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Nerf N Strike Maverick Gun

AdvantagesFun, well priced, well made, safe

DisadvantagesNone really

"As mentioned in a previous review, my son is the kind of boy who only has to see something on a television advert and we get the words ‘can I have that for my Birthday?’. We take most of it with a pinch of salt but he did mention a few times wanting a Nerf gun and I found one pretty cheap on Amazon so we got him one for his last birthday. The Nerf N Strike Maverick was the one he ended up with, not intentionally but this was just the one I happened ..." Read review

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Equip your little Maverick with Nerf!

AdvantagesLooks great, good value for money, comes with 6 darts,

DisadvantagesCan be hard to pull back the slider, have to recock it every bullet!

"If I'm honest, I'm not a fan of Harry using guns, but since that is what a lot of his friends at school are into, his dad and I decided to buy him one for his birthday. We chose a Nerf gun as it looked a bit fun, and luckily Harry absolutely loved it. We then went away for Easter to my parents, and he was given some pocket money, and decided to up his Nerf range to include this gun, the Nerf N-Strike Maverick which is a vast improvement on his original ..." Read review

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BOOM! Headshot!

AdvantagesBOOM!!!! Headshot!

DisadvantagesSlow to load and fire , barrel occasionally jam

"When I was a kid, around ten or so, I remember my brother having a nerf gun from my grandparents for Christmas . I was insanely jealous - I was a huge tomboy, but my grandparents had for some reason decided to get me a doll that year - not even one I could play with, but a porcelein doll that would just sit about gathering dust . Years rolled by, and recently I spotted some Nerf guns in a toy shop while doing my christmas shopping. My inner jealous ..." Read review

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Bang Bang

AdvantagesGreat fun


"== Intro == On one of our recent nice days, I couldn’t help notice that the kids next doors seemed to be having some real good fun, I peeked out the window and they were playing soldiers of some kind. Now being that they constantly borrow my tools to fix their bikes and other broken toys I figured I had as much right to play soldiers as they did. I do tend to join in sometimes……………….well we all like playing don’t we? == Nerf == I’d seen these in ..." Read review

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Nothing takes out your opponent like the Maverick

Advantagesdurable, efficient, cheap, stylish


"The maverick in my opinion is the best all around nerf gun out there. Nerf makes many of these guns, varying from pistols to snipers however if you want a gun that works efficiently and durable than choose this one ADVANTAGES: + Like I mentioned before this gun is very durable and mine hasn't accumulated one scratch since I bought it. + Other nerf guns I own either shoot to close to me or some stop shooting at all after a while but this gun hasn't ..." Read review

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The best one handed Nerf gun!

AdvantagesGreat gun lasts very long and can shoot really far. Does not get jammed easily.

DisadvantagesI don't like the pull back to reload the ammo in my opinion!

"This gun is amazing! It lasts long and can shoot at a distance of over 20ft, but with a simple mod it can be shot to over 50ft. For all ages and will not get jammed very easily. If and when the ammo gets worn out the gun will shoot more than 15ft. It has a secret compartment for hidden or needed ammo in the handle. Quick and easy reloading. In my opinion i don't like the pull back at the top of the gun to reload the ammo. Well worth the price and ..." Read review

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Hasbro Nerf- N-Strike Maverick

Hasbro Nerf- N-Strike Maverick

Rapid fire action! Blaster comes with six darts and instructions! Other features include ... more

pullback mechanism and auto-advancing barrel!
Rapid launching action increases your battle speed
and accuracy! Incredibly cool Maverick blaster has
six-dart barrel...

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