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Community Level 5Dogbert


Wiiiiiiiiiiii - Bombs away! Review with images

AdvantagesGreat Controls, fun, fast and furious

Disadvantages No online functions or multi player mode

"...were releasing a version of Heatseeker on the Wii. Set in a fictional version of the real world you take the place of "Downtown" a brand shiny new fighter pilot heading to his first assignment in the Caribbean for the International Council (IC). As you arrive things take a turn for the worse and rebel fighters in the area launch an attack on the Lord Robert's Island base. As you lend a hand defending the Island, it becomes clear that the rebels ..." Read review

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Community Level 9Spottydog11


Nintendo Wii Heatseeker!

AdvantagesFlying planes, shooting the enemy

DisadvantagesControls hard to figure out, repetitive, hard

"...when my husband brought home HeatSeeker for the Wii I wasn't too excited about it. Heatseeker is an aerial warfare game where you basically fly planes and shoot at things and other planes with intense missile combat over the Caribbena, the Southern Ocean, Antarctica and the Far East, so firstly being a girl and secondly, enjoying the gaming on say Wii bowling much more it didn't seem too appealing but I play it every now and again with my husabnd. The ..." Read review

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Community Level 1AceW


If you like to be thrilled you'll love Heatseeker

AdvantagesThrilling, good controls, can be challenging, Generally Really Fun

DisadvantagesIslands other ground targets are poorly detailed. No multiplayer.

"...furious and thrilling dogfights then Heatseeker is definitely for you. You play the role of Mike "Downtown" Hudson alhough you only know this from reading the manual. A newbie pilot straight out of school. He gets postioned on Lord Roberts Island a slightly strange air force base built on an Island in what appears to be the middle of the atlantic. This island/airbase comes under attack from rebals which armed with supprisingly high tech planes try ..." Read review

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Community Level 1nms-2007



AdvantagesThe game play and impact cam.

DisadvantagesThe controls at first.

"I really love heatseeker i can't stop playing on it. Heatseeker has to be the best plane fighting game out yet on wii. The game play is mint also the graphics are amazing to for example impact cam which is where you fire a rocket at a plane and it dose a close up, showing the rocket blowing up a jet fighter. I have to say that the controls are had at the first but when you get used to the controllers it gets easy however the mission are amazing, but ..." Read review

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Community Level 1wickidwhale



AdvantagesRealistic, Nice graphics

DisadvantagesNo multiplayer

"This game is awesome! The load times are short, teh flying is really realistic and the graphics are great. I was astonisched of the long levels and the great varity of planes. The interface is user friendly and simple. I only missed anything in multiplayer, i want to take on my friends and see who is the best. It sure is a must, but only singleplayer makes the game very short. If you think you are a hotshot, an ace, or whatever, you sure need to try ..." Read review

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