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Hastings Direct - AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

AdvantagesNone if you have to claim

DisadvantagesAppalling service outside of FSA guidelines

"...now. I never asked to be Hastings Direct. In the same way we never asked to be under Gordon Brown, my policy was transferred from Budget Choice. I do not know the ins and outs of why Budget Choice transferred their book over to Hastings Direct, but upon renewal last year I received a letter from Budget Choice saying that Hastings Direct had taken over Budget Choice accounts. The premium seemed cheap enough and they seemed a large and reputable ..." Read review

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Community Level 2crazycrazy


An insurance nightmare

AdvantagesCheap cover

DisadvantagesJust don't seem interested once they've got your money

"...seen anything... I am insured with Hastings Direct and my claim process has been a nightmare - * They cannot acknowledge the accident because of no proof of damage (even though my solicitors for my injury have sent out an engineer to file a report). * I have had countless phonecalls backwards and forwards to them and just ended up going round and round in circles - at no point have they contacted me. * My no claims has gone up in smoke ..." Read review

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Community Level 2asilandrabid


bullied by the big boys

Advantagesfree booklet and free phone no:

Disadvantagesnot helpful

"...£96. I was recommended to use Hastings direct by a friend, I was told they are efficient, paid out well on claims and offer 12 month payment plan, essential in our financial climate. I made the call to the 0800 number, spent 20 minutes on the phone, a quick credit card transaction of £90 deposit and the agreement for £45 pcm to be paid by dd. I was back on the road, master of my destiny, the man in charge. Things just were getting better and ..." Read review

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Community Level 2Bubba77


Their incompetence cost me!


DisadvantagesPoor customer relations, disorganised, limited cover

"...car insurance policy was with Hastings and, despite giving me one of the best premium offers I could find, my overall impression of the company is not very high. After about six months of being insured with Hastings I was involved in a minor accident which, it was decided, was a fifty fifty claim. I wasn't too pleased about this as I didn't think it was my fault but what really got to me was the fact that after three months I got a letter telling ..." Read review

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Disadvantagesvery very poor on the admin side & getting claims sorted

"I was with Hastings for 3 years but the last year was not through my own choice! In 2011 somebody reversed into my car so I processed a claim with them, My first problem happened a month later (this was about 2 months after my renewal when I was starting my third year of insuring through them) I was on my way home from work when I was pulled over by the police, they told me that I was showing on their database as having NO INSURANCE! I explained to ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Rustyruss67


Totally let down by this company.

AdvantagesGood to start with.

DisadvantagesDrop you like a stone without warning.

"...could find no witnesses. After contacting Hastings Direct and waiting a week they called her and offered her a curtesy car(this i thought was excellent as she is only tpft).They phoned the following week after the assessor had been to say they had written the car off and offered £810.My sister who is a single parent said yes and was very pleased. All good so far,They collected my sisters car the following week and said the cheque was to follow. She ..." Read review

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Community Level 1willis15

Quick review of Hastings Direct

"A cheap car insurance that doesn\'t deliver when you need to make a claim. We had an accident which was third parties fault, but was not straight forward (We were stationary, but as we were sitting at a T junction they claimed we drove out and hit them). Hastings decided that it was our fault without reading our statement and settled! We asked to use legal cover to dispute and legal team advised we try to go for 50/50 claim. Was not happy but continued as this was better than taking blame. Today received a letter saying that it has been settled to their favour and it could be taekn no further. How can they be so cheap when they don\'t look after their clients!. I will be moving when need to renew!

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Community Level 1honestlyopen


The bottom line.

AdvantagesThe cheapest

DisadvantagesNone to date

"...a comprehensive insurance policy with Hastings Direct, for one reason and one reason only: it was and still is the cheapest. Wether you have 3rd Party only, 3rd Party fire and theft or Comprehensive insurance, the cover of each is set by the General Insurance Standards Council (apart from the amount of excess we pay). It's also written in the insurance policy booklet that all insurance companies provide (though how many of us take the time to read ..." Read review

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Community Level 4charkai


Hastings: A DIRECT rip-off!!

AdvantagesCheap, free phone number

DisadvantagesPoor customer service

"...cheapest car insurance possible and Hastings Direct came up with having the cheapest quote, so they got my business. My car was a cheap little run around, something to get me from A to B. It was a VW Polo, J reg, 1.0l and cost me £500 in 2002. I decided to opt for Third Party Fire and Theft, and I had the option of paying monthly (with interest) or pay up for the whole year. Being a single parent, I couldn't afford to pay the whole amount, ..." Read review

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ALWAYS read the terms and conditions ..............ALWAYS !!!!!!

Advantagesplease .......this is insurance

Disadvantagesdreadfull customer services , audacious terms and conditions

"...had a great offer from HASTINGS DIRECT , so without further ado i went ahead and purchased ONE year with them paid in whole on my credit card . 50 weeks went by when i recieved a renewal letter through my door from them and i quote '' We are thrilled to offer you the same cover you have been enjoying for the last 12 months for the competitive price of............'' lets just say it was over 200 pound more than last years , so i went online and ..." Read review

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Community Level 1chard1



Advantagesnone what so-ever!!!!!!!

Disadvantagesthe lies,the poor service,the delays,hard to get in touch with,EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

"...£850 from me to pay hastings for the job...illegal!!!! aswell as other fees and costs...which my fully comp policy covers me for £100,000 legal fees (obviously not so!) citizens advice have reported them for this breach of terms and conditions! They also said if i went to a different no win no fee solicitor then i could be liable to pay for hire car and repairs as it was all part of the package,The hire car i recieved had faulty headlights and mould ..." Read review

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Community Level 1MarkyMarkD


Incredible value for money


DisadvantagesNo internet site at present

"...my company car. I tried Hastings because they had been good value a few years earlier. I am paying significantly less now than I can get from any of the big names, with no adverse differences in cover. I really believe with insurance that there is no real benefit in cover from the big names. Because I haven't yet got to my first renewal, I don't know what will happen to the premium then. I have a colleague who believes that insurers always "up" ..." Read review

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Community Level 1ajazz


Automatic Renewal A Total Rip-Off

Advantagesintended to be cheap

Disadvantagespoor customer service

"I am very angry with Hastings Direct for making our family's life so much more difficult this year. Whenever I buy car insurance, I buy it annually. This is a good way of making sure that we are spending as little as possible on motor insurance. Hastings, however, decided to use our Direct Debit instruction to continue taking money out of the bank account, after the agreed 12 month contract, giving us motor insurance for a car I haven't driven ..." Read review

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Community Level 1paulm01


Watch out for Renewals....



"On my third year renewal they doubled the excess for no reason... (other than maximising their profits...) I only found out when I had a claim!! Apparently my fault for not checking the small print, but who does - I just look at the premium and assume cover is the same. Why do they choose the third year to increase not the second? - probably because nobody checks! Currently in dispute although they will not assist in any way and the GISC ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Jeff61


Saved a lot of money

AdvantagesVery cheap, good claims service

DisadvantagesChoosy about what cars they will insure

"Hastings Direct - I found them during my yearly hunt for car insurance about three years ago, looking for quotes for an Audi 80 2.0 E. An ordinary family car, but we live in a high risk area, one of the highest in the country. My previous insurers were direct line. When I moved to hastings I saved more than £100. Last year, again I saved more than £100. This year again, another huge saving. Each year I have shopped around for better deals without ..." Read review

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