Soundsticks are plugged into the back of a Mac and have certainly livened things up. I haven't needed to upgrade soundcards or do anything technical whatsoever in my pursuit of fantastically rich sound quality. Firstly, these sound better than anything else on the market within the price bracket. The sound is rich and deep with ample adjustment for either volume or base. The two sticks and base unit come with an instruction manual, ..." Read review

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Community Level 2sam_mule2k


Sound quality matches the style!

AdvantagesGreat sound and look superb

DisadvantagesI wish i could show them off more!

"...hifi. ---Appearance--- These speakers look the business! Harman Kardon share designs with Apple computers and this is shown. The satellite speakers are set in a clear casing which shows off the wiring superbly. The satellites are made up of 4 dome tweeters and have a heavy blue rubber stand. The sub is the centre piece. I am dissapointed that i do not have room for this on my desk as it looks so good! Almost like a jelly fish the sub is set ..." Read review

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Community Level 1leethal


Great things come in small packages

AdvantagesFantastic sound quality

DisadvantagesShort lead from sub to pc

"...mind, the advisor suggested the Harman / Kardon SoundSticks 2 stating that they were brilliant. So I had a look, opened up the box to take a look and was surprised at what i found. The speakers are tiny! About 30cm tall with four small tweeter sized cones inside. This immediately put me off because I KNEW I wanted some loud speakers but the design is fantastic, they look really stylish and sleek (just like me :P ) The price was right at £139 and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2theskysthe...


Transparent and Loud!

AdvantagesLOUD maximum volume, cool looks

DisadvantagesBulky subwoofer

"One of the coolest speakers i saw come out were the Kardon Soundsticks II multimedia speaker system. I didnt actually see them online or anything like that, the speakers are actually somewhat endorsed by apple, as I first saw them hooked up to almost all of the ipod's and apple mac's on display. The first thing i noticed was their unusual look - as obviously they are transparent. For me, that went on the plus side of things, as I can'r resist ..." Read review

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Community Level 2JamieA


Perfectly formed, perfect sound

AdvantagesBeautiful, cool, perfectly formed speakers

Disadvantagesmoths fly into the subwoofer and die

"I saw these, slightly phallic speakers in a shop a LONG time ago, and loved them to pieces immediately. But there was no way I could spend that much (nearly £200) at the time, on speakers for my PC. Anway, I invested in a high quality soundcard some time ago, as I was doing a lot of work with music. Since then, I'm doing less "professional" music stuff, and decided I wanted to get those awesome speakers I saw a few years back. After some searching, ..." Read review

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Community Level 1M7EOD

Quick review of Harman Kardon SoundSticks II

"Crystal clear sound quality and top class looks to go with it! what more can you ask for in a destop pc speaker set up. Certainly worth paying the extra over similar products such as the JBL Creature II speakers.

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Looks like a jelly fish. Possibly doesn't sound like one!

AdvantagesDistinctive, crystal clear sound

DisadvantagesStruggles to fill a room with sound

"The only place to start with these speakers is with their appearance! As I've said in the title, they remind me of a jellyfish being dumped on my desk and just about anyone who has seen them has asked what they are!. Being transparent instantly makes them different from pretty much anything else on the market. The sound is good although not exceptional and so premium on the price is more for the aesthetic qualities rather than the audio ones. ..." Read review

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Community Level 1pastiehen


Brilliant speaker system

Advantagesflexible and great sound quality, good value for money

DisadvantagesQuite bulky but otherwise perfect

"These speakers are one of the best pieces of equipment I have purchased in years. I was looking for some speakers to play my ipod through and also my laptop. I considered one of the compact ones that fitted an ipod mini, but i have since bought and ipod nano and this would not have fitted. The speakers have fantastic bass sound that is adjustable to taste, a cool blue light in the sub, and small but powerful speakers to blast out your favourite ..." Read review

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Community Level 1crofton6


The sound quality matches quality of the design!!!

Advantagessleek, sexy, head turner

Disadvantagescan't see any to be entirly honest

"These speakers are a sleek, stylish and classy addition to any personal computer. I bought these speakers from PC world instinctively. I saw the clear and transparent style on the box and immediately knew that I had to have these speakers. I havent regretted this rash decision at all. Thye sound quality matches the design quality. I already knew that Karman Kardon produce superb sound devices in many exclusive bmw sound systems and this system ..." Read review

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Community Level 1redwebb1


Great Speakers

AdvantagesSound & Looks

DisadvantagesNo off switch

"I bought these speakers 1 year ago after testing them against others in my local apple store. I found that they were as good if not better than the Bose sound dock which is twice the price and only works with an iPod. I have read reviews saying that they are badly made but I have had no problems at all with them and they are as good as when I first bought them. The sound is excellent and the sub produces some great base. Not only do they sound good ..." Read review

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