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AdvantagesWhat a twist in the tale!!

DisadvantagesHate those naughty scenes

"How do I write about a review about one of James Herbert's finest books? 'Spose I'll start at the beginning and work my way through! The Psychical Research Institute investigates stories of psychic phenomenon, mediums, spiritualist, ghosts, etc. They believe in paranormal activity and go as far as they can to verify its existence. So sometimes they need the services of a certain David Ash psychic investigator extradonaire one of their best investigators. ..." Read review

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Community Level 3Mickm9



AdvantagesCreepy storyline


"I read this one after The Ghosts of Sleath which features the same central character, this is a physic investigator called David Ash. This book however is actually the first featuring this character and as such I read them in the wrong order, this however wasn’t detrimental to the story but it did have a bearing on my expectations. As I had thoroughly enjoyed “The Ghosts of Sleath” I probably approached this book expecting more of ..." Read review

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Trashy Classic Horror

AdvantagesA very easy read - with an unexpected twist!

DisadvantagesA bit cheesy - especially the film

"This is a classic scary story... it was the first I read by James Herbert and it got me hooked! It is a trashy horror - a nice easy read - but I wouldn't reccommend reading it alone in bed! It's so good that a film was made based on this book - film is a bit cheesy! It can be very frightening in parts - but if you are already a fan you will expect this. It is like one of those ghost stories you hear - that you are not sure whether to believe ..." Read review

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Community Level 1Emzie-bab



AdvantagesAs with many of James Herbert's books the story is intense and his writing style helps you to feel as though you are there in the book. It is a wonderful story with twists and turns.

DisadvantagesThe book was made into a film and if you have seen the film it is a little hard to get the images of the screen characters out of you head, especially David. Also please make sure you read this before 'The Ghosts of Sleath' as this is the sequal.

"...two, but on realising that Haunted was the prequal I had to read it. As with his other books, you are drawn into the situation. In the fire I felt hot and out of breath. Towards the end my heart was racing with fear and excitement. As usual there is still the typical James Herbert account of the character's sexual relations, but these just help to get a feel of the characters. I did get the continuous feeling of the scene being constantly ..." Read review

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