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Heinz Vegetable Soup

AdvantagesTaste, texture, filling

DisadvantagesPrice of a single can seems a bit much

"...experience every time. Price wise Heinz soup is pretty much always more expensive than other soup varieties, but having tested out my local supermarkets value range for vegetable soup, it is worthwhile paying around £0.90-1.20 from time to time as its something I enjoy eating. The price is a little much to have all the time though, for just one portion of soup and for someone on a very tight budget, and so when I do buy it, it makes a nice change. Summary: ..." Read review

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Be healthier!

AdvantagesTastes lovely & warming, filling, healthier than other choices, low calorie


"...to catch my eye was Heinz Classic Vegetable Soup. I usually buy the cheap supermarket own brand tins of soup but decided to get this as I fancied the Heinz one. I have always thought of Heinz as a brilliant quality soup so when I buy it I think of it as a bit of a treat. A tin of this soup is quite expensive and costs around 75p which is a bit extortionate really. If you shop around in the supermarkets for multi-packs, you may be able to get ..." Read review

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Tasty vegetable soup!

AdvantagesQuick and easy dinner

DisadvantagesBit expensive

"Heinz soups have been around for many years, one of my favourite being this vegetable one. I like most soups in the Heinz range, but this one has got to be the most filling out of them all. This soup is a bright orange colour which is quite runny when you first pour it into your pan, but it has big pieces vegetables in it so its not like eating a liquid soup, which to me sometimes doesn't really feel like you have had a meal. With this soup as you ..." Read review

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